Of villas and power plants

The alt-news about Zelensky buying a mansion in Egypt, is half-fake.

The truth (as presented by Dreizin) is MUCH more interesting… that is, in the Dreizin tradition of expounding on things you never imagined could be expounded on, snail crawling on a razor, landing on the Moon in fractions and so forth.

Read about that… and a LOT else, to include, the rebellion in eastern Syria, and CREEPY PSYCHO KID a.k.a. your future dictator.

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It’s come out that the military cemetery that was opened last year in Lvov, the Ukraine’s FIFTH-LARGEST city (excluding Donetsk which is now part of Russia), now has right around 1500 graves. This is fact.

I’m sorry, this fact is NOT consistent with allegedly 350,000 or 400,000 dead combatants on the Ukrainian side, LOL.

Some people are just STOOPID.

The entire Ukrainian armed force structure (all branches and services and the militia, but excluding state security and police) “only” has around 400,000 uniformed personnel at present… and that INCLUDES logistics, medical, and administrative personnel.

With the Ukraine’s AWFUL demographics, that’s already a HUGE burden.

They can’t just lose that many, and replace them in a year… or ever.

They are ALREADY talking (at a high level”, not just bloggers etc.) about revoking fraudulent draft exemptions (read: ALL medical exemptions, for which citizens paid, in total, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, POSSIBLY OVER A BILLION DOLLARS)…..

…..and even pursuing men who used those exemptions to leave the country (to Europe.)

(Of course, they won’t pursue the sons of hundreds of legislators and other politicians and officials, who are enjoying life as far away as Miami and California. They also won’t revoke the university deferment, as people who’ve been brainwashed by “higher education” are their current and future support base—not to mention that the university crowd and recent graduates are the ONLY ones in the populous south and east who can actually speak, read, and write proper, standard Ukrainian, thus making them precious, “the future of the nation.”)

Even with “only” 1500 military graves in Lvov… It’s THAT bad.

Today, the Borscht Reich controls 100% of Rabotino, or what’s left of it. This is fact.

I’ve just saved you from watching hours of Mercouris… and he doesn’t even know, anyway. It’s just wasted time. You’re welcome.


All talk (both MSM and “alt”) of “they’ve reached the first line”… is RETARDED.

While they were reaching the first line (if they did, I don’t know)… perhaps TWO MORE LINES were built.

It’s not about how many lines, it’s about, where is the high ground? (And, any rivers, or large forests, or villages with any ferroconcrete structures, or roads.)

Per the Bock-moot experience, there can be a hundred lines. Provided the soil is relatively loose and not too rocky, it only takes a day or two, for healthy men with picks and shovels, to dig holes and set up some antitank missile launchers and machineguns. Anyone who’s done even just eight weeks of boot camp, should grasp that. I guess most of these chimps haven’t.

None of these MUPPETS know what they’re talking about. This “first line” stuff was introduced into the MSM by the Institute for the Study of War, which is mostly DILLETANTES. Ignore it. It’s a BUNCH OF CRAP.

If Dreizin doesn’t know… he doesn’t talk.

Mostly, Dreizin talks about the industrial / logistics and manpower sides. With some rare exceptions, Dreizin largely stopped doing the tactical junk over a year ago.

The “I’m just here for tactical updates” addict freaks, don’t give me money anyway. They are broke (or greedy) ass bitches.

I’m NOT calling for violence, but, in a hypothetical, “perfect” world, they and their families (including any dogs or other pets) would be legally, peaceably euthanized and cremated, in line with relevant Federal/state/municipal laws and regulations. Their property (if they have any, that’s a big question) would then be auctioned off, and the funds given to Dreizin.

The U.S. “occupation of Syria” is mostly a proxy effort, involving a murky Kurdish tribal coalition militia calling itself (for U.S. public consumption) the “Syrian Democratic Forces.”

What the U.S. did, “illegally under international law”, blah blah, was hand Syria’s Deir-e-Zor province to the Kurds, with Kurdish carpetbaggers running the local oil industry (exporting to Turkey) and keeping most of the profits.

The Kurds have come to run or dominate all local administrations, reportedly hiring or conscripting Arab men, in many cases, to serve as their kapos.

UNLIKE in the Ukraine, the Kurds don’t fight a culture war, they don’t intend to assimilate the Arabs. They are not full-on colonizing the place, merely sucking its resources. And, the U.S. military has a permanent presence (fairly “hands-off”) in the area.

But, otherwise, it’s a U.S. proxy occupation regime… similar to Kiev vs. south/east Ukraine since 2014.

If the Arabs were Jewish, they might say: אֵ֥ין כָּל־חָדָ֖שׁ תַּ֥חַת הַשָּֽׁמֶש (There is nothing new under the sun.)

If they were ageing Love and Rockets fans, they might remark, “No new tale to tell.”

But, they’re Arabs… so they will probably stick with Allahu Akbar.

In recent days, Deir-e-Zor’s Arabs have been REBELLING.

Reportedly, some Kurdish forces have retreated, and many kapos have deserted… and either “melted away”, or else gone back to their own sheiks… weapons in hand.

Look at all these destroyed or captured Humvees (videos below.) Almost like… Zaporozhie, hahaha! Looks to be some MRAP or police patrol type vehicle in there, also.

(The first two videos are of the same scene, just different perspectives.)

Now, let’s be real…..


The U.S. will likely deliver some trunk-loads of cash to local sheiks, and tone things down.

But, it’s certainly interesting.

No new tale to tell!

Re: the video below.

This is a boy, looks to be about 12, who was sent home from his school (I don’t care where, doesn’t matter)…..

…..for wearing a “Gadsden flag” (the “Don’t Tread On Me” snake) patch on his backpack or something (again, doesn’t matter.)

His mother made a big stink, and now the boy is a Twitter sensation, and he’s been on some top conserva-shows (Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro.)

The latest conserva-lebrity. An instant (living) martyr!

Now, to hear him tell it (watch below), he’s become suuuuuper popular… and he’s got his monkey-see-monkey-do schoolmates all crazy for the Gadsden flag, they are putting it on their lockers, following the leader. Again, to hear him tell it. (Somehow, I HIGHLY DOUBT it.)

This reminds me of Khrushchev’s famous line, “Politicians are all the same, they promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.”

Per Khrushchev, this boy is a politician.

There is no river. Like most American schools, his evidently has a “no political messages” policy. They have to enforce it EQUALLY, that’s not a bad thing.

He chose to build his fame on violating this rule. It’s his little issue, oh the outrage!!! The humanity!!! Allow me to clutch my pearls as I make the rounds on the top conserva-moron shows!!!

He’s a baby Willie Stark. His conserva-karen mom is egging him on like Livia from “I Claudius.”

Watch the video. He seems CREEPY enough to be planning his political career already. You can bet, he will run for school board or city council as soon as he turns 18. If he can run BEFORE 18, with the expectation that he will take his seat at 18, he will do so.

Again, look at this kid. Thumbs-up like Nixon. At about 12, he has no less (perhaps more!) SUAVE AND CONFIDENCE than most adults. It’s UNNATURAL. He’s probably a sociopath.

What he LACKS (besides probably a conscience)… is HUMILITY.

If you’re that smart, at least have the sense to shut up and don’t steal the show from adults doing adult things. You know, LEARN something first. Put in your dues. But, no.

Morons (predictably, the MAGA morons) on social media are hyping him, oh look this kid has balls, oh what a hero.


LOL, it doesn’t take “balls.” What’s the school going to do to him?

Of course, nothing. If somehow he wasn’t “untouchable” before, he is now.

What it “takes”… is having NO SHAME.

Meet your future president:

About “Zelensky’s” new Egyptian villa…..

It’s true that with its new “tech” oligarchs, the USA has marched back in time.

Fortunately, that’s not the whole U.S. economy.

For example, it would be hard to imagine one man (in the USA) with ownership or control of multiple electric plants, “national flagship brand” factories (haha, OK, ignore Tesla), whatever.

But in most of the former USSR, it is common.

You’d THINK that with nine and a half years as the 51st U.S. state… the Ukraine might have advanced SLIGHTLY in this regard.

But, no.

If anything, it’s gotten WORSE, as most of the population has been driven to indigency (or, left the country) since 2014.

Anyway, what’s the alternative? You could HYPOTHETICALLY force all the oligarchs to sell off their assets… But, who’d buy? Who has the money?

There are no pension funds, investing in stocks. The only pension is the state.

There are no 401K’s. Even those with money, don’t trust that finance stuff. People in these countries prefer real assets.

Please hear more about villas, power plants, and Zelensky’s in-laws, below:

(Audio file duration: 9:52.)

Please listen below.

(Audio file duration: 3:19.)

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