Lefty & Islamiac asses worldwide are BURNING as GLOBOHOMO makes clear that it will arm Israel w/ no limitations, will not set time limit on Israeli operations, AND will participate in an air war against Hezbollah, if needed.  U.S., Polish, Spanish military cargo aircraft flying from Europe and as far as Dover AFB delivered additional war materiel to Israel yesterday (Tuesday), & that’s just what I know about, & it’s ONLY GETTING STARTED.  Most deliveries so far are likely of bombs/fuses/JDAM kits, suggesting that Israel is cleared to drop AS MANY BOMBS AS IT NEEDS TO… which means GLOBOHOMO JUST… DOES… NOT… CARE ABOUT HOW MUCH CEMENT DUST GOES FLYING AROUND GAZA.  Further near-term Yoo-kraine military aid—beyond missiles for the HIMARS, and what’s already in transit—is now IMPOSSIBLE, as Israel imminently needs ***AT LEAST*** 108,000 155mm shells for a hypothetical (low-end estimate) 45 days of Gaza conquest and moderate-intensity Lebanon border fighting (this is a **VERY** CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE—based on a continuous rotating deployment of 20 batteries of 3 guns each, with each gun firing 40 rounds/day), as well as several million rifle and machinegun rounds, which amazingly Israel doesn’t have (I can’t even get my head around that)… AND, based on losses to date (ummm… really not looking great), may also need “replacement” donations of potentially (I may be lowballing) 100+ MRAPs or armored Humvees, 50+ M113s or Strykers, probably some M109 howitzers, ammo carriers, as well as mine-clearing gear, spare parts, CERTAINLY a huge volume of night-vision gear (Israel has almost none available for its reserves), etc., etc., before this is all over.  ***Not even getting into precious Patriot missiles (and launchers)—fake Jew Zelensky can forget about those, the REAL Jews need the stuff now.***  If the Bearded Ones want to have their little taste of “reformatting the world”, they better have prepared their Allahu Akbar asses to face the COMBINED MIGHT OF GLOBOHOMO, like Russia has done the last 19+ months, because GLOBOHOMO UNDERSTANDS THE STAKES, JUST AS IT DID IN THE YOO-KRAINE, WHICH, BEING A LOST CAUSE, THE BEARDED ONES HAVE NOW “VOLUNTEERED” TO REPLACE. (Not to mention, THAT “cannot stand” was just a Great Power rivalry among “white” people, whereas THIS “cannot stand” is a last-ditch civilizational fight on Europe’s doorstep, before aggressive “bearded” Islam becomes so EMBOLDENED as to be COMPLETELY UNMANAGEABLE. Yes, dumbasses MIGHT now realize, they were fighting the wrong enemy.)


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