To the BLOCKHEADS who STILL don’t get what Dreizin is about…..

We’ll get to what Dreizin is about, soon.

I may have buried The Great Counter-Suck-Fensive prematurely. After a few (or more than a few) relatively quiet days, I called the end of it. Since then, it’s picked up again.

HOWEVER, it’s extremely limited in geographic scope, to just the Verbovoe-Rabotino sector in Zaporozhie, and near Bock-moot in north Donetsk.

As of now, there’s nothing much going on in west Donetsk (the original Counter-Suck-Fensive target as of early June), Kherson, Soledar-Belogorovka, or anywhere else.

At this point, if they want to “activate” Kherson or wherever, they’ll have to do it with reserves pulled at least in part from… Zaporozhie or near Bock-moot.

They just don’t have much “slack” left. They have very little slack left.

This CAN NO LONGER be considered a general offensive.

But, you know, GLOBOHOMO is invested in the Counter-Suck-Fensive narrative, and they won’t let go.

They have to just keep sucking.

Caution: Lots of dead chumps below. (Not “graphic”, but not for gentle souls.)

(Full disclosure, this is close to two weeks old, but it’s so good, I had to use it somehow. Seeing this kind of stuff, just, you know, makes me want to invite Lindsay Graham over, and we can touch ourselves, and, well, I’ll leave it at that.)

You couldn’t make this up.

Please listen, below:

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In this edition, among other things, I explain how the USA is… CONSTITUTIONALLY… a PIRATE NATION. No kidding!

I’m extending the deadline by two hours (to Wednesday, September 27th, at 10:30pm U.S. Eastern Time), as, realistically, I won’t be sending it out until that time.

My webmaster Manny, and another close friend, each separately mentioned or sent me something about Polish politicians, talking tough about migrants and immigration. It’s all BS. They’ve got an election in a few weeks.

The ruling party is trying to keep its “ultra-conservative” junior coalition partner from stealing its votes.

Here’s one example. I’m not sure, but it looks like this is a Polish member of the European Parliament. In which case, he’s useless, but, he is carrying his government’s party line. This is rich:


“Don’t give us this rubbish about the need of educated immigration… We don’t need your doctors, your engineers. Take them, take them all, and pay for them. We don’t need them.”

LOL. Sure, he doesn’t need any more doctors, because AFTER Poland lost thousands of doctors—and SEVERAL MILLION other workers—to the UK, France, etc., in the 2000’s…..

… SAVED itself by importing just as many (or more) Ukrainians after 2014.

There are now tens of thousands of Ukrainian doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, psychologists, etc. in Poland.

Some second- and third-tier Polish cities are now literally ONE-QUARTER “Ukrainian” (almost all of them, Russian-speaking, LOL. It’s a Russian invasion!)

Immigration gave Poland a new lease on life.

(Sure, it’s not Third World immigration. But, this guy is talking about doctors and engineers. I assume he DOES NOT mean Afghans, LOL.)

Of course, FEW of these people—and ALMOST NONE of the pre-2022 immigrants, specifically—want to ever go back to Uncle Sam’s 51st state.

If they have kids, their kids are in Polish schools, becoming Polish.

If any want to leave Poland, it’s only to move further west.

As for Poland’s present “spat” with the Ukraine…..

…..this is also about the election.

They’ve said they won’t give any more weapons to the Ukraine.

Yeah, duh, because they have nothing more to give!

They had nothing more to give, even a month ago, two months ago, LOL. They didn’t make a big deal of it, then, because the election was further away.

They will certainly make up with the Ukraine (to some extent) after their election.

P.S. Looking at the Twitter graphic: “One of the lowest debts in Europe” is… rich! When you receive around €11.4 billion a year in net transfer payments (over and above your contributions to the EU) from the EU… which covers or offsets TEN PERCENT of your state budget… not to mention, €1.5-1.6 billion a year in low-interest loans… it’s somewhat easier not to go into debt, no?

Folks, the below message may seem harsh, but my CONSCIENCE does NOT allow me to shave money off of people, without also trying to improve their critical thinking skills, and lead them into the light of truth. 

Unlike some of those “other guys”, I’m no huckster-bullshitter.  Even if it costs me (and it HAS cost me, HUGELY.) 

Please listen, below. 

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