Just a matter of time before U.S. State Media are “cleared” to declare: Ukr Great Counter-Suck-Fensive is not “still progressing slowly” (LOL)… it is OVER, ***NO FURTHER ATTEMPTS TO ADVANCE ON ANY FRONT***; Russian advance in the north has also ceased.  Ukr strike forces raised December 2022 – April 2023 are completely exhausted. Ukr losses since June 4th (60%+ of casualties are from “elite” or “first echelon” ground maneuver units or “special forces” type units or detachments) are **at least** 11,250 dead; **at least** 45,000 wounded (of whom at least 9000 have been or will be invalided out); ~1150 prisoners; unknown thousands of deserters. Gear destroyed, captured (net of working captures from Russia), or damaged beyond economical repair, is as follows: **At least** 550 fighting vehicles – **at least 90 artillery pieces** (incl. direct-fire guns & mortar carriers / self-propelled mortars) – 15-20 air defense launch vehicles of various sizes & ranges – **at least** 25 counterbattery radars, air defense radar stations, jamming stations, or command/comms vans; hundreds more vehicles in repair yards, “parking lots”, or still sitting where they were abandoned, many w/ unclear prospects as regards parts as well as availability of facilities and staff; ***23 to 27 manned aircraft destroyed***; 100+ army-grade cargo trucks (some from NATO) destroyed. Lastly, ENTIRE “available excess supply” of NATO country heavy-duty mineplows and tracked recovery vehicles was sent to the Ukr, & most have been lost.

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