***Further blows to Armenia on deck; State Dept spokesman admits GLOBOHOMO looking for a deal on Zangezur/Siunik corridor.***  Armenia (with its projection of “we will not fight”) in deep trouble as Azerbaijan leader, having taken Karabakh, skips no beat, talks publicly about unfairness of Soviet borders leaving Azerbaijan’s Nakhichevan exclave (which Turkey’s Erdogan just visited!) separated from the country by a small piece of Armenia.  Amid campaign of anti-Russian propaganda in its state media, Armenian “Soros program graduate” government had assumed GLOBOHOMO will protect Armenia from “NATO ally” Turkey and its junior partner and military assistance project, Azerbaijan.  Yes, GLOBOHOMO intended to make of Armenia “another Georgia”, as U.S. ambassador to Armenia (appointed in February) was previously #2 at the Kiev embassy.  HOWEVER, intents have been overtaken by events.  As many thousands of Armenians leave Karabakh every day, U.S. has said nothing beyond two short, very vague press releases.  ****MOREOVER, State Dept spokesman yesterday explicitly admitted that GLOBOHOMO is talking to Turkey about the land corridor, & looking to make Turkey happy.****  As I’ve written, this could involve Turk-Azeri control or “rights” to the land, while Armenia maintains “sovereignty.”  Reminder, GLOBOHOMO has a CRITICAL need for Turkish munitions (& weapons) for the Ukraine.  Turkey is **only** NATO country not yet disarmed by the war.  Turk-Azeris must press their advantage BEFORE the war concludes.

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