The Greatest Racket Ever

Heeeeey folks!!! As usual, I’ll get to the headline piece, soon enough. For those who paid for and received my latest premium content, nice, huh? A little more than you expected. Yes, I treat my paying customers well.

As for the non-paying barnacles, well, I’m in a good mood now, so I hesitate to call them anything worse than SCUM. (As usual, NOT referring to my VIPs and anyone else on my original “cold call” list.)

Folks, I’m having so much fun on my Twitter account, please check it out, subscribe, like everything. I’m mostly just trolling the Che Guevara T-shirt morons who’ve come out of the woodwork lately, in support of the Islamiacs. But, I do have a few gems, such as this:

This is a compound view, but what you see was really posted, by a real professor, of gender studies or something like that, at the University of California, Davis.

Note the meat knife, axe, and blood emojis at lower right. (Where it says, “they can fear their bosses, but they should fear us more.”)


Yeah, I’m sure she’s being “investigated.” Probably not the first time, nor the last. IMHO, she should be investigated for (1) total absence of punctuation, and (2) failure to capitalize the first letter of each sentence. How the fuck is this THING teaching anybody?

You may wonder, how do they keep people like this around? How does every large-enough university have a department (or departments) full of these UNTOUCHABLE “angry lesbians” and other FLAKES, who “profess” bullshit and produce brainwashed, useless graduates who can’t do anything, and who have to be “reeducated” by the reality of employment?

Answer: They are not subject to “the market.”

Here’s the deal:

As a landlord, I had a condo come available, some years ago. It’s in an “elite” building, everyone wants to live there. Had a bunch of applicants.

The first one, was a 29 year-old who had finished law school 2-3 years prior, but had NOT become a lawyer. Instead, he/she was working as an executive assistant. Income was “livable”, but NOT inspiring for this locale.

But, I don’t just look at income.

He/she had $260,000 of student loan outstanding.

I’m like, WHAT??? That’s “a mortgage!!!” How can he/she even hope to pay the rent?

But, it was explained to me, he/she only pays the Feds about $500/month. Literally, just the interest on the loan. Perhaps NOT EVEN ALL of the interest.

How’s that possible?

Well, I got a couple more applicants almost just like him/her, and then I researched it…..

See, you can work out a deal with the U.S. Department of Education, whereby you send them your recent paystubs and a list of your expenses (rent, car, food, cell phone, whatever)… and they determine how much you can AFFORD to pay, monthly… and then you pay that amount for 20 or in some cases 15 years… and, at the end of that term, your outstanding loan principal is FORGIVEN.

I imagine, the monthly payment amount must be re-calculated every few years, BUT, as your income grows with promotions etc., you also develop new expenses (e.g., kids, home repair, a nicer car)… which means, it’s possible your payments may NEVER increase!

So, after 15 or 20 years, that loan balance… THAT HE/SHE ONLY EVER PAID INTEREST ON (!!!)… will be forgiven.

Well, that’s nice. A little compensation for the fact that IT DID NOT HELP HIM/HER PROFESSIONALLY.

Who’s the REAL beneficiary?

The real beneficiary is the “Higher Education Complex”, which is HIGHLY INCENTIVIZED (with hundreds and hundreds of $$$ billions each year) to push some useless, low-overhead (non-science/engineering) Bachelors degree at you… or a Masters degree… and a second Masters degree… or a law degree… and if the degree is no good, or YOU’RE no good, well, don’t worry! The higher your loan balance, the less of it (proportionately) you will ever have to pay off!!!

(And that’s not even getting into Brandon saying, hey, don’t pay your loans for three years!)

Basically, the student loan that my applicant got… was just a welfare check, made out to his/her school.

If that’s not a racket, what’s a racket?


Back to Mad Professor Woman:

Folks, as long as people like this hold state university professorships… if THIS is what’s ACCEPTABLE nowadays… If the Democrats and their anti-hate activist industry are not “up in arms”… Then, I too (while threatening no one!!!) will continue to say WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT…..

… include, spreading the word that Arabs are THE most repressed homo culture on the planet.  Arabs should more properly be called GAY-RABS.

You will NEVER see as many steroidal gym homos as among American Arabs.

Of course, they all get married and have kids, but their homo-repression punches through at some point or other.

Most won’t go on a shooting spree, but they will all beat their wives, or do something totally crazy AT SOME POINT, GUARANTEED.

Well, that’s from the film.

I took my 13 year-old son to catch the 50th anniversary tour of Jesus Christ Superstar.

(Thanks to all of my paying customers, we were able to sit in the front row.)

(As in the 1973 film, Judas and Simon were BOTH not merely excellent, but also black. That was cute. A little tribute to the film, surely no accident.)

Like me, the kid is a GENIUS.

He asked me later, why did they kill Jesus?

And, was the Roman governor a good guy or bad guy?

I explained to him, the governor was neither, he was an agent of God. The whole thing was a “set-up” from God.

And, that Jesus died for you. You need to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, as only he can “soak up” your sins.

He asked, what if you’re a really nice person… and a perfect person, because you’ve never sinned?

I said, it doesn’t matter how nice you are, and, by “their” measure, EVERYONE has sinned. If you’ve ever looked at a woman for one second, and she wasn’t your wife, you’ve sinned, and you’re going to Hell (or, nowhere good, anyway) without Jesus.

He asked, how do we know all this?

I said, it’s in their book.

He said: “That’s not fair. The original Christians got to see Jesus with their own eyes.”

Well, folks, like it or not…..

My son has hit on the essential weakness of EVERY “revealed” or doctrinal religion.

(You have to take someone’s word for it. It’s something in a book. Not intuitive, doesn’t come naturally.)

So I explained to him, what is revealed religion.

And, what is “natural religion.”

I explained that with natural religion, people just worship what comes NATURALLY to them. Their ancestors, trees, the sea and sky (or gods thereof), raccoons and shit like that.

He said, oh, you mean like in (Disney’s) Moana? And (Disney’s) Pocahontas?

I said, yeah, exactly.

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