Wagner chief Prigozhyn, facing reduced public exposure, reduced funding, and possible total subjugation to Defense Ministry, and evidently planning a coup for weeks at least, takes some (not large) fraction of his forces that were in Lugansk, supposed to be preparing a Kharkov offensive, and launches insurrection against Russian government, aims to replace Putin and run the country as a “caudillo” with an extremely vague populist anticorruption platform (of course, he has no support and the entire country would collapse in bloody anarchy.)  His recent lunatic statements about Ukrainian deep advances in Zaporozhie can now be seen in context of intending to launch coup during a military collapse.  The collapse didn’t happen, but he acted anyway.  Wagner now occupying Rostov (site of Russian military southern command) and moving on Moscow in reportedly four separate columns with strong air defense incl. Pantzir systems.  3 or 4 Russian heli’s (crews apparently survived) and possibly one transport aircraft already shot down. Large-scale road closures and uncertainty could doom the front to munitions starvation within potentially days if situation not resolved. Use of tactical nuclear weapons on roads leading to Moscow is possible.

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