Dreizin pities the fool

Folks, as of now…..

You should be able to comment here…..

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…..or whatever Satanic media you choose.

I’m sorry it took me this long…..

…..to get with the times.

Thanks again to Manny.

(My webmaster, mass mailing manager, audiovisual editor, occasional editorial consultant, also my friend.)

As for pitying the fool…..

Just because we’re not (yet) using nukes…..

…..does not mean we’re not in WW3.

I pity the fool who says…..

We must avoid WW3.”

We’re in WW3.

I use Amnesty International to prove it.


Amnesty International.


I haven’t lost my mind.

Listen to the below audio file.

It’s in a “fireside chat” format.

Totally unedited.

Not my usual, machine-gun burst style.

Keep in mind, this is two days old.


When I mentioned Tucker Carlson…..

…..as an example of a man…..

…..who’s managed to keep his job…..

…..despite saying “dangerous” things.


That no longer applies.

Although, of course…..

He wasn’t canned over what he said…..

…..about the Ukraine, per se.

(Audio file length: 16:51)

Tucker Carlson

In the below audio file…..

…..(also unedited, it could be tighter but hey whatever)…..

I describe the historic nature…..

…..of Tucker Carlson’s departure…..

…..from Fox News.

I’m not exaggerating.

It is historic.

Of course, not in a good way.


It’s also a DEPARTURE from history…..

…..in that, unlike the cancelled Republican stars…..

…..of state purges past…..

…..(late 1930’s and early-mid 1960s)…..

Thanks to the Internet…..

Carlson still has options.

He can remain active.

Possibly, even GROW his following.


I don’t mention this in the audio…..

…..but Fox is a dead man walking.

(BTW, a very good friend just pointed out that Carlson had a huge influence over the Republican party, first and foremost, in terms of naming and shaming the Republican leadership in the Senate (and the party leadership generally) for not listening to the voting base. With Carlson gone, of course they figure it will be easier to control which issues are discussed or not discussed in the primary campaign and debates, and picked up by other commentators who take Carlson’s cue.)

(Audio file length: 5:42)

Amazon Post knows its city…..

…..and endorses Home Goods, LOL

This is from the cover…..

…..of today’s Amazon (Washington) Post, print edition.

If it’s too small to see on your phone…..

It says:

“Out of enthusiasm — and options. Democrats are lukewarm on Biden, but many believe he is their best hope for a win in 2024.”

Seeing as Brandon’s campaign…..

…..finally announced his candidacy…..

…..at 6:00AM ET sharp, today…..

…..and began running his campaign ads…..

…..immediately thereafter…..

…..(any ads you might have seen previously, were not from the campaign itself)…..


This seems “coordinated“…..

Doesn’t it?

I suppose you could interpret…..

…..this apologetic puff piece…..


(BTW, the related photo is superslick, pure campaign ad material. Totally posed and staged. Where did they find this guy? Such a perfect living room, expensive hardwood mantle over a stylish, supermodern, raised-over-masonry (not bricks, but something fancy like Techo-blocs) fireplace, Home Goods junk everywhere, and what appear to be (“oh let’s sprinkle some random junk for realism”) instant coffee machine cups on the ottoman in the foreground, LOL!!! Ideal father wearing a Kangol hat indoors like some thug, doing his daughter’s hair because mom is too busy at the law office. (My foreign readers may not know, it’s fashionable now to show black men doing their daughter’s hair.) And the “black history” T-shirt, come on. Am I to believe the Post just randomly found these people, and came to their house just as the guy was getting his daughter ready for school? It’s more likely this was snapped by the Brandon campaign, at a real estate developer’s “show house” (which also explains the coffee.) I mean, look at the shelves, empty except for some generic decorative junk. Yeah, I’m probably autistic. UPDATE: Some readers have commented on the gay white unicorn. Yes, we all know, true legit black people (especially dudes in Kangol hats) love gay shit, for real. If you don’t, “you ain’t black!”)

You see, the paper knows…..

…..its core (local area) audience.

VERY well.

The bureaucrats and lobbyists…..

…..like having Brandon “in charge.”

The bureaucrats…..

…..get to manage themselves.

The lobbyists…..

…..have a dull, predictable landscape to squeeze.

What’s not to like?


Short of Brandon having a stroke or something…..

There are ZEROmainstream” Democrats…..

…..who would challenge…..

…..his re-coronation.

I mean, have you heard of any?

Didn’t think so.


Of course…..

The Democrat establishment…..

…..does not want…..

…..a credible, well-known…..

…..”insurgent” challenger…..

…..such as, potentially…..

…..Kyrsten Sinema…..

…..or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Such a boss would be… unpredictable.

Perhaps, messy.

Perhaps, almost… a Democrat Trump.

It’s preferable to continue…..

…..with a figurehead “in charge.”

Just let the machine run itself.

It’s so funny.

He was ALREADY the oldest man…..

…..to be elected President.

Shaking hands with ghosts…..

…..every time he’s on stage.


They want another four years.

(If he makes it through the first four… we’ll see.)

It just goes to show…..

It doesn’t matter who’s “in charge.”

(I’d also like to point out, under “Trump rules” (the rules applied to Trump), this type of direct, advance coordination between a presidential campaign and a mass media outlet, could be construed as an “in-kind” campaign contribution, the nature and estimated value of which must be reported to the Federal Election Commission. Failing to report, is a crime. If it was Trump, at least they would investigate it… and keep investigating… and keep investigating.)

Wall Street Journal needs to revamp its Diversity Office

Yeah, exactly what I wrote…..

…..in the above headline.

In the context of…..

How is Russian industry…..

…..able to keep up…..

…..with all the stuff being sent to the Ukraine?

Listen below…..

(Audio file length: 4:17)

Dreizin’s back to spreading the love

First off…..

If you enjoy following someone…..

…..who’s NOT a bullshitter…..

Please, keep making it worth my time.

Moving on…..

One commenter asked…..

…..why I think Larry Johnson is a clown.

My response was as follows:

For the better part of a year, Larry Johnson carried the “Russia killing up to 1600 Ukrainians per day” propaganda from Russia’s Baghdad Bob Konashenkov.

He also denied that the Ukraine’s Kharkov offensive was even happening, as he couldn’t countenance Russia taking a black eye.

He wrote many times that Russia destroyed the Ukrainian air force at the very beginning, which is false.

He also wrote (again, near the beginning) that Russia “controlled” 20 or 25 percent of the Ukraine’s (post-2014, not getting into Crimea) territory, when all that red-shaded area on the map was mostly never under Russian control, it was merely where Russian convoys passed through when they could; they never had the forces to control the northeast, and ultimately had to leave all of it.

For an alleged (if he says so) former CIA analyst and (or so he told me) “military planner”, Larry sure gets a lot wrong, don’t you think?

Perhaps he let his pro-Russia bias cloud his judgement? Like, consistently?

But hey…..

If you want to be lied to, consistently…..

Go right ahead!

I can’t stop you.

As for Mercouris…..

No, we have not forgotten Mercouris.

The secret of Mercouris’ success…..

…..is that he rambles about bullshit…..

…..just beating around the bush…..

…..about Moldova or whatever…..

…..and NEVER actually says anything…..

…..that openly contradicts…..

…..or clearly, unequivocally discounts…..

…..or directly threatens…..

…..ANY regime narrative or party line.

I was told…..

He won’t even say “Nazi“…..

…..on his show.

Instead, he says something like…..

“Followers of a certain World War Two-era party that we shouldn’t talk about.”

Because, if he said “Nazi“…..

It would alert YouTube‘s machine brain…..

…..to the fact…..

…..that he doesn’t support the Ukraine, LOL.

With that in mind…..

Do you think Mercouris…..

…..would ever be placed…..

…..on some “blacklist” or “watchlist“?


Rhetorical question.

For the Mercouris viewers out there:

Are you really watching him…..

…..for the TRUTH?

Or because…..

…..you have too much time on your hands?

If the latter…..

Go start a family!

Like Mercouris has done.


When you focus strictly on international relations…..

…..as Mercouris does…..

You get the broadest possible audience.

So, you make a killing ($$$)…..

…..with YouTube ads.


It’s an incoherent audience.

He’s got commies, he’s got Nazis.

(Nope, he doesn’t like the Nazis, but he’ll NEVER shake them like I did. He’s into picking up every last dime. They’re too dumb to see, he’s the “Jew” they love to hate.)

He’s got vakksers, anti-vakksers.

He doesn’t care.

The YouTube ad money is just so good.

He’s a millionaire, life is good.

He’s able to keep…..

…..all these disparate “demographics” on board…..

Because, again…..

He talks about what SEEMS to be…..

…..a “sexy” topic…..

But, it’s pretty much nothing.

So, of course…..

Not only does he not get shut down…..

He also never turns anyone off.

(I mean, unless it’s someone who just tires of his rambling.)


Seeing as I don’t make money on YouTube ads…..

Please give me some money.

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(Audio file length: 3:19)

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