(1) GLOBOHOMO laughs in their faces: For FIRST TIME in history of Gaza-Israel warfare, a top U.S. official (Brandon himself!) calls their BS, says “no confidence” in death toll from Hamas’ Health Ministry.  (And u know, why SHOULD there be? Would u believe some rug salesman at a bazaar?)  I can hardly believe this happening.  Where are Conserva-EverWhinerJews who griped about “not enough love”?  (2)  Largest deployment of GLOBOHOMO air defenses to Near East since probably 1st Iraq War (when GLOBO was not even HOMO), & perhaps EVER. ***Ukrainian air defense to be SHAFTED.***  As I wrote in my “First True Black Swan of Post-Hegemonic Era” headline on OCTOBER 7TH (!!!!!OCTOBER 7TH!!!!!), Patriot missiles must be conserved for Israel, and NOW situation perhaps **5X** as bad, as GLOBOHOMO desperately needs the stuff for OWN forces, at rear & forward bases & ports in at least 7 countries (or 8, if now-CRITICAL base on Crete to be covered… or 9 if incl. RAF Cyprus… stop me now!!!)  Just another NAIL IN COFFIN for “the un-Russia.”  (3)  Yes, my Nov. 5th call w/ be recorded.  For those who asked.  I understand Internet in your Gaza pedo-bunkers now unreliable.

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