Don’t get your hopes up

Folks, the headline piece here, “Don’t get your hopes up: The “We Don’t Give a Crap” Regime can go on for a LONG time”, is at bottom. Also, some other great material, before you get to that.


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As a sole blogger, I don’t have time to maintain a permanent, two-track “regular” and “premium” content structure. However, as a one-off, I am now offering something of a “premium” nature.

I’ve recorded a long (Manny’s still editing, should be about 17 minutes) audio message, summarizing Dreizin thoughts and predictions with respect to Trump’s prospects (building out my thoughts on that), the second pandemic, the Ukraine war, and inflation, as well as adding some NEW material about the financial/economic picture (NOT investment advice, I’m not licensed and I do not do investment advice.)

It’s basically a “Dreizin state of the world in 6-12-18 months.” Or, a distillation of the Dreizin Report into roughly 17 minutes.

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Americans tend to be unaware of how much of their internal politics are shaped by foreign events.

China was wide open to foreign investment from the early 1980s. The Taiwanese and Japanese moved in almost immediately, but only to expand capacity, not to kill their own jobs.

U.S. offshoring to China did NOT begin until the 1990s, and it became a stampede only in 2001, with China’s accession (with U.S. support) to the WTO.

Why not earlier?

Because the 1980s were still the Cold War, which was NOT YET WON.

There was a global competition going on; the state was still concerned with keeping up appearances for “the workers.”

Not just talking the talk, passing out free phones like Obama, or hugely raising the minimum wage for jobs that were always intended to be done part-time by teenagers or college students… but REALLY.

Only AFTER that was all out the window, were the corporations allowed to go to town.

This, of course, later accounted for the election of Trump in 2016.

Rewind a few generations…..

President Truman’s executive order to desegregate the U.S. armed forces…..

…..was signed less than a year after Indian and Pakistani independence, less than seven months after Burmese independence, a month and a half into the first Arab-Israeli war, and also right around the time it became clear that the Dutch would not be able to retain Indonesia (unless the U.S. got involved directly, which wasn’t happening, as the independence movement was not communist.)

(Also, FWIW, one month into the Berlin blockade/airlift.)

What’s A got to do with B?

Well, again that global competition.

Were the newly decolonized countries going to line up behind the USSR…..

…..or behind a nation where anti-white racism was NATIONAL GOVERNMENT POLICY?

Now, you see.

(Nothing “good” happens just because someone decided to be a “nice guy.”)

And, now we come to today.

Today, if you haven’t noticed (LOL), we again have global competition.

The U.S. Hegemonic Bloc… vs. everyone else.

For as long as the U.S.-Russia war continues…..

…..“they” can’t kill Trump.

They can’t even jail him for long.

It’s OBVIOUS, they don’t even INTEND to jail him… YET.

That all these indictments—to include, over the 2020 election, around which most of the facts were known, even out in the open, FROM DAY ONE…..

…..were only launched once the Democrat Congressional “January 6th” investigation FIZZLED…..

…..and it became clear that Trump was “not going anywhere” (the Grand Inquisitor on the Federal side, was only appointed JUST AFTER the November 2022 election)…..

Well, the timing is political.

They want to keep him out of the White House, duh.

That’s ALL they want to do… for now.

(Again, for now.)

But, that’s not all I have to say.

You can hear my specific PREDICTION, here:

(Audio message duration: 4:50.)


“They” don’t care about the southern border.

(Clarification: They’re FINE with it, just as it is.)

They don’t care about 100,000 unemployed, indigent, recent illegal arrivals being housed in New York City.  They’ve told the DEMOCRAT mayor (their own guy!) to piss off. 

They didn’t care about the East Palestine, Ohio disaster. 

Now, they don’t care about the fire in DEMOCRAT Hawaii. 

They figure they can still “get by” with their State Media, and with mass censorship (although, the pedo Elon Musk has cracked that a bit.) 

UNLESS the floor totally caves in on them… They are CORRECT

(BTW, notice “the masks” coming back?  ANYONE who promised you a big Trump comeback blah blah, WITHOUT mentioning at least the POSSIBILITY of a repeat of 2020 due to another epidemic situation (real or fake), is a HUCKSTER and NOT worth following. ALTERNATELY, another corona could HELP Trump if it’s GENUINELY BAD ENOUGH… but, you’ll have to pay $10 to hear about that.) 

Anyway, my below audio message is not that original…..

But, it’s unique because it’s CONCISE.

Please listen: 

(Audio message duration: 4:43.)

(I recorded this almost a week ago. As of August 25th, the “official” (per the FBI) list of totally missing, we’re not kidding, they really are missing, was at 388 names, with another 1000+ still possibly-but-maybe-not-missing. In a town of 13,000, 17 days after the fire, that’s still crazy.)

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