YUUUUGE mistake to start the impeachment stuff now

Folks, we’ve got something for everyone, today. Even a sex scandal. The headline piece is further below, but for now, let’s just say, setting the impeachment stuff in motion, when it looks like we’re about to have the MOST SPECTACULAR (and totally fake) economic growth figure since possibly the 1950s (oh, you missed that? Dreizin will clue you in)… is just DUMB!!!

This is not the right time, it smells like a set-up.

ALSO, at bottom, I have another premium offering for you, “Premium Edition #4”, which is actually TWO separate audio files, totaling likely (still being edited now)around 33 minutes!!! Frankly, all my stuff is good, but this new material is just mind-blowing, IMHO. Again, at bottom.

One thing I can tell you now, after some thought, going forward, I’m moving ALL of my Ukraine war “deep news/analysis” into the premium format. NONE of it will be free any more. I will still dump on the “Body Count Retards”, and do some other, cursory features, on this blog. But, that’s it. Even the WARRR-PORRRRN will only resume, if Manny can figure out how to put it behind a paywall. (In which case, I’d give free, anonymous access to the DC-area folks and other VIP’s.)

Fact is, at least in the English language, I’m the world’s BEST at this stuff. I wrote about the “manpower problems”, in great detail, last December, up through February, and in fact, even as early as FEBRUARY 2022. Around that time (Feb 2023), I also called attention to Uncle Sam’s partial outsourcing of unpopular (with Republicans) Borscht Reich aid, in part to the IMF (which is Uncle Sam, just with a cover.) I said (in an audio) this past April, the Counter-Suck-Fensive had NO CHANCE because of a munitions deficit. Ahead of the MSM’s joyous headlines, I told you exactly what was going on with Russia’s collapse and retreat from east Kharkov last September, even as other “alt analysts” choked, couldn’t believe it. (Larry Johnson said it was no big deal, a planned withdrawal from an irrelevant area, while the “New Atlas” clown smugly told you, no way, it’s impossible.)

I wrote early this year, that Reich drone and missile attacks on Crimea, the entire front, and Donetsk and Lugansk rear areas, are based on precise targeting information from the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and, that U.S. surveillance drone flights near Crimea and (prior to that) Snake Island, are used to collect information on Russian air defense movements, frequencies, etc., so as to establish windows of opportunity for Reich attacks. (I wrote, this makes the USA a DIRECT PARTY to the war.) The MSM caught up to at least the targeting part, a month or two later. Of course, it’s still happening.

Sometime last year, I wrote that the Pentagon has a monitoring center that tracks both Reich and Russian force movements 24/7/365, such that the U.S. has TOTAL VISIBILITY and can interject its own two cents as needed, whenever needed. Well, lo and behold, the MSM just picked that up:

To quote Rod Blagojevich, “I’ve got this thing, and it’s fucking golden.” Why keep giving it away, for free, to freeloading diarrhea? Or even to someone who donates just $5/year, and figures we’re even? That’s like investing hundreds of millions of dollars to build and open a gold mine… just so you can hand out buckets of gold nuggets to passer-by.

Nope, done with that.

If that’s the ONLY thing you were ever here for, and you don’t want to pay… then, piss off now.

Yeah… it’s gotta be Lira.

A few days ago, I learned that my son’s first-grade teacher, more recently a “special ed” instructor at a high school in the same district, had been arrested in April for taking “indecent liberties”, over a four-month span, with a student with learning disabilities, presumably one of her charges.

That’s about all the detail available. You can look up “Allieh Kheradmand“, you won’t find much else. (Although, based on language and context, and what they charged her with, it’s clear the relationship was consensual, the kid’s no vegetable.)

We’re near Washington, DC, but she was even mentioned in the New York Post, as she was one of six female teachers to be arrested nationwide for this type of thing, over a two-day period—quite a streak, newsworthy.

Some website in PAKISTAN even mentioned her, perhaps they figured she’s close enough to them somehow (her family is Iranian.)

She’s still in jail, five months later, “held without bond”, like some violent offender, pending trial, no news, nothing since April.

For some perspective…..

Our “Soros-appointed” county prosecutor goes easy on shoplifters etc., and even gave a break to an 18 year-old who killed two pedestrian high school girls, and maimed one more, near my house, zooming his BMW, in broad daylight, estimated at 81mph in a 35mph zone—last name “Shahid” (martyr), go figure.

The killings happened within 200 meters of two daycare establishments, fronting that same road. He hit a legit turning car at an intersection, which then barreled into the girls.

As the police did not arrest him on the scene, he then DISAPPEARED, hid somewhere…..

…..(could have left the city or state, or, his parents could have lied and said he’s not home when the police came to serve a warrant, I don’t know)…..

…..then materialized and turned himself in, 16 DAYS LATER…..


…..(pending a late July 2023 trial)…..

…..on an ***UNSECURED*** BOND (that is, at no cost, if he shows up to the trial.)

According to the victims’ camp, on June 1, 2023, “Soros” told the victims’ families, who had already waited almost 12 months since the killings…..

…..that (after thinking it over real, real hard and slow, for those 12 months)… the state might NOT, after all, seek jail time, as it would be a shame to ruin the young man’s life.

Since then, the trial has been DELAYED, until… who knows?

Clearly, Shahid must have been offered a lenient plea deal, why go to trial? And, the state probably wants a bench trial (judge-only.) They want to work something out.

Word is, he’s from a rich family (you know, an 18 year-old driving a BMW)… and that means, lawyers. Presumably, they’ll argue that it was the fault of the turning car’s driver.

(We all have our own “community stories” such as this, don’t we? I’ve got more, but this is the only one with fatalities. What’s amazing, with all this “Democracy” we’re told we have, they still can’t administer justice to the rich in this country—never did, never will. (The only states that ever administered more or less equal justice, were the totalitarian socialist ones, during their “Stalinist” periods.) And, lately, we have an OUT-OF-STATE billionaire (who made most of his money OUTSIDE of the USA), and soon his son and heir, buying LOCAL positions SPECIFICALLY in pursuit of an ideology of law non-enforcement. What’s the point of all this “Democracy”, then?)

Well, it’s nice to know, if nothing else, Soros takes teacher-student sex seriously.

The teacher’s mugshot, for a mugshot, does not look bad at all. (Again, it’s a mugshot.) I recall, she was pretty good looking, with a certain quiet dignity.

She’s older (33) and “healthier” now, but, with makeup and nice hair, she could still EASILY land any single, available man, at least, for a fling or an overnight.

(Not saying she will definitely get a follow-up call. No stupid comments about how your taste is so refined, please. I know your curious ass just googled her, or is about to. Yeah, sure, you’re married to a supermodel. Get outta here! You’re a 50 year-old virgin, don’t pretend.)

If the kid is of high school age, it’s hardly “pedophilia”… but, why poach at work??? What the hell was she thinking???


Sure, there are stories of hoe-moe coaches or whatever, groping boys…..

…..but the LAST time I heard of a MALE teacher having a true “sexual relationship” with a student…..

…..it was in a song by The Police.

It’s been a while, finally catching up on this.

Someone here mentioned, Mercouris was blathering something like, why would Putin kill Prigozhyn, it doesn’t make sense, it must have been someone else.

Well, don’t quote me. But that’s the word, as I recall it, from one of my fans who still watches Mercouris. Perhaps he “heard” something that wasn’t quite there, but, it sounds about right, to me.

(I imagine Johnson and Ritter carried the same tune.)

Folks, let me clue you in…..

In Russia… outside of a tiny communi-TAY of Wagner cultists (and it IS a cult)…..

The pirate thug Prigozhyn’s memory has been DEEP-SIXED already.

All “loyalist” / patriotic pundits and commentators, stopped talking about him and his plane crash, within 36 hours of it happening.

Was it a bomb, was it a missile?

Are Ukrainian agents now targeting VIP aircraft in Russia??????

Today, in Russia, NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW.


Has there been a press conference, or even just an official press release from the Department of Air Safety or whatever? How’s the investigation going?

I have no idea. I’ve heard nothing.

All of this… tells you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

BTW, my webmaster, audiovisual editor, email system manager, and general mentor and advisor, Manny, thinks I’ve been needlessly harsh with these types. Like, I could have been invited back, grown my audience, but instead I’ve burned bridges.

I had to explain to him…..

Even WITHOUT me dumping on anyone…..



Yeah, it’s hard to be an “everything expert”… but I also know “voters” better than do some top politicians. Why?

I understand “political psychology.”

My original, mailing list readers (from early 2021) will recall, I wrote that Ted Cruz’s bullshit about January 6th being another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 or whatever, would BURY his hope for any “higher office”… and perhaps even his Senate reelection prospects… because the shock would fade, and Team Brandon would fuck something up…..

…..and most Republicans (except for a few RINOs)… and most independents / swing voters… would view things differently in a few years, and be more open to considering “the fraud”, or at least, not care anymore.

And, that’s how it’s shaping up.

Cruz isn’t retired yet (we’ll see how that goes), but he’s now irrelevant, nobody cares about what he says. It’s like he doesn’t exist.

Best legal mind in the Senate? LOL. I don’t know anything about legal.

In all other respects… Ted Cruz is a DUMBASS.

He got HUGELY played by fear and “the spirit of the moment.”

Like a child.

Should have talked to Dreizin.

Moving on…..

I recorded the below audio, the day BEFORE Kevin “deer in the headlights” McCarthy opened his “impeachment inquiry” (or whatever) into Brandon.

No, it’s not an impeachment, but for your average “heard something on the radio while driving to work” chump, it’s almost the same thing.

They are making a potentially very big mistake.

Yes, I am taking a risk, publishing this, the night BEFORE the Atlanta Federal Reserve, updates its famous GDPNow estimate, presently (as of late Wednesday) still at 5.6% growth for the third quarter.

Do I think Thursday’s estimate will fall much below the current (updated on September 8th) one? I’m guessing, not. In which case, the big headline figure next month, may very well be in line with the Atlanta number… as the quarterly headlines TEND to be.

But, we shall soon see.

Please listen, below.

(Audio file duration: 7:15)

Kyle Bass is a hedge funder (or something like that) who made tons of money, betting against mortgage bonds, prior to “The Great Financial Crisis.”

Since then, he has been betting against China.

Seems like, that’s ALL he’s been doing.

For 13 or 14 years.

I imagine, he’s lost GOBS of money, doing it.

People who follow him, have lost money.

He’s evidently PISSED OFF about that.

His Twitter page (275,000 followers), is all China bad, China evil, China doing poorly, all the time.

Barely anything else on there.

It’s like, he goes to bed, closes his eyes, and sees China.


His material is a little smarter than, for example, the “Look at this empty Starbucks in Beijing!!! It used to be crowded!!!” hoax… whereby someone took a photo of a Starbucks before opening time (probably Sunday mid-morning), and other photos in that vein, and it got around the Internet.

And that’s where we go deeper, into Bass’ one-track-minded rage disease.

Look at this:


I don’t doubt that’s accurate…..

But, guess what?

It’s almost the same picture in the USA!!!

In 2022, U.S. IPO volume TANKED!!!

It has continued to decline in 2023.

It’s all about interest rates. NOTHING to do with “communism”, jeez louise.

Folks, ALMOST EVERYTHING out there, is disinformation (or, just false.)

This is why I’ve told you, and I’m telling you again:

You don’t need ANY other news/views sources, than Dreizin.

Dreizin WILL NOT steer you wrong.

Now, as far as where China is going, there’s always a crash, but it may not be today, you know? And, if/when it happens, it will TANK German exports, send the dollar into OUTER SPACE, bring down Europe… and bring down A LOT of other countries, which will, in many cases, involve widespread deprivation… and violence. It’s NOT just about China. With high-level financial experience… you’d have to be a HATRED-WARPED LUNATIC not to see that.

I’m changing the “coffee” value to $4.00, and will send TWO “premium” audio messages (totaling, very roughly, 33 minutes in duration) to every email address associated with a new “donation” to me of at least $20.00, that is made between now and Sunday, September 17th, at 8:30pm U.S. Eastern Time. (No laggards, no exceptions, sorry and thank you.)

The subjects are as follows:

**Audio 1**

Responding to my last premium, a reader wrote: “Okay, sure. But that all just begs the question: where does “the agenda” come from, how does it get set and by whom, and what is its ultimate purpose?”

Folks, the answer is multipart, but simple. No, it’s not the Jews or Masons. It’s much, much more MUNDANE. I break it down for you, to include, explaining WHY the Democrats embraced the tranny BS… and in fact, why they HAD to embrace it.

**Audio 2**

NO ONE but Dreizin has noticed, “they” are now playing the same “shell game” with military aid to the Reich, as they’ve done since January (if not earlier) with financial aid for the Reich. Yes, slippery!!!

I go into that, and even more so, why the Reich is NOT on track to equip additional “strike groups” on par with the ones that existed as of early June, before the losses of the last 100+ days; doesn’t matter how many more men they draft. This time, I branch out from manpower and munitions to focus on… combat vehicles (also, cannons.) In line with that, I talk about how I’m seeing many more “combat pickup trucks” (LOL) in Reich soldier-made videos.

Again, please don’t blame me if the message goes to your spam or social folders. What you should do, now, if you haven’t already, is add jacob@dreizinreport.com to your list of trusted contacts. If you still don’t see my email, a few days after handing over the money, write to me directly.  (Don’t sound off in the comments.)  Please don’t email me to complain that you have not received it immediately. It’s not an automated process. I will send out the product on a roughly once-daily basis, as the interest comes in.

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