Israeli advance force is over 2 miles inland from the Gaza coast, down a corridor centered on central (N/S) Omar Mukhtar Street, about a mile further than reported by Israeli media at this moment.  Clearly aiming for the junction w/ (E/W) main thoroughfare Saladin Street, which would essentially bisect Gaza City and allow Israel to reach out in any direction.  Israel obviously following a strategy of isolate-and-reduce.  Likely next phase after Gaza City is (N/S) bisection east of Khan Younis (or, of east Khan Younis itself) in the southern Strip.  ///  Regarding the INSURRECTION at the DNC yesterday evening:  Where were the shytprog “Ceasefire Now!!!” people during the Ukraine war?  I don’t remember them pepper-spraying police, over that.  They sat it out (still sitting it out) because they obviously don’t care about “white-on-white” violence.  (Per the U.S. Census Bureau, all Semites and everyone else “over there” are white anyway, but don’t tell the shytprogs.)  BTW, all these ‘tards with their “Genocide!!!” are blowing air at Russia’s windmill, God bless them.  You MAY see a REAL “genocide” in the Ukro-Reich this winter, under cover of Gaza events.  Stay tuned!!!  ///  Dreizin premium #8 coming within next few days, will NOT be advertised for 10-14 days like the last two.  Blink, and you’ll miss it.  Please stay frosty!!!

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