As with the Ukraine, GLOBOHOMO jumped in head-first to help Israel, didn’t think things through too well, got in over its head, now wishes it would all just end, and is basically a prisoner of events, only with a MUCH more complex “domestic” aspect than with the Ukraine. In this context… Dreizin gives you the DIRTY TRUTH about the U.S.-Israel relationship… and how the Brandonites are “boxed in”, and why the Gaza operation will go on long enough (presumably with some breaks and pauses) to destroy Hamas… in 11 tweets!

Please see (further) below.

But first, a message for one of my most esteemed fans, Glenn Greenwald. If your name is not Greenwald, you can skip over the below, yellow-highlighted text.

Mr. Free Speech!

You are living in your own, self-built echo chamber.

A handful of people who tore down hostage posters, or tweeted to glorify the October 7th massacre or to say that Jews should be gassed again, have been fired by their (private) employers, so what? That’s no crisis. The anti-Israel camp is marching in the tens and hundreds of thousands, OBVIOUSLY no one is cracking down.

Presumably in line with what your core audience wants to hear, you’re covering much less than half of the censorship/suppression story.

What you’re IGNORING is, for the first time EVER, the usual “prog” crowd which disrupts and shuts down campus events and guest speakers, and harasses opposing student groups, with encouragement from toxic “diversity” profs, and no sanctions EVER from school administrations…..

…..FINALLY progressed to physical harassment and unprovoked assaults of/on a certain “privileged group”…..

…..and, as a consequence, FINALLY met its match, in the form of Jewish alumni donors.

These dirtbags have NEVER BEFORE faced ANY systemic pushback.  And, for the FIRST time, some of the lead / trend-setting schools have had to stop IGNORING their antics.

As far as I can tell, you’ve said NOTHING about this.

It is AT LEAST as big a story as the ADL putting some fly-by-night anti-Israel “groups” (that you’ll never hear from again) on its shit list.

Write to me at, I will go on your show.  I’ll leave my usual wack trademark lingo at the door, not looking to set you up. No, I don’t have a big audience, but I’m more “qualified” and “expert” than your recent guest, Roger “comfortably numbed brain” Waters, gimme a break!!!


With that out of the way…..

Here’s the more important message:

Oh, and lest I forget:

If I ever get bounced from this blogging platform (not to mention, from Twitter), which, given enough time, is NOT UNLIKELY, then, I will take my mailing list and reconstitute from somewhere else, but, I WON’T be able to reach you, nor will you know where to find me (most of you can’t spell my name), IF I DON’T HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Please enter it, below:


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