Netanyahu’s subhumanoid “Jewish fascist” settler problem, of obvious & increasing-daily concern to U.S. State Department, blows open, no longer containable as Bezos (Washington) Post, which always perfectly reflects biases & concerns of its Washington, DC-area readership, runs “above the fold” print edition story on terrorization & de facto ethnic cleansing (terrorizing people to leave, but not YET moving in on their property) of certain Arab villages in so-called West Bank. Does Israel really need 2nd front in its PR defense? For now, GLOBOHOMO has not raised Netanyahu’s crazies to Brandon’s level, somewhat following the Ukraine M.O. whereby you don’t criticize “publicly” (it’s certainly much more public w/ Israel, but still not TOP-level.) Meanwhile, Netanyahu (& most of his ministers) are increasingly toxic & irrelevant, staying clear of memorial services, & largely out of the news (except that schizo talk about maybe nuking Gaza), & moreover, being largely bypassed by the Americans, who meet w/ the (sane) defense minister & army/security chiefs. It is my impression now that Netanyahu’s job is mostly to convey American concerns from his security wing to his party & coalition.

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