Virginia magic not extinguished? Republican candidate has 1000-vote lead over Soros-funded Loudon County prosecutor, who had lost support of & harassed mainline Democrat county leaders… & who had outspent his campaign by ***16X***. // Meanwhile, nationwide Republican party still in deep sh*t, as Ohio voters add abortion rights to state constitution by double digit margin, & Republican Kentucky (KY) governor challenger loses as only 1.3M of 3.6M KY registered voters (36%) voted this time. Incumbent Democrat lost 16.5K votes relative to 2019, while challenger (elected as Kentucky Attorney General in 2019 by 15.4% margin) ***lost 78.6K over Repub who ran in 2019 (!!!)*** Clearly, REPUBS ARE STILL NOTHING WITHOUT TRUMP ON THE BALLOT. Republican national brand is still IN THE GUTTER, stands for NOTHING. Meanwhile, insane NY Times above-the-fold headline from yesterday, recognizes zero opinion impact of Trump indictments, but raises hopes that he will tank once he is convicted. LOL, by way of ink on paper, you can see the gears turning in their brains! Like, “One more try, just one more try!”



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