“1984”-level, cosmic wormhole propaganda:  Leading Ukrainian nationwide TV channel “1+1” tells its viewers that Counter-Suck-Fensive was a psy-op, not real, intended to fake & stress out the Russians, while the Reich built up its forces.  Video is below.  (Subtitles are in Russian, because this has been making the rounds in Russia… & yes, it is real.  And, you don’t have to know either language to appreciate it!  Notice the hooded hacker, the young lady posting “evil smiling face” memes via her smartphone, & the depressed, middle-aged Russian woman then man, LOL.)  You may ask, how do people believe this sh*t???  Answer: It doesn’t MATTER if they do or not.  It’s a BORDERLINE TOTALITARIAN regime.  Propaganda is a “must”, but, as long as they get their foreign aid, they will exist & they don’t really care what you think… provided that you SHUT UP.  (To be clear, **as far as I know**, this is coming from the TV station only, it’s not the “Party Line”… YET.  But, who knows, it could soon be!!!) /// Munitions update: In last week or so, NY Times & Bloomberg (very likely among other sources, but I just don’t have time) have “admitted”, perhaps not very directly but nonetheless, that Russian munitions production is (far) ahead of GLOBOHOMO’s. Your favorite blogging god (lower case “g”) spoke about this MONTHS AGO!!! (Perhaps even 6-7 months.) The time of reckoning approaches (even sooner, thanks to Ham-ass & Lebanese Shizbollah), tick tock!

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