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Got a YUUUUUGE piece here about the upcoming Caucasus war.

But first…..

Another offering of the Dreizin Institute of Applied Political Science.

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The subject of this one:

That Republicans are NOT an opposition party at the Federal level… all comes down to their FUNDRAISING. And, this WILL NOT change (until or unless, everything else changes.)

Sure, it sounds “obvious”, but who is talking about it???

And, mega-concisely, in 15 minutes?


As usual, you’ll hear some thoughts that were on this blog previously… but, I expound and add to them considerably.

This is about a week old, still current, but also a bit dated, as now they’ve also told the AMERICAN ambassador to leave.

Somehow, I imagine zim/zer is more likely to oblige, than the French one. But, who knows?

Please listen below:

(Audio file duration: 4:52.)

If you look up “History of Azerbaijan”, “Azerbaijani people”, “Origin of Azerbaijani people”, etc., on Wikipedia, there is no definite, coherent explanation as to the ethnogenesis.

How did Turkic speakers come to live in such large numbers in the south Caucasus and northwest Iran?  It’s glossed over, not adequately explained.  Like, “We think, and we assume….”

What I gather from Wikipedia, the Azeris (who write these entries) believe they are some nebulous mix of “left behind” Seljuk Turks from the 11th century migration to Anatolia, and the Turkic soldiers within the Mongol army that came to rule the Caucasus from Baku.

It’s sloppy, not convincing. It sounds like they are fooling themselves.

Well, Fauci also probably writes his own biography on Wikipedia.

Until circa 1600, the territory now comprising the state of Azerbaijan, and northwest Iran, was likely still majority-inhabited by Indo-Iranians, primarily (not exclusively but primarily) Armenians in what’s now Azerbaijan, and Iranians in northwest Iran.

The entire southeast Caucasus (all of what is now Azerbaijan, at least as far north as Derbent in Russian Dagestan, and what’s now the state of Armenia) had been alternately Iranian-controlled or Iranian allied/tributary, for many centuries.

(Armenia typically bounced between Rome/Constantinople and Iran.)

Circa 1600, Iran was under a long-ruling, ethnic Turkic dynasty called the Safavids.

(Some Azeris claim the Safavids to have been Azeri, which is nonsense, as the word “Azeri” didn’t even exist at the time.)

By that time, for over a century, the Turkic Shahs and/or their local (Caucasus) Turkic allies who lorded over largely non-Turkic populations, had been steadily bringing in (from Central Asia) Turks like them, to colonize northwest Iran and what are now Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The single biggest wave was around 1620, when tribes from (modern-day) Uzbekistan, numbering supposedly 300,000, were settled in what is now the country of Azerbaijan and parts of Armenia. 

This was presumably to provide for a loyal (to the Turkic Shahs) population in this Iranian – Anatolian border area.

Roughly the same thing happened, at roughly the same time, in northwest Iran.

The above, are KNOWN FACTS.

Beyond the known facts, we are left to speculate as to the consequences of such a great migration into such a relatively small area, within such a short time.

In my view, this many foreign colonists at one time, in an already-settled area, must have been a genocidal undertaking. 

Keep in mind, populations were much smaller then.  The sudden wave of immigrants would have been comparable, perhaps even almost equal, to the size of the native population, similar to the Anglo-Saxons invading post-Roman Britain. 

In general, it’s likely that many natives were, if not killed, then driven off their farmsteads into starvation and ignominious death. 

In any case, on all relevant entries on Wikipedia—all written or heavily-edited by Azeris—the 17th century migration is COMPLETELY IGNORED.

I think that says a lot.

Of course, the 17th century colonists must have taken many of the native women, because within a short historical span, the colonists’ descendants came to look like Anatolian Turks (very roughly the same story there), Iranians, or any Caucasian or east Mediterranean people. 

I venture, this was the ethnogenesis of the Azeris of northwest Iran and Azerbaijan. In the 17th century.

In any case… Between that time, and the Bolshevik Revolution, Turkic speakers in present day Azerbaijan remained a backward, almost exclusively rural population. 

The one truly major town in what came to be Soviet Azerbaijan, Baku, which had once served as the seat of regional Mongol authority, remained dominated by Armenians, Caucasus Jews, probably also some Iranians and Dagestani peoples.  Later, Russians and Russian Jews moved in as well. 

The predatory Russian Empire broke off several pieces of Iran in the 19th century.  One of these came to be Soviet Azerbaijan, the other, Tajikistan. 

The Russian/Soviet piece of Azerbaijan is simply what Russia managed to break off.  The majority of Azeris (as they came to be called) live across the border in Iran, and still speak more-or-less the same language. 

(BTW, Iran’s supreme poo-bah, Khamenei, is Azeri on his father’s side.)

After WW2, Iran’s Azeris briefly rose up, and their chieftain supposedly asked to join the USSR.  But Stalin was a cautious dude, and his state was busy enough, rebuilding itself as well as building China and North Korea.

Incidentally, when the Bolshevik Revolution came to Baku, the city was the most “cosmopolitan” and economically developed (accounting for close to 100% of Russia’s oil industry) in the entire Caucasus. 

Almost all local revolutionaries were Armenian, Russian, Jewish, or Georgian. Their armed force was Armenian.

24 of 26 members of the original Baku Soviet, later chased out, and executed by Whites in Central Asia… were NOT Azeri.

(And, the only time local Azeris got the upper hand before the Red Army finally moved in, was with direct Turkish intervention.)

This gives you an idea as to how relatively few Azeris lived in Baku.  Or, perhaps, how little they mattered.

Under Soviet rule, the rural population was somewhat lifted up, made literate, and to some extent urbanized, such that by 1991, there was a large Azeri majority in the city, with an entirely Soviet-created, Azeri secular “intelligentsia”, where none whatsoever had existed before.

In short, the USSR created the state of Azerbaijan, which did NOT have its own history like Armenia or Georgia.

However, Azeris counted for very little in the USSR.

Coming from a low cultural level (prior to the Revolution), unlike Armenia and Georgia, they produced no major names for Soviet culture or industry.  Certainly, there were people of local talent, but they did not make it on the national stage.

CRUCIALLY, Azeris were not as successful in the Soviet Army. (This came to matter later, keep reading.)

Baku was one of the seats of armed rebellion against the USSR in late 1990 to early 1991, although in the USA, it got much less attention than Lithuania.

As in many other parts of the USSR (even Russia itself), the revolt was led by various local “democratic reformers.”

Azeri politics were finally stabilized by a former local KGB boss and USSR Politburo member, last name Aliev.  His son is still ruling the country, 30 years later.

Sadly, the period (from 1988) leading up to Independence, was accompanied by huge pogroms against Armenians living in all Azerbaijani cities.

These were essentially a continuation of very bloody, communal violence in 1918, which had been suppressed by the Soviets.

Several hundred thousand Armenians were driven out, destitute, into Armenia, or Russia.  Almost no Armenians remained, the country was cleansed. 

A process begun circa 1500AD, was completed.

(There were Azeri “righteous gentiles” who helped shelter Armenians, BTW.)

The one place were Armenians were able to make a stand, in fact, starting in 1988… was in Nagorno-Karabakh. It was Karabakh’s desire to join with Armenia, which probably triggered the first pogroms.

This was a small, highly “mixed” area within the Azerbaijan SSR, similar in principle to pre-1992 Bosnia.

Karabakh’s majority Armenian population, and its proximity to Armenia, as well as the Azeris’ lack of substantive military experience (Armenians did much better in the Soviet Army)….. 

…..all led to Azerbaijan’s loss of the region…..

…..and the expulsion of 25,000 Azeris.

Since then, returning Karabakh—and its former Azeri residents or their descendants to their ancestral homes—has been a national priority for Azerbaijan. 

In fact, it has been the MAIN, perhaps SOLE, ideological justification of the Aliev monarchy. 

Azeris are not zombies, there have been large protests, but what’s GUARANTEED, is they will almost all snap to attention, whenever someone starts talking about reclaiming national pride in Karabakh, blah blah.

It’s a tribal thing. 

(Like “Democrats” and “Republicans.” The brains turn off.)

Since the 1990s, Russia has sold weapons to both sides, it was a military stalemate for decades. 

Baku had much more money (thanks to lots of oil and gas), and bought more weapons, but its military leadership was useless, no good. 

Israel, and then Turkey, broke the stalemate. 

Starting around 2007, Israel began courting Azerbaijan as an “Israeli airstrip and refueling station” for potential bombing of Iranian nuclear sites. 

(You see, unlike the USA, Israel has no planes that can fly 3000km round-trip without refueling.)

Almost immediately, AIPAC, with its ears to the ground, sent a delegation of some of its board and top donors, to meet with Aliev’s son and his wife.  They were given a command performance at the national opera hall or whatever, and a tour of the (formerly) Jewish quarter of Baku. 

(I read about this in AIPAC’s public newsletter, it happened just before I worked there, I’m NOT disclosing anything.)

Quietly, Israel and Azerbaijan became allies. 

To prevent another Holocaust…..

Israel sold Azeris what they needed…..

… fight what remained of a small nation…..

…..that had suffered the first modern genocide.

(Yes, Israel does what it needs to survive, but as with ANY other country that tends to be in the news, ITS SHIT STINKS TO THE HEAVENS AND INTO OUTER SPACE.)

(Also, of course, Uncle Sam held off on “democracy support” in Azerbaijan.  Europe wanted—and got—Azeri gas, which helped to diversify from Russia.  So, the Alievs always got a pass. No one talks about “Democracy” in Azerbaijan, the way they talked about it in Georgia and now Armenia. Soros and the U.S. State Department never much bothered Azerbaijan.)

Later, Erdogan’s “neo-imperial” Turkey stepped in, taking over all planning, doctrine, organization, etc. for the Azeri air force, which soon included, and in fact, became largely….. 


By 2020, when the younger Aliev launched a war to retake Karabakh, the Azeri side—with Turkish “advisors” likely running the show—had many Turkish as well as perhaps several hundred Israeli surveillance and purpose-built kamikaze drones (the world’s best) in stock. 

It was the first drone war. 

Armenia and Karabakh had no drones, and their air defenses were sparse.  Such as these were, they were largely of the sort intended to identify, target, and bring down full-size aircraft, not drones. 

The initial Azeri advance did VERY poorly, but eventually, the Karabakh army (closely related to, but separate from the Armenian army) was overwhelmed by drones hitting its hardware and anywhere that its soldiers gathered. 

Karabakh fought a “real” war.

The Turks mostly played a video game.

The Turks won. 

(Russia learned NOTHING from this, and paid a price in 2022.) 

What saved Karabakh from total liquidation…..

…..was the Azeri downing of a Russian helicopter, on a routine surveillance mission, just inside Armenia’s official border. 

Putin stepped in and forced Aliev to accept Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh. 

Karabakh’s capital, and some disjointed areas, remained under local Armenian (Karabakh government) administration.

The Russians were to ensure that, among other things, Armenians, and their goods, could get from Point A to Point B. 

On a larger scale, Russia had to freeze the war, so as to “maintain credibility as a regional broker“…..

…..and, to avoid violence between Armenian and Azeri citizens of Russia (each at up to 2.0 million)….. 

…..especially as Russia’s Azeris are well-known for a very high degree of organization, and thus, predictably, a tightknit pushy aggressiveness… which often involves hooliganism and youth violence (assaults and street fights, etc.), as the young men know their successful elders—or the entire communi-TAY—will hire the best lawyers and/or bribe the police.

Aliev had other plans.

Of course, he’s not done. 

As soon as Russia got tied up with the Ukraine, groups of young, fit, mostly male, Azeri “environmental activists” began aggressively challenging Russian checkpoints, harassing the Russians, going toe to toe, psychological warfare, nasty. 

Also, blocking the roads themselves, wherever they left like. 

Baku’s army also popped up here and there, where it wasn’t supposed to be, forcing the Russians to play a peaceful but TENSE game of whack-a-mole. 

Basically, trying to wear them out. 

(Aliev also began selling munitions to the Ukraine, not a whole lot, but enough to get on Uncle Sam’s good side.) 

As you can see, it’s Vlad “My Word Is Gold” Putin…..

…..with his dick stuck in the Ukraine….. 

…..versus a sketchy, aggressive haggler from some eastern bazaar, presumably a long-lost brother of Turkey’s Sultan Erdogan. 

(Stereotypes exist for a reason.) 

Today, Armenia’s “Quisling” government, with a security cabinet of Soros program graduates, with only minority (public) support, but without a coherent, functional opposition, is preparing to give up Karabakh, swing away from Russia, and become a joint protectorate of the U.S. and Turkey. 

(The “signaling” has been INTENSE. They even just sent their president’s wife to “deliver aid” and shake hands with Zelensky at some “mental health conference” (LOL) in the Ukraine.)

This surrender will very likely involve an AZERI-CONTROLLED land corridor (on “mainland” Armenian territory) to Azerbaijan’s Nakhichevan enclave and Turkey… as well as expelling Russian forces from their longtime base in Giumri.

The Azeris have already painted their versions of Russia’s famous “letters” on their military vehicles, it’s ALL OUT IN THE OPEN.

The Final Triumph of the Turks in the south Caucasus, and the final (really final, this time) solution to the Armenian Question….. 

…..seems to be at hand.

(Unless, something changes RADICALLY.)

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