**FUNDAMENTAL** change in Israeli talk on Wednesday, with PM, other officials shifting from the usual “teach them a lesson they won’t forget for generations” blah blah, to promising to completely liquidate Hamas.  This can ONLY have resulted from ***the strongest possible U.S. support behind the scenes, even MORE than what we mortals are seeing.***  It’s possible the “beheaded kids” (beheaded or not, they died badly) had some emotional impact, but this is all in the context of GLOBOHOMO having needed & now found (thanks to violently overflowing Gaza toilet monsters) a new narrative to shift away from sinking Yoo-krayne, &, as it turned out, a much fresher & more compelling “This shall not stand” story.  “Progressive” Palestine freaks in retreat (e.g., see below screenshot, don’t miss it) as Mama’s little anti-colonialists now find their jobs, internships, etc., at risk in USA & across the Anglosphere, & Air Canada fires one particularly emotional Palestinian pilot; THE SOCIAL ENFORCEMENT MACHINE HAS SWUNG INTO GEAR.  Still not as bad as Feb/March 2022, when world’s #1 soprano (a Russian) lost her NY Met Opera contract for not condemning Putin—no “loyalty tests” yet, but if you’re with the baddies, it was “another 9/11”, so SHUT UP!!!  GLOBOHOMO orders 2nd carrier group into eastern Mediterranean as Lebanon’s Christian parties (both Hezbollah’s main Christian parliamentary ally which grants it pan-Lebanese “legitimacy”—General Aoun’s party, now headed by his son-in-law—and its main Christian opponent, the Lebanese Forces) come out AGAINST Lebanese involvement. ***No new Hezbollah attacks overnight***, as Lebanon observers speak of surprisingly “disproportionate” Israeli response to Hezbollah’s recent attacks (actual damage was not “admitted to” by Hezb, nor advertised by Israel [presumably to avoid needlessly rubbing it in their face], but Islamiac body count inside Lebanon must’ve been far in excess of number of infiltrators who died inside Israel), so I suppose Hezb can now cool it or else it must escalate, no third option.

See this from Larry Summers, bahahaha:

“Letter, what letter? We deedn’t sign no steenkeen letter. Oh, THAT letter.”

BTW, I just read some whiny little BIIAAATCH piece in a major Israeli source, about Russia being cool to Israel now, not coming out with support, waaa waaaaa.

Sure, Putin and his government are staying neutral, JUST LIKE MY SON’S SCHOOL DISTRICT HERE IN THE WASHINGTON, DC SUBURBS (where Saracens outnumber Jews by 10-1 at least—almost all Jewish kids here, go to private schools.)

LOL, what did you expect?

If somehow you’ve missed it, Russia’s got its OWN problems… Also, its own large Mohammedan populations (many of their men are “AT THE FRONT”)… and, Israel has been WAAAAAYYY too friendly with the Joo-krayne (e.g., allowing in Azov guys for medical care and goodwill/propaganda missions, no barriers to that, and no local condemnation at all)…..

So, why should Russia pile in on the side of GLOBOHOMO?

Russia’s media has clearly been told to report just the facts, which they’ve done and are doing, to include, about the mass killing inside Israel.

But, they’re NOT coming at it with an “emotional” stake.

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