2023 Will Be 2020

This will be mostly about U.S. party politics as they relate to foreign policy (e.g., Ukraine) and other disasters. 

But first, leading into that, a little about the U.S. infospace. 

Remember, in early September, I told you there was a likelihood that Russia, on the back foot at the time…..

…..(but no longer, i.e. despite the Ukrainian offensive “approved narrative” that you see everywhere, that side has barely gained an inch in WEEKS)….. 

….Would use either (A) tactical nuclear weapons, or (B) otherwise proceed to “change the rules”…..

…..by de-communizing / de-Russifying (destroying, LOL) the Ukraine’s Soviet-era electrical grid….. 

…..thus eliminating the Ukraine’s ability to wage modern warfare.

What happened? 

(B) happened, or rather, is ongoing.  It’s a surgical process.  The Soviet grid is MASSIVELY redundant, resilient.

Should be done within a month at the outside. 

Although (A) did not happen…..

…..U.S. officials and the MSM began hyperventilating about “Putin’s nuclear threats”—he actually made no such threats, perhaps they were reading the Dreizin Report, LOL—in late September….. 

…..Whereas I had brought the matter to your attention, WEEKS prior. 

OK, that’s why you read me. 

I am MILES ahead. 

Now, about (B).  I’ve been covering this one for a while. 

(One of the biggest things I got wrong on this blog, was thinking Russia would turn off the lights and communications on day one. Instead, Putin pussyfooted around, and is only getting to it now. But, it’s clear now, it was just a matter of time, one day or nine months, who cares? History books won’t notice the difference. As I wrote back in February, the USA literally CANNOT win this… unless “winning” means turning some rump part of the Ukraine into a “still resisting” Somalia, with millions fled, millions dead, nuclear power plants melted down, a huge burden on Europe in every which way… and obviously no NATO membership, LOL. Anyone who thought otherwise, who saw “Russian weakness” rather than Putin’s “Michael Corleone”-level patience… and who needed some two-bit, part-time, demonetized blogger to tell them this… really needs to get the “Ghost of Kiev” out of their ass.)

The Amazon Post only really woke up to (B), just some days ago. 

They are not YET talking about “genocide.”

They will be.

Why are they waking up to (B) so slowly? 


Being good journalists in our shining beacon of a democracy….. 

…..they all follow Uncle Sam’s cue….. 

And Uncle Sam has not yet decided, what to do. 

The Ukraine is screaming for more air defenses to protect its infrastructure….. 

….but that stuff is EXPENSIVE, and hard to replace, and will be needed for Taiwan….. 

…..and, it would require U.S. specialists on the ground, to put it together into a coherent integrated whole….. 

…..and it may be too late, anyway…..

….and Uncle Sam, having already cleared out the bottom shelves, or moving in that direction….. 

…..does NOT want to reach for the top shelf, just yet. 

But hey, when it becomes GENOCIDE, ya gotta do something (remember Somalia, Bosnia?)

The bought-and-paid for thinktanks of the military-industrial complex…..

…..and the most “hawkish” members of Congress…..

…..will be SCREAMING at Brandon’s people to take it to the next level, every which way. 

Perhaps, demanding a “no-fly zone” over northwestern Ukraine, enforced by U.S. Patriot missile batteries already on the ground at the big logistical base at Rzeszow airfield, Poland.

Really, it could be anything. 

FOR NOW, BrandonLand is sitting on it. 

(Well, they’ve reportedly just started the process of retrofitting (in Poland) the Ukraine’s very few remaining combat planes with British air-launched cruise missiles with a range of 250 to 500 kilometers, depending on the variant, the latter being far enough to reach strategic airfields and nuclear weapons sites in the vicinity of Moscow from deep inside Ukrainian airspace. But there’s so few aircraft left, that’s probably not a “game changer”… more like one of those freaky one-offs they like to pull.)

I think they will be MUCH more motivated, after the midterms.

At this time, our Ukraine “discussion” is in a lull, stagnating. 

I think they are waiting to see how the midterms go. 

Not even getting into control of Congress (where vote frawd can play a much greater role)….. 

…..It’s now clear that Democrats will be utterly DESTROYED in state and local (at a minimum) races nationwide.

When they see it, they will realize, foreign escalation is their “only hope.”

2020 = 2023

2023 will be another 2020, one way or another. 

Probably, Republicans will take the U.S. House at least, by a good margin. 

(If a bunch of close races are still up in the air at midnight, the Dems will do their thing and it will be a cluster.  Then, all bets are off.) 

And yet, Republicans can forget about moving their “agenda.” 

Just like Pelosi going to Taiwan for no clear reason, the Democrats will provoke every possible crisis they can think of. 

I’ve already said they will provoke all possible negative developments in the Ukraine….. 

…..up to and including expanding the number of countries in the war (e.g., adding Poland to the mix)….. 

…..and blowing up more Russian infrastructure (I mean, why stop now?), to potentially provoke a response with non-conventional means or weapons. 

Of course, they will further provoke China.  That’s a given.  You don’t need ME to tell you that. 

Republicans, including “reliable conservative” Senator Hawley, are lining up to provide Taiwan…..

…..which owns OVER A QUARTER TRILLION DOLLARS of U.S. Government debt…..

…..with at least $2 billion in military financing per year. 

But, Democrats will likely draw them out even further.

Sure, Uncle Sam is distracted with Russia, but there are already U.S. “instructors” in Taiwan, and a permanent base might be next.

BrandonLand has a walking corpse at the helm, their ridiculous “vice” is in hiding (or it’s so bad, she gets around but the MSM doesn’t cover it.)

High gas prices will come back soon, mortgages are unaffordable, nothing is getting better. 

Will they just roll over quietly?

They will wag the dog. 

Democrats will also run as fast, as far as possible with any resurgence of the korona. 

And that’s not even getting into Variant X (the pandemic of the mRNA vakksed-and-boosstted)….. 

……which is coming at some point, no doubt about it. 

Recall, Democrats tried to hype the January 6th and domestic terrorism thing, but they failed to excite the political middle. 

Once the dust settled, most people just didn’t care.

EXACTLY as I predicted in January/February 2021, to my Republican mailing list at the time (for those who were with me, back then.) 

I said the passions will pass, people will go back to their Netflix or whatever.

I also said any Republican who got carried away with the “another Pearl Harbor” thing (Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, and many other “sunshine patriots”)….. 

…..will be feeling stoopid (and if not already holding office, unelectable) soon enough. 

And, that’s come to pass.

OK, here’s the point…..

America is weird.  In the UK, squalid as it is, when you really mess up, you go down to 25 or even 20 percent support. 

Here, you’ll always have that 40 percent (or very close to it.) 

And with Google and Facebook and the MSM, that’s all they need. 

They can keep it going for another two years. 

But, they will have to EXTERNALIZE what they tried to pull off with the “another Pearl Harbor” (or “worse than 9/11”) scam. 

Domestic enemies didn’t work out?  OK!  Try some foreign enemies! 

And if the korona comes back, forget it.  They will be pigs at that trough. 

Republicans felt dumb standing and clapping for one T-shirt guy (Zelensky)? 

Get ready to stand and clap for the Sultan of Taiwan! 

Will the GOP be smart (or fed up) enough to stand up and say….. 

“Look, we don’t like these baddie countries, and we don’t like the new variants going around, whatever, but this is a scam and we’re not going to play it anymore, to hell with this crap.” 

What do YOU think? LOL.

They will be led by the nose, as always.  To the disappointment of their hard base. 

I mean, look at the leadership. 

You think Kevin “deer in the headlights” McCarthy…..

…..and Mitch “the Manchurian Turtle” McConnell…..

…..are going to contest any narrative? 

They’ve never done before, why start now? 

“Let me be clear” like Obama…..







MSM Still Obsessed, Still Deflecting

Check out the below NY Times cover, from this past Friday.

It has TWOabove the fold” pieces on the Ukraine or Russia.

There’s nothing “above the fold” here regarding midterm polling or tough races, LOL.

I guess they have nothing “good” to write about that, to make their core readership happy.

The funniest thing here, there’s no cover story that relates to this photo of a Ukrainian soldier giving out candy.

It’s like, this is the story itself, no text, just a Ukrainian soldier handing out candy.

Of course, they neglect to mention that Russia has brought in many thousands of trucks (including semi’s with trailers) and distributed hundreds of thousands of tons of actual, real food…..

…..as well as water bottles, soap, hygiene kits, and other goods.

(Below is one scene, out of thousands of similar scenes over the last eight months.)

Naturally, Russia SEVERELY disrupted the economy when it went in, so it HAS to feed people in its areas of control…..

…..whereas Saint Zelensky couldn’t give a crap.

What’s he doing for “liberated” areas, have you seen it? How much U.S. aid is going to that?

Like, none?

$60-some billion and counting, all they could buy is one piece of candy for this photo-op.

The Ukraine can just hand out a few pieces of candy to “liberated areas starved and brutalized by Russia”…..

…..and it’s a news story, LOL.

Hey, it beats covering the midterms! Or, “where’s Kamala?

Zero Hedge Obviously Reads Me

Yeah, they’re on my mailing list…..

…..and just a few days after I ran that Terminator 2 “playground scene”, they ran this:

Coincidence? LOL. How often do you see this?

Of course, they will NEVER re-post any of my work, like they do with “safe” bloggers (some of whom are totally clueless.)

They’re bringing in $$$ millions…..

…..(yes, the anonymous owner/boss, Dan Ivandjiiski, has netted many $$$ millions from his site, and reportedly lives like Beverly Hills)…..

…..with their ads for Wall Street money managers, trading platforms, golf carts, etc…..

…..and they were famously put on notice by Google already…..

…..and I’m evidently RADIOACTIVE.

Oh, well. I’ll accept this indirect flattery, any day of the week!

Thanks, guys!

Go fuck yourselves!

In A Hotel Lobby, Durham, North Carolina

See below. The “caption” on the sculpture (may be hard to make out from your smartphone) reads “Police State.”


What’s Trump doing here, who never got along with his “police”, who was sabotaged and spied on by them?

Sounds like some “projection”, no?

Based on a detailed account from the person who sent this to me, it seems to be a black-owned hotel, so you can assume they are Democrats.

And the MSM says Republicans are not reality-based, LOL.

More “Tulsi”

The below text is from a loyal reader.

I can’t vouch for it, but it sounds credible…..

Gabbard is so “hot”, that for pre-televised interviews she has “conditions”. Those consist of slightly soft focus to settings pre-provided, angle of lighting, again pre-provided and especially camera angles, viewing her from her left side, so as to not highlight the Chinese Checker-depth acne vulgaris scars very pronounce on her right cheek.

How do I know this? One of my brother in laws works for CBS in its production department, and has first hand knowledge of these pre-interview requirements of the vapid, anything but “conservative” Tulsi Gabbard.

Democracy Strikes Again!

This is a Taboo Topic, so anyone from RINO/Fredocon or MSM outlets who still reads me…..

…..please put on a helmet to equalize pressure so your head doesn’t explode.

I guess it wasn’t bad enough that the Ukraine has imprisoned thousands of opposition/independent journalists and activists and other “suspected disloyals”…..

…..as well as thousands more ordinary teachers, cops, etc., who had “worked with Russia” in areas recently “liberated” by the Ukraine.

It wasn’t enough, so the Ukraine Security Service continues its recent (since roughly a month ago) campaign…..

…..of “evidence gathering” raids against temples and offices of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate.)

That is, those parishes that chose to remain under the Russian church, rather than follow President Poroshenko’s “autocephalous” Ukrainian church initiative.

The Ukrainian affiliate of the Moscow Patriarchate absolutely did not and does not support Russia in the war…..

…..but now that’s not good enough, the authorities need it gone entirely.

Can’t have any Ukrainian clerics reporting to anyone in Moscow!

And, those clerics have come out with too much rhetoric about how the war must stop… because it’s a war between BROTHERS.

Of course, the Ukraine understands that the local wing of the Moscow Patriarchate…..

…..despite fake government statistics about congregant size, still the LARGEST religious organization in the Ukraine, by numbers of priests, parishes, monasteries…..

…..will be one pillar of cultural and political reconciliation and reunification of Ukrainians and Russians…..

…..when the Ukraine (as we know it) is liquidated.

And we can’t have that!

(This reconciliation is inconceivable to your average American MSM-oriented airhead. I’m sure there’s a few people reading me now, whose heads are exploding.)

So, got to build some case for treason. Or at least, intimidate them a little.

Democracy strikes again!

Just A Reminder to Plan Your Life With This In Mind

In recent posts, I wrote that Uncle Sam and the Eurocrats have made clear, they CANNOT lose the Ukraine war.

When you can’t lose, and things are not going your way, you will eventually escalate (some of which we’ve seen already), and ultimately you will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

It’s like a chump who’s losing at the Vegas slots, but he can’t stop, he has to play all his quarters.

Same with Taiwan.

As the sole “hyperpower”, Uncle Sam doesn’t negotiate with scum, full stop, he won’t stoop to make concessions to Russia or China, full stop.

He can’t lose face, or the Hegemony comes down.

It would be like a mob boss having a stroke, or “Akela missed his mark” from The Jungle Book.

Thus, at some point, unless something else brings down the house first, there will be a direct military confrontation between the USA and China and/or Russia…..

…..involving tactical nuclear weapons at a minimum…..

…..which WON’T go well, because the U.S. military DOES NOT want to fight…..

…..and the U.S. public (after Iraq) is NOT prepared for casualties…..

…..and is only superficially supportive, and is NOT willing to pay in ANY way.

Barring some other huge crisis that obviates the Ukraine and/or Taiwan…..

…..what I’ve just laid out is GUARANTEED to happen, just as World War One was guaranteed to happen.

Plan your life accordingly. 


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