Three Months

Folks, that’s all. Three months, headline map. (The little blue bits are what Russia has lost, in the south, since The Great Counter-Suck-Fensive commenced on June 4th.) Map says it all. That’s all I have for today.

Just kidding!

I have a LOT more, but, first…..

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When and how “it” WON’T all come down… and when and how it WILL.

Yes, interesting stuff. I’ve covered some of it already, but, in this premium audio, I go into more detail about what it would take for deeply latent centrifugal tendencies within the USA, to OVERWHELM the centripetal.

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Next up:

“I was there”… so, I’ve seen how it works.

Whenever you see U.S. senators of BOTH parties…..

…..(e.g., McConnell, Graham, Romney, etc., and now Tricky Dick “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal, perhaps among others, on the Democrat side)…..

…..repeating the SAME talking point…..

You KNOW that talking point, came from LOBBYISTS.

In this case, the talking point I have in mind, is, roughly…..

“It’s so great that we can use the Borscht Reich to fight Russia, they’re doing it so we don’t have to, it’s so cheap, what a deal, what a steal!!! They can weaken Russia, we don’t even have to lift a finger.”

In this case, the lobby is the military-industrial complex.

(Directly or indirectly—it COULD have come from the Heritage Foundation or some other thinktank with large military-industrial funding. In fact, seeing as Republicans were, by far, the first to carry this talking point, I’d say that’s MOST LIKELY the case, in this case.)

Of course, the “we don’t have to lift a finger” part… is funny. U.S. ground forces have been substantially disarmed. There are no large stocks left… of almost anything.

(Of course, that’s GREAT for a certain industry.)

(Also, there’s a “second decolonization” picking up steam, look at Niger, for example… and the BRICS expansion, and India’s now changing its name to something pre-colonial, no kidding, look it up. This is ALSO part of the cost.)

As for “weakening Russia”… well… yes, and no.

I suppose Hitler had severely weakened Russia by 1945.


What they’re doing, is “creating a monster.”

Russia has recently, for the first time, successfully dropped (against a Reich target) a FAB-1500 bomb with a new UMPK (“JDAM” type kit), which had to be custom-developed from scratch for the FAB-1500 specifically. (Reportedly, they could not simply upsize their FAB-250 or FAB-500 UMPK kits.)

Thus, Russia’s modified FAB-1500 is the world’s highest-“payload” (***BY FAR***) true precision glide bomb that can be carried on a tactical aircraft. You can thank the war for that.

(Its range is undisclosed, but is understood to be substantially greater than the next heaviest glide bomb in the Russia arsenal.)

Just throwing that out to you, as one example. It’s not actually that important. What’s REALLY important, is to have an army that can fight, knows how to fight, brave enough to fight, with modern technologies under modern conditions, against ANY adversary, to include, a “near-peer” enemy using the same tactics and technologies.

Today, there are ONLY two armies like that.

NIETHER of them, belongs to the USA.

One of them is not doing so great, charging at brick walls head-first, losing experienced cadre faster than they can be made, and now realizing that… it doesn’t have such a large population, after all.

The other is conserving its strength, slowly growing, and, taking advantage of an arms industry that SUBSTANTIALLY leads GLOBOHOMO’s.

Soon enough, there will be only one.

This is a still, taken from a video (that I’ve seen), that was recorded by a Borscht Reich soldier near Rabotino, Zaporozhie:


No, Poland is not mass deporting “medical draft waivered” Ukrainian citizens.

What happened is, Rzeczpospolita…..

… of the most “respectable” Polish newspapers…..

…..came out with a story about a handful…..

…..just three or so…..

…..Ukrainian SMUGGLERS (at least one of them involved in people-smuggling)…..

…..being deported from Poland…..

…..but the headline was a bit too “loud”…..

…..and many, many Russian sources ran with the headline…..

…..(without actually reading the piece)…..

…..and from Russia, of course…..

… got into the Anglosphere “alt media” Inter-space.

And, no one questioned it…..


Same crap as with the “Zelensky bought an Egyptian mansion” story.

These sources get almost everything wrong.

They are a MIRROR IMAGE of the MSM…..

…..and their typical followers are JUST AS DUMB.

This is why Dreizin should be your ONLY news source, period.

Reading and listening to Dreizin, is “GUARANTEED(NOT a legal obligation, there’s no actual guarantee, it’s just rhetorical) to raise your IQ by AT LEAST 10 points.

The usual BODY COUNT RETARDS will get their hard-on’s from Russia’s Defense Minister having announced today, that Borscht Reich (human) losses since June 4th, stand at 66,000.

As I’ve covered, in Russian military parlance, “losses” means ALL losses.

Furthermore, “losses” breaks down into deserters and/or prisoners lost/taken… and санитарные потери (medical losses.)

Cанитарные потери further breaks down into возвратные потери (recoverable losses, i.e. wounded/injured and sick, although of course some wounded will never return to duty) and безвозвратные потери (irrecoverable losses, i.e. dead.)

When Minister Shoigu speaks of enemy losses since June 4th…..

…..he means ALL enemy losses since June 4th.

With a 4:1 wounded-to-killed ratio…..

… can divide 66,000 by FIVE…..

… get your body count.

(OK, there’s somewhere under 1000 new prisoners from the Reich, as well, but that’s not a huge factor. Also, probably, some thousands of deserters, but I doubt Russia even bothers trying to estimate them.)

This is somewhat higher than my own estimates (that I’ve been publishing.)

But, not hugely so.

Now, if you’re a BODY COUNT RETARD, you might remark…..

…..that this figure (the product of 66,000/5) is NOT consistent with the daily 200 to 500 Reich soldiers claimed dead by Russia’s “Baghdad Bob” Konashenkov.

And, you’d be correct. It’s NOT consistent.

But, that’s Baghdad Bob. He just talks random shit.

Someone sent me a link to Mercouris talking about Borscht Reich mobilization, this past weekend.

I actually watched it.

It was one of his shortest shows ever. 36 minutes, wow.

YouTube plugs an ad break every two minutes or so. It’s HORRIBLE. The ads are all so dumb.


Mercouris implied that the Reich might intend to mobilize an extra two or three or five hundred thousand men (but that it doesn’t matter, they will all be crap soldiers anyway.)

Folks, this is the problem with Mercouris.

He missed the REAL story. They don’t have that many bodies to play with.

More to the point…..

What he says SOUNDS believable, but it’s just blah blah, glued together with offhand conjecture or intelligent-sounding “filler material” presented as fact, or as some kind of deep understanding. He presents no new facts, no real information, he does no serious research. He’s basically… the MSM.

No, the Reich has NOT stated how many more it intends to mobilize.

No, neither the Reich military, nor NATO, can HANDLE another five or even two hundred thousand.

First, the training throughput is NOT there. To avoid Russian missile strikes, essentially all Reich training is done in Germany, Slovakia, the UK, etc. The capacity is, AT MOST, 10,000 men doing three-week, “basic infantry” courses at a time, along with some hundreds of tank crewmen, artillerymen, air defense crewmen, electronic warfare crewmen, and other “specialists” undergoing longer training. We have NO EVIDENCE that this capacity has increased, or is PLANNED to increase.

Second, as I wrote about in JANUARY (perhaps February), the U.S. hegemonic bloc has already exhausted its excess stores of personal gear for soldiers. Anything else would have to come out of “active” U.S. Army stock. It’s already well-documented that Reich soldiers have been wearing “flak jackets” that don’t stop rifle bullets. I even saw a video of a “Kevlar” helmet that was being PALPATED WITH BARE FINGERS, it gave in to the touch. This is presumably cheap “counterfeit” junk, made in China, with Reich purchasing officers “keeping” the “savings.” Aaaanyway… The point is, there’s NOT enough of this stuff, and radios, etc. etc., to equip another two or more hundred thousand Reich soldiers in the near term.

Third, without canceling the university study exemption AND without harvesting 18-19 year-olds, the Reich CANNOT RAISE even another two hundred thousand. They only managed to enslave another 25,000 this past August. As I’ve covered, they actually did take in over 82,000 men in January 2023… and perhaps 150,000 over the entire winter (late November through March)… But, they can’t repeat that now, without expanding the pool… which, as I’ve covered, they really DON’T want to do.


As I told you, near the beginning of this year…..

They won’t stop drafting, but, they will become UNABLE to cover their losses, past the very end of this year.

It’s a permanent downslope.

(And, that’s not even getting into their medium-term munitions supply issues.)

Others have since said it, I was the FIRST to say it. (In English or likely ANY language. No one even in Russia was saying it, at the time, that I know of.)

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