Open-source flight tracker websites have shown at least 7 military cargo flights (IL-76 aircraft) from Israel to Azerbaijan since end of August. They are stocking up like mad on Israeli drones. Likely reason for invasion delay is… Iran. Azeri side has pushed for Iranian non-intervention, even hosting a high-level Iranian army delegation to “inspect” something or other. Iranian red line (restated at recent meeting of Iran & Turk foreign ministers) is Azeri movement into (south) Armenia “proper” (not unrecognized Karabakh) so as to establish corridor to Nakhichevan & Turkey, w/ effect of providing Turkey a direct route to border w/ Iranian E. & W. Azerbaijan provinces, while cutting Iran’s land access to entire Caucasus incl. Armenia, Georgia, & Russia. Problem for Azeris, there’s little sense in re-launching war to retake Karabakh w/o ALSO moving for Armenian total knockout & link-up w/ Turkey (which might be legitimized post-facto by Armenian surrender treaty to “allow” [recognize] Azeri/Turkish access & security control while maintaining Armenian “sovereignty” over the land) while GLOBOHOMO’s attention still glued to Russia-Ukraine. (Note how USA has **IGNORED** Azeri hereditary monarchy’s plans to attack kinda-sorta “democratic”, West-pivoting Armenia… presumably due to extreme need for Turkish weapons/munitions for the Ukraine.)

In other news:

Yes, I confirm 100%, General Surovikin has been tasked with leading the decolonization drive in Africa. The effort will now be visioned, directed, coordinated at higher levels than “just” some mercenary company.

Africa, of course, is the “soft underbelly” of France and the entire “golden billion”, with its resources, including oil, uranium, and (who’d have imagined!!! my goodness!!!) LITHIUM, being taken for granted but desperately needed. If Russia can umbrella these countries and redirect their resources to China, it’s potentially GAME OVER.

I guess this is what you’d call, asymmetric warfare.

It’s no surprise that Surovikin was recently spotted in Algeria, as Algeria, Russia’s top arms buyer and ally in Africa, is the “gateway” (literally, see the map) to Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso.

It’s widely assumed in Russia that “Rocket Boy’s” visit has opened the floodgates for North Korean artillery and munitions sales/aid to Russia, in exchange for future Russian aircraft deliveries and modernization of existing North Korean aircraft.

In line with this, it is further widely assumed that Russia will receive many KN-25 launch platforms, and missiles for them.

The KN-25 is either the world’s highest-caliber AND longest-range MLRS, or the world’s ONLY multi-launch short range ballistic missile platform, depending on whom you ask. It’s accuracy is unknown, but is believed to have been upgraded beyond mere inertial guidance.

So much for the U.S. ATACMS? Perhaps a day late, a dollar short.

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