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First, a few victory laps (and some “housekeeping.”)

Now that Virginia’s governor Youngkin is widely hyped as the last hope of the never-Trumpers (just google “Youngkin news”, if you didn’t already know), let’s remember what Dreizin wrote on ***AUGUST 23RD***.

See below. “Mr. Rogers”, of course, is Youngkin. Sure, the private equity executive-turned-half-term-governor hasn’t said he’s running… but he hasn’t said he’s NOT running.

Next up…..

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It’s come to my attention…..

The WORST consequence of sanctions on Russia…..

… that Russians, literally, cannot pay for my premium content.

As a humanitarian measure…..

I will henceforth send free premium content to anyone who fulfills the three below conditions **WITHIN 48 HOURS** (no exceptions) of publication of this here blog entry:

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(2) Within that email, certifies or attests to me, in writing, that they are not subject to personal sanctions from the U.S. Government.

(3) Within that email, answers, in writing—sensibly, adequately, and in perfect Russian—the following: Что, и у кого, с ебалом?

And now:

(Yeah, that’s a dude.)

The “Republicans for Ukraine” astroturf campaign…..

…..(itself an initiative of the never-Trumper “Defending Democracy Together” astroturf outfit)…..

…..which was created and funded to run ads during the Republican primary debates and on other Fox News programming…..

…..and is co-fronted by mercenary ever-goober Bill Kristol…..

… just burning money, reminiscent of the Lincoln Project.

Yes, they and the military-industrial complex understand that doing a one-party war may be “politically difficult.”  At least, it’s never been done (by the USA) before, not for long, or not successfully.  

(The only other try, was Iraq… and Obama left Iraq in a hurry, and today, the USA has almost no influence over Iraq.) 

That’s what this is about, obviously.  Avoiding a one-party war. 

However, public opinion doesn’t really matter anymore. 

For example, you can ignore the U.S. southern border, and… and nothing.  For another, all you need is the usual 40% floor for Brandon, and you can do anything, you can get him reelected (or any Democrat elected) if Republicans remain a divided mess, and Democrats win the infowar in the first 24 hours after the polls close. 

But, more to the message….

You can see the ad here.

(If you’d prefer a very short summary, Lords Of Acid summed it up best: “Trip is an LSD experience… High as on LSD.”)

It’s the military-industrial lobby talking points (same as what’s gone around on Capitol Hill) about what a great deal we’re getting, we don’t have to fight, we have this other country fighting for us, weakening Putin, it’s great.

OK, so what? 

Kristol doesn’t even know his own country. 

He certainly doesn’t know REPUBLICANS, because he never really was one.

Americans—especially, your traditional Republican rural/heartland apple pie patriot types, who are easily “jingo’ed”—have been CONDITIONED that all their wars are for FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.

These people were even told (by Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.), after 9/11, that “they attacked us for our Freedom”… and they BELIEVED it.

Yeah… NOT the brightest bulbs.

If there’s no Freedom and Democracy…..

…..they don’t get it. 

Weakening Putin, as some hegemonic-imperial game, who cares? 

It runs contrary to their PROGRAMMING. 

How can the USA fight a war (or close enough to it) that’s not for Democracy??? 

It doesn’t compute! 

Since World War 2, the USA has NOT waged any war, intervention, or occupation, or helped overturn an election or overthrow a government—at least, “publicly” as with the Ukraine 2004 or 2014—that was NOT justified by Freedom and Democracy. 

In a land such as Russia, wars can be justified by, “We need to keep the USA off of our borders.” 

In fact, “ordinary Russians” can see (if they want to, if they’re not plugged in to Voice Of America) what the U.S. did to the Ukraine, and how many Ukrainians moved to Russia after 2014… and are NOT moving back.  Most Russians just want to keep their jobs, pensions, etc.  The USA along their entire border is a wild card. NOT that everyone in Russia cares what goes on beyond their own smartphone screens, but for those who do, it’s much more “real.” 

For Americans, it’s not “real.”

The USA has NOT been threatened by foreign invasion, regime change, serious foreign interference, secession, etc., since the 19th century. 

Here, for your average putz, all that “global checkerboard stuff” is just a big football game. 

The U.S. had a “raw empire” phase during the Philippine Insurrection and the Banana Wars. 

There was a brief, high-falutin’ interventionist mania for the 19 months of U.S. involvement in “World War 1”, but it didn’t last. 

After World War 2, in the midst of a global ideological struggle….. 

…..U.S. hegemonic policy—typically, support for large landowner dictatorships—was requalified as Freedom and Democracy. 


Well, a country such as Vietnam neither borders nor (under any conceivable circumstances) threatens the USA. 

So, U.S. involvement there (and elsewhere), had to be justified to the public on moral-ideological grounds. 

They couldn’t just come out and say, “We are playing global chess… and, please give us your sons”, LOL. 

Of course, the USSR did the same thing. 

HOWEVER, the USSR is no more. 

Today, still, the USA does NOT do wars, sponsor revolutions, interfere in other countries’ internal affairs (often picking and cultivating a favorite side), etc., for evil hegemonic reasons

Oh, no, no.

American bombs shit idealism and goodness!!!  

This is part of the NATIONAL MYTHOLOGY

QUESTIONING this aspect of the Mythology…..

… FAR outside the Overton Window. 


Even on national TV…..

You can complain about America’s Founding Slaveowners…..

…..and how it’s a RAY-SISS country….. 

…..but DON’T YOU DARE deny the purity of our bombs and aims!!! 

Doing so…..

… worse than election denial, vaccine denial…..

…..climate denial, tranny denial. 


(Trump briefly questioned the USA’s global purity in a TV interview in 2015 or early 2016, got trashed for it, understood that Republicans can’t handle it… and never did it again.) 

Look here…..

For the bumpkins, the “patriots”…..

No democracy….. no rah-rah-rah. 

Simple as that.


…..that GLOBOHOMO had already LOST the PR struggle for the Ukraine.   

It was LOST within the U.S.….. because they LOST the Democracy angle. 

(There’s no Democracy, so they just stopped talking about it.  Especially after the Kiev regime came for the churches/monasteries and priests, in January or so… as covered by Tucker Carlson and everyone who took his cues.  That was the END of it. Incidentally, Tucker also briefly mentioned a CONVENT being raided. As of then, NO ONE ELSE in the USA had yet covered that—it came from ME. (I won’t tell you what other evidence I have, beyond the purely circumstantial, but I have evidence.) Yes, I’m punching WAY, WAAAAAAY above my weight.)

It was LOST worldwide, because, with GLOBOHOMO’s desperate, “You’re with us or against us”, public bullying (in 2022, not so much now) of India, China, the Emirates, South Africa, Indonesia, etc., etc., it turned into an anti-colonialist / anti-imperialist, Yankee-go-home type thing. 


(Remember, I LAUGHED at accusations that it was all “Russia’s global disinformation media” that was responsible for GLOBOHOMO’s worldwide PR failure? Today, you don’t hear them blaming RT and Sputnik anymore, do you now. They KNOW they fucked up.)

Am I a Demigod Prophet, a Superman, walking among you? 

A Giant among men?

You betcha!!!

A big ego, yes, but it’s JUSTIFIED.

Like the Beatles, I “meant more to kids than Jesus did”, hahaha. 


Republican support for the war WILL keep trending down, perhaps more slowly as it’s already quite low, not much more room to fall, but nonetheless.

“Independents” (non-partisan or weak partisan voters) will be next to peel off thoroughly.

Does it matter? 


McConnell (or whoever takes over from McConnell) needs to keep his Senate PAC funded. 

You think RINO’s magically elect themselves? 

It takes a LOT of money. 

The military-industrial complex has a LOT of money…..

…..and is, as I’ve explained before, one of very few remaining interest groups that still gives to Republicans (about) as much as to Democrats. 

Public opinion is irrelevant. 

What the Trump = Hitler ree-tarrds never got…..

…..was that Hitler took power, because Germany’s political scene was totally, hopelessly fragmented.

(Trump only took power, sort of, because Republicans had lost their own base, and because he ran against a turd, LOL.)

In the 1932 election, the Nazis and the next best-performing party (Social Democrats) together got less than 59% of the vote.

Aside from the Nazis, no “nationalist” or “conservative” party even made it into double digits.

Later in 1932, in the midst of complete turmoil, the conservatives finally backed Hitler for Chancellor.

Trump’s situation was entirely the opposite.


The legacy media, BOTH parties in the Senate at least, the bureaucracy, the Hegemony Complex, the neocons, the Chamber of Commerce, all the cultural institutions, Democrat governors and mayors, etc.

He had his Deplorables, just a few mega-donors, a bunch of pundits (NOT the mgmt.) on Fox, some Twitter people… and that was it.

OK, he also had the military ranks (NOT the generals)… so the Establishment never “tried anything.”


As soon as he came to office, everything leaked.

Starting with his chat with Australia’s prime minister, he couldn’t have a conversation with any foreign leader, without it being on the front page of the Bezos Post (in the worst possible light) the next day.

When he went to talk to Putin, Democrats literally wanted to “subpoena” his translator. (Didn’t happen, but the talk was crazy enough.)

From the morning after Election Eve 2016, the atmosphere was so TOXIC, almost no “respectable” person wanted to work for him. So he hired too many clowns, and some of them quit, and of course went to the media—a vicious circle.

And, I’m not even getting into the Russia Collusion Inquisition-Hoax.

Trump was a PRISONER in his own government.

How could he ever be Hitler???

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