Blogging god (lower-case “g”) Dreizin does “deeper dive” into Ukrainian media re: Zelensky aide-de-camp’s home grenade death.  Zaluzhny “don’t give me any gifts” video was a Russian deepfake joke, sorry!!!  HOWEVER, the truth is just as interesting.  The original, Monday claim from Ukraine’s Ministry of Interior (which controls the national police) MENTIONED NOTHING about any birthday gift of grenades; instead, they said he had grenades at home, & fatally played with one of them.  They “updated” their story to “jibe” with Zaluzhny’s ONLY hours later, AFTER Zaluzhny (who was not even there!) threw a wrench into it, by stating that his aide had been killed by an explosive GIFT (he did NOT mention any grenades.)  This “updated” grenades/gift story was then carried by Ukr & Western media the following morning.  ALSO of interest, NAME / IDENTITY /JOB / HOW HE KNEW THE GUY etc. of alleged gift-giver has STILL NOT been disclosed. As of this post, it was reported **over 27 hours ago** that investigators have spoken to this anonymous person, & that he/she claimed he/she warned the deceased that gifted grenades were real.  Since then, no new details, NOTHING except that the case remains under invetigation & various causes/motives (incl. a Russian “hit”) being considered; story has been relegated to oblivion. Should be “open & shut”! And, victim was Ukro-Napoleon’s top personal aide, seems like a big deal. What gives???

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