A few more details finally emerge around noon today (Ukraine time), as Ukrainian State Investigation Bureau identifies (on its Facebook page!) “grenade gifter” as unnamed senior aide (named by exiled/underground Strana.ua as Colonel Timchenko) to Deputy C-in-C, General Moisiuk. Says he stole 8 grenades, & put 6 of them in wooden gift box (leaving 2 for himself) along w/ bottle of liquor. Facebook post also definitively identifies (although this was not in doubt) grenades as donated German DM51A2’s, which have plastic outer shell, & which even a soldier w/ no experience with them, could mistake for a toy, which explains why Zaluzhny’s aide let his son play with one. Alright, folks! Moving on. Just another Ukraine freakshow story, nothing special, sorry! What a zoo!!! // More news from the zoo: See BELOW staged photo of Hamasiacs chilling in a bunker, watching Netanyahu on the news. Released today but probably not very recent. On right side are 3 Italian TC/6 plastic-body antitank mines. (Or if you want to argue, inert training replicas for $500 each, google it!) Hmm, where could they possibly have come from??? Must be another elaborate fake from Russia, right? Just like my October 23rd video under the headline “Hamas shows off entire bunker room floor covered with U.S./Swedish M136 LAWs, British/Swedish NLAWs, and possibly U.S. M141 rocket launchers”. MSM with all of its “sources” & investigative resources, can’t possibly mention this, huh? Leave it to part-time amateur Dreizin to spread another “debunked conspiracy theory”!!! // Early morning (local time), Israeli army reported its forces are in Sheikh Radwan & western Jabaliah districts, ***the 1st confirmed deep penetration of Gaza inland urban zone from the north or the coast.*** Not yet Gaza City proper, but good progress w/ very low casualties. Forces performing methodical search & destruction of Islamiac tunnel entrances, rocket launchers, arms stores. Despite hugely video-documented unpreparedness of Israeli army for “real” warfare, Islamiac resistance capabilities under massive 24/7 air surveillance & on-demand precise bombardment were clearly WAAAAAAYYYY overrated; Israel will totally clean their clock (w/ lower-than-anticipated casualties) IF granted enough time by GLOBOHOMO. Will the Democrats crack?

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