Dreizin’s late night thoughts on New York’s Trump takedown: No trial, no jury, no defense is bad enough, but what’s even wackier… How do you place all of a company’s assets in receivership… when there’s no bad debts, no creditors calling??? What does it mean??? What’s the next step??? Will the judge force auctions… and then, who keeps the proceeds??? WE’RE BEYOND THE TWILIGHT ZONE. (Caution: Not scripted, not edited! As I said, late night thoughts.)

I’m not even getting into the judge claiming Trump’s Florida castle-club (on 20 acres) as being worth $18 million, certainly less than 10 percent of its market value. Of course, EVERY company that ever applied for a “credit facility” (loan) is GUILTY, if some “hanging judge on a mission” can go through every asset listed on its every credit application, and reevaluate (undervalue) it according to nothing more than his own whim, no outside expertise and no second opinion. But again, NOT getting into that.

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