Israel-Gaza events ALREADY a U.S. 2024 campaign issue as WSJ gets way out ahead of Uncle Sam, makes claim based on its own dubious Hezbollah Hamas etc. “sources” that the Israel carnage was co-planned and authorized by Iran. Even as tough-talking hoe-moe Lindsay Graham promises to bomb Iranian refineries if Hezbollah joins the party. Folks, sure Iran is involved in everything to 1 degree or another, any child can guess that & be right… but WSJ (the ONLY large & “respectable” U.S. Republican paper) is NOT a “paper of record” when it comes to intel stuff. You can consider this in the context of (1) Team Brandon’s recent sucking up to Iran to get more oil flowing ahead of the election, & (2) Democrat ideological uncertainty over how far to allow Israel to “change the game” in Gaza. (Dems need Jewish money AND “progressive” votes AND these two needs were pitted against each other in the last Gaza war BUT that one did not involve a surprise attack w/ 600+ murdered Israeli civilians.) Also keeping in mind, ANY Dem-GOP party disagreement over foreign policy (no matter the region) is desirable, as it adds to Washington political chaos & confusion in U.S. public opinion, which among other things will NOT HELP the Yoo-kraine. The whole thing has taken on partisan power struggle dimensions… and its only going on day three!!!

Someone, please let me know what Mercouris says tomorrow. I’m interested to hear about how he threads the needle to avoid losing his many commie, Nazi, and Islamiac followers. Also, wondering to what extent he will repeat what I’ve written.

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