If anyone is interested:  Since September 30th, Chechen leader Kadyrov routinely posting videos again, initially of his “civilian” meetings & events & tours of construction sites.  Since October 10th, highlighting his “mighty” side as a ruler—as in, “I’m still in charge, don’t even think about it!”—he has published footage of FOUR different parade ground reviews of Chechen interior regiments or other Chechen units, & of 2 other military/security-related events. Also, some non-inspiring, “Look, I’m healthy!” footage of him sort-of shuffling for exercise for 30 seconds.  His energy has clearly not fully rebounded, he no longer swaggers commandingly in public (he used to move “like a boss”)… but on the plus side, he is no longer bloat-faced & barely able to speak—as in his September 17th, 8-second “proof of life” video—&, not short of breath, as with his September 28th Putin meeting video.  Any doctors in the house?  My “I’m not an epidemiologist, but…” WILD GUESS, it was a *severe* autoimmune flareup.  If you’re competent, email me or sound off on my Twitter.  Speaking of Twitter… people getting lazy again.  I’ve had NOT 1 tweet with 200+ likes in over a month, a total DISGRACE.  If you’re not contributing financially to the WORLD’S BEST SINGLE-WRITER BLOG, at least follow & like me on Twitter!!!  If you don’t do that, you are PROHIBITED from viewing the below footage of French hardware & personnel withdrawing from Niger, under the watchful eye of Niger military (notice the multi-vehicle native commando “escort” in middle of 1st video, & in 2nd video, French soldiers w/ “long faces” being “shamed” by having to go through some kind of exit control for the camera (NO WAY they ever had to do this before, when coming & going.) With departure of most Europeans incl. Italians/Germans & now French, Niamey’s (Niger’s capital) Ukrainian hooker market (yes, there is/was one) has TOTALLY COLLAPSED.

In an earlier draft of this post (up for less than two minutes), I misidentified the country as Chad. Of course, it’s Niger.

As we say in the northeast Virginia outback, “Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!”


If you missed my last piece, it is here.

And, lastly…..

Political campaign fundraising in the USA, hahaha… what a lunatic asylum…..

…..(this shows part of a message to my smartphone. I assume the photo is of Mark Robinson, the Lieutenant [deputy] Governor of North Carolina)…..

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