Dreizin on the last 90 years of Democrat censorship (& “New York State circling the drain”, & much else)… AND, NEW “PREMIUM” OFFER

For those who didn’t see my chat with Jim Kunstler on “Coffee and a Mike(it’s been on my Twitter for some days), please see below. 

The pure intro chitchat ends at around 3:25.  The “history lesson” (which touches on the origin of the “Fairness Doctrine”) from Professor Dreizin, is at 9:40 to 21:05. If you don’t have time for the full hour-plus, watch at least that.


A correction, to how Mike conveyed my Yoo-krayne prediction.

(He’s one of my biggest fans, so if he heard or remembered it wrong, others must have, as well.)

No, I never said the war will end on January 1st, because GLOBOHOMO runs out of munitions then.

I said the munitions shortage will come to a head, sometime between February and April 2024.

At that point, and for some months thereafter, there will be a GAP, during which GLOBOHOMO essentially runs out of its own munitions (it can keep finagling some from Turkey, Pakistan, etc., but still not nearly enough)…..

…..but WELL BEFORE it is able to sufficiently ramp up its own production, to keep its 51st state afloat.

During that gap, GLOBOHOMO will NOT be able to hold back a Russian advance.

Something, somewhere, will crumble.

At that point, the war will either end, or, take on “another format”, transforming into a long series of retreats and embarrassments.

But in any case, it will be “decided” by early next spring.

(All Russians “in the know” understand this, but, as far as I can deduce, their “guidance” from the Kremlin—yes, there is guidance from the Kremlin—is to talk about a long war (which it could be, in some format), and not to get peoples’ hopes up, prematurely.)

That is, if the roof doesn’t come down first. I can’t fail to mention, “smart and influential people” in Russia (no, you won’t find this online, this is why you read Dreizin) are already talking about the potential for a Second Pandemic. Although, they DON’T anticipate anything BEFORE mid-2024.

Yes, you just read what you think you read.

“For what it’s worth”, you know?

Rand Paul was on Fox News, saying he doesn’t want to fund the Ukraine anymore, because, although Russia is worse, the Ukraine does bad things, such as, raid churches and arrest priests.


Look, I know you must preface all “dissident thoughts” on this topic, with, “Russia is bad, BUT…..”

Of course, nothing against the senator.


Show me the last church that was raided in Russia.

Show me the last priest who was arrested in Russia.

Show me where Russia has closed its borders, such that males aged 16 to 60 (and now, even, some females) can’t get outat least, not without paying a hefty bribe (and sometimes, not even then, if the cash didn’t get spread around correctly.)


It can go on, for as long as the regime thinks the benefits of bringing in all these potential long-term Democrat voters, outweigh the short-term electoral risks (that is, Democrat voters and “soccer moms” in certain areas, deciding they’ve had it with illegals in their schools and neighborhoods.)

Other than that…..

Where is the interest group CONSTITUENCY to close the border?

As always, there is none.

Latest talking points from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (as reliably carried in the Wall Street Journal) are that immigrants (legal or illegal, they don’t care) will help us achieve a “soft landing” (avoiding a sharp recession) by… (pay attention!) pushing down “wage pressure”… so that, I guess, companies don’t have to fire so many workers, when demand turns down.

Well, that’s the story, anyway!

Don’t like it?

OK, what do YOU got?

What’s YOUR pull?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

My latest premium audio file, about Uncle Sam’s Iran oil seizures, but not only…..

…..is a joint production of the Dreizin Center for Constitutional Law…..

…..the Dreizin Institute for Treaty Law…..

…..the Dreizin Alliance for the Preservation of Schwarzenegger Action Films…..

…..and the Dreizin Rainbow Community Action League for Export Controls

Yes, it’s that unique. “Iran oil seizures”, barely scratches the surface. More mind-blowing stuff, only from Dreizin.

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