Zelensky-Zaluzhny rivalry reaches CRITICAL MASS as Bezos (Washington) Post runs w/ story that points to Nord Stream destroyer as one Colonel Chervinsky of the Ukraine’s Special Forces command, who has (conveniently!!!) been in jail since April 2023 on alleged unrelated charges of malfeasance. (Obviously, a living dead-man.) Not only have they found their point-man, but the story REPEATEDLY points to the Colonel’s chain of command, which tops out at Zaluzhny (as the Post makes QUITE clear, LOL)… which means that (as the Post also points out for you) Zelensky could not possibly have known, blah, blah. (Yes, this was written for kids, not adults, but what’s new?) Hey, may be true, but he certainly WOULD have found out soon AFTER the fact, would he not? This comes as Zaluzhny, who obviously still lacks a political party/organization, is still the ONLY credible, popular alternative to Zelensky in the as-of-now sort-of cancelled, March 2024 presidential election, which Zelensky REALLY does not want to hold, but which GLOBOHOMO has not yet definitively ALLOWED him not to hold (they’re still thinking it over.) As background, I’m not sure what the Ukrainian constitution says about elections during wartime, but no, the Ukraine is not under “martial law”; that is a MISTRANSLATION. “Martial law” (which is NO law) is what the U.S. Army does during zombie epidemics. More accurately, the Ukraine is under the legal framework of a “military emergency.” As further background, whether you think the Russian vote count was accurate or not (and granted, the “remain in Ukraine” camp mostly didn’t vote), the four provinces at that time mostly under Russian control (Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, Zaporozhie) WERE ABLE TO CONDUCT A “JOIN RUSSIA” REFERENDUM IN LATE SEPTEMBER 2022, WITH LARGE TURNOUT AS WELL AS ABSENTEE BALLOT COLLECTION ****WITHIN SEVERAL KILOMETERS OF THE FRONT LINE**** WHERE IT WAS NOT SAFE TO HAVE VOTING STATIONS… DESPITE THE FACT THAT SOME LOCAL CIVILIAN ELECTION ADMINISTRATORS WERE ***ASSASSINATED*** BY THE UKRAINE SECURITY SERVICE (SBU), LIKE, TOTAL VIETCONG SH*T. IN FACT, DONETSK CITY HAD MASSIVE, IN-PERSON TURNOUT, EVEN THOUGH CENTRAL (DOWNTOWN) DONETSK WAS NOT EVEN 10KM FROM THE FRONT LINE, AT THAT TIME. IF THEY COULD **STILL** PULL OFF A VOTE, YOU REALLY THINK THE UKRAINE CAN’T??? Aaaaanyhow… it will all be decided by the U.S. State Department. They’re obviously taking their sweet time… They wanted to give the Counter-Suck-Fensive more time, see how things go… But now, their two favorite Ukrainian cats are pretty much openly clawing each other. What to do? It doesn’t “help” that Ukrainian candidate registration law is pretty loose, it’s not like the USA where you need to apply to get on the state primary ballots 8, 9, or 10 months before the election. (Of course, they don’t even have states.) /// Special bonus feature: Check out this deep-thinking valedictorian, below. Sure, a very nice person, but… clearly, “born yesterday.”

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