Israel makes broad move inland from Gaza coast, widely reported to be in immediate vicinity of 3 hospitals ranging from Shifa in “central” Gaza City to the Nasser / Sheikh Radwan district to the north.  Gayrab-Islamiac resistance appears to be completely ineffectual, as Islamiacs unable to mount anything more than sporadic, squad or small-platoon level “distance”-raids & sniping, due to disorganization & evidently INSANE LEVEL of Israeli micro-surveillance from large number of drones over Gaza ((which may explain why Israeli tanks & other armored vehicles, per videos, never seem to have any infantry escort. Fact that Gayrab videos of attacks on Israeli hardware have NOT included video of RPG launches from INSIDE buildings (at least, undamaged buildings), likely means buildings on key advance axes have all been cleared out of civilians, AND anyone who enters them is surveilled and bombed almost instantly; Gayrab videos ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY show attacks from streets, meaning the Islamiacs are popping out of outdoor tunnel entrances & largely staying clear of structures.))  ***Critically***, Israeli progress appears sufficient to give confidence to Master (GLOBOHOMO) that conflict has an end-date, quite possibly before end of year. I CANNOT OVERSTATE IMPORTANCE OF THIS. //  Didn’t have time to get this to you yesterday: FIRST IMMEDIATE, VISIBLE & VISIBLY IMPACTFUL CONSEQUENCE TO THE UKRAINE OF ISRAEL-GAZA WAR IS AT HAND.  Israeli media reported yesterday that up to 200 old-model Merkava tanks will NOT be sold to Cyprus and Morocco, after all.  Morocco needs them to replace Soviet tanks that it already sold to GLOBOHOMO, while Cyprus was GOING TO send its own tanks to the Ukraine directly, with the expectation of replacing them with Merkavas.  This is all now OFF THE TABLE, as Israel is now forming a reserve batallion (~40 tanks) using the old Merkavas, AND needs the rest to potentially replace first-line Merkavas that get blown up by Hamas or Hezbollah (and, who knows how bad it could get???)  To my Israeli reader (if still with me) who argued that it was all just talk by the clown Lapid government, & Israel would never, ever, ever, ever seek or agree to arm the Ukraine… How’s it going, CHUMP??? // With Israel closed off as a source of tanks (directly or indirectly) for the Ukraine, Europe is **DONE**, they have no more tanks to spare. Anything else WOULD HAVE TO come from GLOBOHOMO directly… & you know GLOBOHOMO is goddaaayuumm STINGY!!! (Run by Semites, right?) So much for “next Ukrainian counteroffensive.” // Extra bonus feature: THE DREIZIN BUSINESS MODEL. See below!!!

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