Trump is now “3 for 3” on the 14th Amendment nonsense, as Dem judges in MN, CO (& a Repub judge in MI) rule that he can’t be denied a place on at least the Republican primary ballot. It’s OBVIOUS these judges feel which way the wind is blowing, otherwise they’d come through for their party, as judges tend to do, & as ALL Dems tend to do when it’s Trump on the menu. /// 2020 BLM/Antifa syndrome in action as MSM, with its investigative resources & experience, declines to look into (is it not newsworthy???) OBVIOUS top-quality planning & organization of high-profile “Ceasefire Now!!!” actions — for example, when 100s of all-white, college-age youth (allegedly, progJews), all wearing identical, custom-message T-shirts, staged an elaborate takeover & photo-shoot inside New York’s Grand Central Station… or when a smaller but more aggressive crowd (all in identical, custom-message hoodies) attempted to break in to DNC HQ in Washington.  It’s OBVIOUS why MSM is not interested.  The full-time organizers behind these actions (same as “the Occupy Movement”, same as BLM) are DE FACTO DEMOCRAT (PROG-WING) ASSETS, FUNDED BY THE USUAL DEEP POCKETS.  Thus… not newsworthy, move along.  You see, all the “murky, shadowy” entities funded by “murky, shadowy” billionaires… are on the Republican side only!!!  So much for “Democracy Dies In Darkness.”  /// GAZA SUMMARY & FOREIGN RELEVANCE OF U.S. DOMESTIC ANGLE:  Active-duty Israeli ground force (“apples to apples” comparison, exclusive of Israel’s air force & navy) is now LARGER than active-duty U.S. Army.  In Gaza, Islamiac videos from last few weeks have been underwhelming, & few.  It is OBVIOUS that almost all of their modern weapons & gear (drones, antitank missiles, MANPADS, nightvision, perhaps even mortars), & quite possibly the majority of “employees” trained to use such, have been destroyed in Israeli bombing.  At this point, OBVIOUSLY, Islamiacs’ ONLY hopes are (1) Shizbollah & Iran joining the war, in a very big way, &/or (2) GLOBOHOMO ***pulling on Israel’s leash.***  WITHOUT one or both of these hopes, Islamiac leadership would likely have ALREADY attempted to negotiate (trading for hostages) an escape to Egypt & then Qatar, Turkey, or Iran.  In this context, the “Ceasefire Now!!!” morons… in giving FALSE HOPE to the Islamiacs… are, in fact, ENSURING DESTRUCTION OF GAZA & NEEDLESS DEATHS OF MANY HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS MORE CIVILIANS.  Of course, the “anonymous organizers” behind these groups don’t care — for them, it’s just another BLM or Occupy Wall Street.  They’re using these scum (& the Arabs) like Scott used Remy in “Higher Learning.”  ///  New premium content will be advertised sometime this weekend. Don’t disappear, the “window” will be not longer than 5 days. /// MORE CONTENT, BELOW…..

This really happened.

I was at a smoothies-and-coffee joint in Old Town Alexandria, picking up my order at the counter.

A very strongly-built, “white collar hippy”-looking white woman, age about 30, also picking up her order, out of nowhere told me she really liked my (custom-printed) “THE NEWS IS A HOAX” hoodie.

I hadn’t even noticed her, until she started talking to me. I figured, wow, a Republican here, interesting. I mumbled something like, “Yeah, for those who know, they know, and for those who don’t, no one will be offended.”

As we walked our separate ways, she launched into some loud, Histrionic Personality Disorder blah blah about GENOCIDE. (I suppose she meant, the media are a hoax because they’re too favorable to Israel.) I kid you not.

As you can see, all these people are on a simple but very precise script, ALL THE TIME.

She surely didn’t imagine, I would gladly put her up against the wall and shoot her myself.

Same as I’d do to those of my readers (paying or not, I don’t care) who side with these people ON ANY MATTER WHATSOEVER.

Folks, when it comes to these people…..

…..we are ALL the last Tsar and his family.

(Incidentally, before he came back to Russia for the Revolution, Lev Bronstein a.k.a. “Leon Trotsky” lived in New York City for two months, with a nice apartment and a chauffeured car, all thanks to an American patron, some filthy rich ancestral New York Anglo or Dutch financier, comparable to the Leftist political donors of today. And he wasn’t the only one—it was a fad at the time, to host Russian revolutionary exiles.)

At some point, I think it will have to be, kill THEM before they kill YOU.

No, of course I’m not calling for violence. Can’t lose my Blogging License!!! Everything here is purely blah blah. NOT to be taken seriously. I’m a mass of hot air. “These people” will be substantially culled by their 2X-vaxxed / 3X-boosted immune systems during the 2nd Pandemic, we don’t have to do anything. Just sit back and enjoy!!!

If I ever get bounced from this blogging platform (not to mention, from Twitter), which, given enough time, is NOT UNLIKELY, then, I will take my mailing list and reconstitute from somewhere else, but, I WON’T be able to reach you, nor will you know where to find me (most of you can’t spell my name), IF I DON’T HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Please enter it, below:


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