No, this is NOT the ground invasion, OMG LOL jeez louise. Israel still putting its boots on, probably on the phone w/ Russia’s Wagner (LOL), not remotely ready for ground invasion. Ground invasion will come when Hamas is 2/3+ dead or disarmed. Now, Israel prepares to use 100s of bunker-buster bombs to destroy Hamas “underground tunnel city” beneath Gaza City, the northern 1/3 of Gaza Strip, as per years-old written variable campaign plan that Mercouris told his viewers does not seem to exist. THIS is why ~1 million residents have been ordered to leave area, head south. After that, who knows, perhaps Israel will tell Rafah (south Gaza) residents to head north. Get real, the “Brave Resistance” was ALWAYS predicated on Israel being held back… and that appears to be OVER like the Spice Girls. NEAR-TOTAL DESTRUCTION of Hamas major stores, facilities, hideouts will minimize Israeli casualties, &, together with maximally loosened “rules of engagement”, should keep Gaza operation KIA’s to not hugely in excess of 1000 (*not* incl. losses of past 6 days, & excl. of any Israelis targeted abroad.) The **REAL** questions are, (1) How many will be killed in the U.S., Europe, etc.(Republicans MUST get their sh*t together NOW, because “IT’S COMING”)… & (2) WHAT THEN??? Better start talking now about a UN govt like in E. Timor, 20 years ago… if there are any takers (there *might* be takers IF/AFTER Hamas is destroyed utterly.)

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