Friday morning (U.S. ET) post 1 of 3:  “Sources” tell CNN that Team Brandon already cracking due to loss of support from Michigan Gayrabs (Michigan being a potential “swing” state that Dems may lose IF they can’t push their fraud margin to exceed 1.5% of total votes.)  Well, guess what, American elections require votes AND money.  Who is #1 source of money for DNC and Democrat (establishment/incumbent) presidential campaigns?  Answer:  “Wall Street” (hedgefunders and others) Jews.  Will they step up and say, “It’s them or us”… or is the Israel story going to end because American Jews didn’t want to fight, and had their heads up their asses with the “Dems at any cost, because Deplorables = Nazis” BS?  We shall see!!!  It’s not easy, these “smart people” have DELUDED and mentally TRAPPED themselves for years.  (How many Trump hats have you seen at anti-Israel rallies lately?)  Predictably, AIPAC and its astroturf “Democrat Majority for Israel” are wasting time on censuring Rashida Tlaib when the REAL threat is with the White House.

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