With Israel-Gaza war set to last more than the “usual” few weeks, FBI/DHS must shift from MagaHeads to Islamiacs, ***NOW***.

Quoting myself, from the below audio file:

“By all indications now, Uncle Sam is now arming Israel for a long operation…. And, preparing politically for a long operation.  All the spokesmen—official, unofficial, anonymous sources, whatever… They’re signaling now, that this isn’t gonna be over in two f***ing weeks……….

So, the more bodies pile up, the more neighborhoods are turned to rubble, these people are gonna go off the f***ing chain….

……….Alright, so I’m telling you, the FBI needs to start getting on these Islamiacs, they need to start following up on tips that are coming in about these people, because it’s not gonna be Trump supporters shooting up a synagogue.  Sorry, ain’t happening… They need to shift focus now before it’s too late.”

Please listen, below:

(Audio file duration: 10:31.)

(Corrections: I overstated the body count from the London “7/7” attacks, but understated the body count from the Madrid train bombings. Also, got the year wrong on the Paris massacres—it was 2015. Also, the 2006 Lebanon War lasted 32, not 45, days.)

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