What’s going on in Congress?  Or, “Orban & the Butterfly Effect.”

As usual, the “headline piece” is further below.

To the Russians who reached out:

Thanks for your heartfelt words of praise and support from behind the No-Homo Curtain. Sorry, I just don’t have time to adequately respond to all.


It is hard for me to believe that, with all the sanctions, there are, truly, a dozen Russian citizens, living in Russia, who have NOT been sanctioned by GLOBOHOMO.

If you’ve met my criteria, then, yes, I will send you free premium content.

But, I imagine that most of you wrote to me from San Francisco.

No, Orban was not “the” cause, but he was a SIGNIFICANT contributing factor, as to how and when it went down.

Our world is linked in ways UNKNOWABLE to those not slightly on the autism spectrum. 

(Well, unless you read this blog… Then, you know.) 

Is Mercouris on the spectrum?  Clearly not. 

With his Parkinson’s, or irritable bladder or too much coffee or whatever….. 

…..he talks SYMPTOMS, not CAUSES

Same as all the other putzes.

Well, guess what?  You can’t travel in space… without fractions. 

Here we go: 

The Ukraine is funded, and will be funded, one way or another. 

Even if they must dip into some Pentagon “national emergency fund“….. 

…..as Trump did with his border wall…..

…..(which practice the Supreme Court blessed… and you know, only the President gets to say what’s an “emergency.”) 

What you’re seeing now…..

…..is Ukraine funding being used as a wedge or battering ram, in a power play by certain Republican congresshumans….. 

…..who are tired of having no voice, and of never getting anything done for their “core” voters and their donors…..

…..what with the budget, as well as all extrabudgetary stimulus, etc., having, for years, come from Senate leadership (in violation of the spirit if not letter of the U.S. Constitution), and then being stuffed down everyone’s throat….. 

…..and, with the more “ideological” Republicans having no opportunity, not even with their party in control of the House, to leverage their votes in exchange for some ideological “win”, no matter how symbolic and ephemeral….. 

…..(e.g., even just some nonsense commitment for spending cuts in the future.) 

In this context, the Ukraine is just a prop—not the only one, but certainly a leading one.  But, the prop(s) could be anything. 

Meanwhile, the Ukraine funding picture is strained… but stable, for the next few months, at least.

The REAL problem for GLOBOHOMO, is that…..

…..since this past January, to fund the Ukraine….. 

…..particularly as regards direct budgetary support….. 

…..it’s been resorting to constant schemes, sleights-of-hand, piecemeal or stopgap measures, and/or diplomatic pleading and wheeling-dealing. 

This includes Congressionally UN-authorized, direct budgetary support through the IMF…..

…..(totalling $4 billion this year alone, which, if I understood correctly, Canada somehow took credit for, although by far the largest share of the money is, of course, of U.S. origin)….. 

…..as well as a parceling out of much of the financing burden to the EU and various other clients and junior partners…..

…..(e.g., at least several billion, and as much as six billion, dollars from JAPAN this year—betcha didn’t hear about that!!!)…..

…..which practice is now increasingly SHAKY…..

…..as the EU’s up-to-now reliable, monthly (since January), €1.5 billion for the Ukraine, is AT RISK…..

…..seeing as Hungary is NOT going along with extending EU Ukraine aid beyond the end of this year.

(Probably, there are other aid channels (CIA black budget?) that we may never know about.  The fact that no one in the media has done an inventory of how much aid and from where, tells you the Machine has SOMETHING to hide.) 

Lately, this has become tiresome… and tenuous. 

GLOBOHOMO prefers to have a solid block of authorized funding, to alleviate the anxiety…..

A block which, even with other funding sources exhausted, or potentially cut off…..

…..can last the Ukraine more than just a month or two. 

It was bound to happen…..

…..that they’d come back to Congress…..

…..to ask for approx. $18 billion in economic aid….. 

……which sum, if not disbursed until next year, could conceivably last….. 

…..(provided that Russia does not turn off the lights, the Ukraine “only” needs $5 billion/month)….. 

…..until a “more successful” Counter-Suck-Fensive, early next spring….. 

…..upon which, they’d have an easier time securing more funds… assuming the Ukraine is “winning.”  

Naturally, they figured the best time would be “omnibus season.” 

(The period roughly around the end of one fiscal year (September 30th) and start of another (October 1st), when Congress tends to fund the Government through billion-page bills, coming from Senate joint leadership, which no one ever reads, or has time to read, and which are passed too quickly to allow for any real debate or any “unapproved” strings or conditions.) 

Well, they didn’t count on Matt Gaetz. 

(This guy is actually SMART enough to realize it’s all a big show and Republicans control nothing much… so there’s nothing to lose!  All while going on CNN and building his brand… while avoiding any “prime evil” arrows pointed at himself… because the Dems enjoy his game as much as we do.) 

But, again, the Ukraine will be funded regardless. 

(Also, Lindsay Graham is totally hoe-moe. He needs to come out, finally, and quit posing with his “I can’t be gay because I’m such a global tough guy!” act.)


Just wow, and holy moly.

This guy is responding to my previous piece, in which I continued to explain the U.S. domestic roots, grounding, and implications of/on U.S. foreign policy.

Yeah, if you didn’t know…..

What goes on inside the USA, impacts the world.

Hard to believe, but it’s true, LOL.


I guess he just wants to hear what’s going on in Donetsk!

For which, of course, there’s a lot of dumb YouTube channels.


Remember I wrote, all the “deep”, war-specific stuff will henceforth be premium only?

Well, he’s missed almost all (possibly all) of my premium content!

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