Outline of recent/ongoing Chinese military sales to Russia is now clear. China is coming right up and standing on GLOBOHOMO’s “absolute red line” by selling (1) armored cars for Russian internal security use (of course, freeing up Russian-made gear for war use), and (2) specialized, military-grade cargo vehicles for war use. This is in addition to specialized electronics or other military components that they sold to Russia even last year… but, we’re now seeing the Russian state’s first Chinese “whole system” buys of the war era, or likely ever. (The longtime Mavic etc. commercial drones are NOT coming through Russia’s Ministry of Defense.) /// As I’ve said, the Bezos (Washington) Post ***perfectly reflects the biases and concerns of its core readership in the capital area.*** Today, November 15th, they “buried” the huge, November 14th pro-Israel rally (with nationwide attendance) inside their “Metro” (local news) section… while finding space on their FRONT PAGE (below the fold) for an obituary for some retired naval officer who had owned a local bookstore, but had sold it to his employees, and then worked for his employees, and in fact, had attended a wine-and-cheese party at the bookstore, a few days ago, before suffering a fatal heart attack.  Captivating stuff!!!  ///  More content, below…..

Today, some guy wrote to ask me:

Why do people who understand that US-Ukraine provocation re: joining NATO justifies the Russian 2022 response, oppose a similar response by Israel to the Iran-Hamas Oct 7th provocation?

I responded:

There’s no mystery to it.  It’s the usual zombie mentality of cheering for some team.  Their opinion-leaders (the YouTube crowd, bloggers, tweeters) got them seeing the world like 1980s World Wrestling Federation good guys (Russia, China, Iran) and bad guys (USA et al.)  It’s a mirror image of the U.S. hegemonic line.  They can’t even conceive that Israel is a non-bloc country, nor do they understand that Israeli Jews are not Anglo-American Jews, it’s a completely different civilization.  Again, they are zombies, thinking they are somehow “enlightened” because they don’t listen to U.S. propaganda.  They are as dumb as everyone else. 

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