Blank Check Strikes Back

Folks, I’ve worked in the spin business, I know what talking points look like. 

In response to Kevin “deer in the headlights” McCarthy’s mild statement that the Ukraine won’t get a blank check on his watch….. 

…..Quite a number of newspapers and other MSM outlets on both coasts (yes, even the Los Angeles Times), as well as Reuters….. 

…..have run, with minor variation, the following arguments: 

(1)  There is overwhelming bipartisan concensus to keep helping the Ukraine without any strings or limits.  Anyone who goes against this is a marginal freak, basically a pedo. Why depart from concensus? It’s so nice to see Dems and “mainstream” Reps agreeing on something. (LOL, they agree on almost everything.)

(2)  No matter how much money goes to the Ukraine, it’s chump change compared to the cost of fighting Russia directly. 

(3)  Anyone who says some aid will be misdirected because the Ukraine is corrupt (which all MSM agreed on before 2022) is a Putin stooge.  Same goes for those who warn of a nuclear war.  Such views are outside the scope of acceptable discourse.

(4)  All responsible, respectable people…..

…..including but not limited to Brandon, beloved GOP mega-superstars Mike Pence and Adam Kinzinger, the Prime Minister of Estonia, and the folks at the German Marshall Fund (which lobbies for keeping the U.S. military in Europe, so that Germany doesn’t have to spend much on its own army)…..

…..all say what I laid out in (2) and (3), above.

(They also say the Ukraine is very important to the world order and U.S. standing in the world. Listen to the Estonian when he asks, why would any U.S. politician jeopardize the order?)

You know, if I had never been involved in the spin business, I’d say these talking points all came from the same source. 

But since I’ve been involved in the spin business, I can see plainly, all these talking points came from the same source. 

Who’s the source?

Could be the Ukraine’s PR firm (a registered foreign agent) in Washington, DC.

Could be some military-industrial lobby group. Could be the PR firm working together with the lobby group.

What’s really funny, is how many outlets quoted the Estonian leader. 

The quotes are not all identical, the various media are obviously picking what they like…

…..But they all cite the same person… who is not exactly well-known in the USA… or anywhere.

Are you following? 

Do you think multiple U.S  outlets all called Estonia for a statement? 

At more-or-less the same time? 

(LOL, Estonia?  Why not Germany or France?)

No, they did not pick up the phone.  The statement was GIVEN to the Ukraine’s PR agent in DC (or whoever)….. 

…..then, rolled into a fact sheet a.k.a. talking points, and “widely distributed.” 

Basically, the fact sheet became the “story.”  At every outlet that ran it. 

Yes, journalists are fucking lazy.  Who knew? 

I mean, we thought they were all on the beat, hitting the street, like Peter Parker! 

I’m shocked! 

This is not what I learned from reading comic books! 

I don’t know if I can ever look at Metropolis the same way again. 

Do you see what’s going on?

McCarthy is getting put in his place by agents (de jure or de facto) of a foreign government.

And it’s not even the nicest government. 

The tail is wagging the dog.

OK, so what are Republicans going to do about it?


I’ve already beaten this horse to death. They got in line, bought the Ukraine, own it and must eat it. No returns!

The Ukraine is all the Democrats have today. Everything else is going to shit. Every time Republicans will try to focus on “their agenda” in 2023 (assuming they win)…..

…..Something will come up with the Ukraine. You heard it here first!!!

Is there anything to be done?

Well, a group of House Democrats, referred to as “the Squad”, have now expanded into a platoon, with 30 signatures on a letter going to Brandon’s people…..

…..saying that while they won’t interfere with mo’ money for the Ukraine…..

…..They’d like to see the USA negotiate with Russia directly…..

…..instead of Uncle Sam’s current position, which can be summed up as:

“We’ll let our wholly-owned, bought-and-paid-for, demented brainless Ukraine sock puppet dummy gimp doll-on-a-leash, decide for itself, if it wants to work things out with Russia, while we sit over here and pretend we don’t know nothin’, not involved, humm humm dee ho!”

Folks, it has come to my attention that AOC is a retard. But, most of these people are smart enough, and their staff are smart.

In fact, these must be the smartest people in Congress.

Instead of ahem ahem, farting and coughing (with no organization, forethought, or discipline) about maaaaybe not writing a blank check for the Ukraine…..

…..when obviously that big phat check will be written regardless…..

…..they aim to change the paradigm, get us out of the box.

Probably, they want to be seen as budding young foreign policy leaders, seeing as all others have failed miserably.

Perhaps they also sense the USA will have much bigger problems, soon.

Not surprisingly, the Amazon Post is handling their statement with kid gloves. The Post found some expert at a thinktank I’ve never heard of, to say nice things about it. No Estonians.

Well, what can you expect?

Not only are they soooo darling precious, but they’re not actually threatening any Narrative or Gravy Train.

That’s really the best we can expect for now.

Perhaps, Republicans should sign on?

MAGA Walks A Fine Line

Trump was a longtime (like, decades and decades) Democrat-aligned donor.

For most of his career, he contributed nothing to Republicans (at least, not outside of New York, and I’m not even sure about that.)

Then, he hijacked the structures of the Republican party to get nominated and elected. 

Fair enough! 

He was elected narrowly (lost the popular vote by a wide enough margin) using a novel strategy, appealing to the Rust Belt. 

Perhaps through no effort, just because of the phenomenon, he also appealed to Alex Jones listeners and other strange people….. 

…..who were/are not Republicans, or conservatives, or even (under normal circumstances) VOTERS.  

He doubled up on that once in office, bringing in Kanye West and a bunch of black comedians (with all-white followings)….. 

…..which had ZERO impact on the black vote in 2020. 

Every hour spent on that, was a total waste.  He should have been out kissing babies. 

Out of office, he continued to dilute himself…..

…..backing disgusting neo-RINO phony “Dr. Oz” for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania (who Trump assumes will be loyal to Trump personally, as he has no conservative base)….. 

…..and, now MAGA-land is paying for spontaneously ex-Democrat Tulsi Gabbard to crisscross the country to campaign for “MAGA candidates”…..

…..obviously setting her up as a potential vice presidential pick. (I mean, what else does she want?)

As I wrote in my last piece, and as is obvious from reader comments on this blog….. 

…..this may bring in a very small number of “Bernie Bro’s” (or disaffected, former Bernie Bro’s”) and other normally-nonvoting types….. 

… well as—strictly in Gabbard’s case—lonely trucker type, “I’d bang her” scum into the Republican fold…..

…..for about five seconds. 

However, if this trend continues (it’s not quite so bad, quite yet), what it’s also guaranteed to do….. 

… make ACTUAL conservatives (far more numerous than the sliver of Bernie Bro’s who MIGHT vote Republican)….. 

…..think twice about backing Trump, or perhaps even the GOP, after 2022. 

The shitshow continues. 

PS:  At least, MAGA got it right in Georgia with Herschel Walker.  I don’t know if he is sane, but he certainly appeals strongly to the bulk of the base.

PPS:  Of course, Walker, if elected, could go the way of Blackburn and Tuberville. It’s all a crapshoot. And, as I’ve said, politicians won’t save us. But, it would be nice to have some red-blooded Americans on the public scene, to be there to lead us (or at least, talk tough and get us all psyched) on the other side of what’s coming.

GOP Sues Google

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has finally sued Google…..

…..claiming (as I understand it) that Gmail allows their fundraising junk emails to go through, EXCEPT at month-end…..

…..which is supposedly the most lucrative time for fundraising.

Well, I guess they’ve done their research, but that’s not my experience.

In my experience, Gmail blocks almost all of their spam, 30 or 31 days per month…..

…..All 200 to 300 daily messages!

But, then I have to empty my spam folder every day, or I will have an annoying, astronomical number next to it.

And, forget about sifting through spam to see if anything useful got there by accident. Those days are looooong gone.

Yes, as a former donor, I get up to 300 daily fundraising spams from the Republicans.

I’ve tried to unsubscribe to… I dunno, a few hundred… but it’s hopeless.

I side with Google on this one.

If the RNC’s story is true, it is UNACCEPTABLE that Google allows Republicans to harass its Gmail account holders for 20-some days a month.

ALL of this trash should be suppressed.


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