As Armenian govt of “Soros graduates” prepares to host U.S. war game, withdraw from post-Soviet collective defense treaty, abandon Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan, & definitively flip away from Russia towards USA and Turkey (LOL, can’t make it up!!!!!), top pro-Russian blogger Mika Badalyan & seven friends / associates arrested by masked G-Men, all on charges of “illicit arms trafficking” (they publicly fundraised / bought / sent Chinese unarmed $300 quadrocopters to Russia, as show of support.) Not 1st time he has been detained & tried, but, this time they have to put him down for good, “clear the field.” Folks, “the Democracy” is coming to USA, soon enough. It’s all coming here, as I wrote even in 2021. They will eventually HAVE to take a mad shot at “clearing the field.” (You’ve seen nothing yet.) No, I won’t be near DC when it happens. You smug DC-area RINO’s (incl. the top, top RINO lawyer who told me to just give up & get vaxxed) reading me & laughing… can “Save this Tweet.”

In other news, in this SHORT feature, we have:


But, first:

A college-age reader-donor wants to see more Borscht Reich bodies. He wants to hike the sum of KIA’s within the Reich’s 66,000 Great Counter-Suck-Fensive “losses” (dead and wounded) figure announced by Russia’s Defense Minister.

He insisted the wounded-to-killed ratio MUST be 2:1… not the correct (roughly) 4:1.

(If it’s 2:1, he can jerk off to 22,000 dead. With 4:1, only 13,200, no play.)

My response, in the comments:

2:1 across an entire war zone, on either side, is UNHEARD-OF in modern warfare. That is a pre-20th century ratio, when surgeons did not even wash their hands, and there was not enough disinfectant (or none at all)… let alone, antibiotics, or sterile gauze… and the wounded (and others) would die from drinking untreated swamp water, etc.

For today, 2:1 is ludicrous, laughable.

Didn’t hear back from him, LOL.

Bloodthirsty motherfucker!

Now, excuse me while I go collect material for my next edition (which you can support here) of WARRRRRR-PORRRRRN!!!

An October 1st deadline has been announced for all Borscht Reich women working in the medical field—doctors, nurses, even pharmacists—to register with their respective local draft office.

Of course, this will be enforced through employers.

Upon registration, these women will (like all men aged 16 to 60, since late February or March 2022) be unable to legally exit the Reich without special dispensation, which normally involves considerable rigmarole and a HEFTY BRIBE (if you can afford it.)

As part of the PR effort to let people know that woman are now fair game… and that it’s a good thing… they released this low budget but very slick, “I am Reich woman, hear me roar” propaganda video:


As for pharmacists…..


Dreizin supports Equal Opportunity.

What we REALLY need to see…..


All the WARRRR-porn I’ve been feeding you, is basically GAY porn—THERE ARE NO WOMEN. This blog has become GAYER than Obama’s spouse locked inside a San Francisco bathhouse mop closet with Lindsay Graham. (But, you can still give me money, here.)

What we NEED…..

… dead soldier broads with their shredded brains strewn about, in the summer heat, with solid white coats of fat writhing maggots, feasting on the liquefying fat of their bloat-burst D-cups.

THAT would be Equal Opportunity.

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