“How to know if you’re a Jew-hater” (TAKE THE TEST!!!)… and Trump, Ukraine, Gaza… and PREMIUM #8

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As I said MONTHS ago, if the Brandonites REALLY intended to convict Trump AND lock him up for 600+ years (as per the charges), they would NOT have let him walk free pending trial.  Who lets such a dangerous suspect walk around?

No, this was always an intimidation game, and an attempt to sway public opinion, in advance of the election.  As such, it was always just “mental.”  And the thing with mental states is… THEY CHANGE.

You see, the collapse of confidence we are seeing now within the Democrat establishment, can become a self-fulfilling expectation, just as a soldier will retreat when he thinks the war is hopeless anyway.  And in U.S. elections, there are SO MANY “soldiers” —vote counters (or fudgers), state election officials, the journos who “call” each state on Election Eve, judges, etc., etc.

You see, it’s all a game of confidence.  Sorry, it doesn’t matter, never mattered in any “close” presidential election of the last 230 years, what the REAL vote is.  (Even when it’s NOT close, the count is ALWAYS cooked, at least SOMEWHERE and perhaps everywhere.)  In 2020, it was a very close thing, and the Dems simply out-conned and won the confidence game.

NOW, the wind is blowing against them.

Even with that, I STILL would not take Trump’s prospects seriously (assuming we even have an election), as Republicans nationally are a TOTAL MESS…..

However, we can’t ignore the PERFECT STORM among the Democrats, with the cracking of their diversity coalition, and the progs about to peel off, due to Brandonite support for Israel.

This is truly a BLACK SWAN… and perhaps not the only one. We still have almost a year! 

If you forgot, go back and see, I wrote on October 7th-8th, about how Israel’s “chain” is now off, the USA and Europe aren’t going to restrain them anymore, it’s a done deal.

Who was RIGHT… and who was just giving you the PHONY, PEANUT-GALLERY PROPAGANDA that you (those who still watch the YouTube clowns) want to hear???

The Greek with his Oxford speech, is surely far more “brainy” than the convicted online pedo lurker, who is emotional and very likely an alcoholic/junkie. But they appeal to the same crowd, and they’re both BULLSHITTERS.

Yes, I may not give you the consistent, “please lie to me” propaganda that certain types need for their emotions… but I give you THE TRUTH. I’ve GLADLY, DELIBERATELY lost 90% of my audience since mid-2022, doing just that.

Again, 90%.

What does that tell you about the demand for PEANUT-GALLERY EMOTIONAL FULFILLMENT vs. the demand for TRUTH? LOL.

Oh, and let’s not forget these lunatics, below. Johnson was a HARDCORE TRUMPER who was rather FAVORABLE to Israel, although he may have “scrubbed” his blog of that, since. As my webmaster Manny’s friend Paul likes to say, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Below: The second blast is a “secondary explosion”, that is, a cook-off, caused by the first blast, of Hamasiac munitions/explosives stored underground.

If you hit “pause” at just the right moment (at some split-second within 0:03), you can see it’s actually a large cluster of smaller blasts, perhaps a hundred meters across, coming to the surface.

For its strength, it seems a bit subdued on the surface, as it’s coming from tens of meters underground, but, by the IMMENSE blast wave (which we see as dust being kicked up over a several hundred meter radius), it’s certainly WELL OVER 500kg of TNT equivalent, and probably closer to 1000kg.

I’m showing you this and explaining because NO ONE ELSE does. Literally, no one. Even those who show, don’t quite explain what they’re showing:

This is a simple, TWO-PART test. Keep listening, don’t miss the SECOND part.

This test has NOTHING to do with how you feel about Israel. I don’t care how you feel about Israel.

(Of course, how you feel about Jews, may determine how you feel about Israel, but that’s not my concern here.)

Please listen, below:

Audio file duration (6:28):

Ukro-Reich positions on the southern edge of Avdeevka (or Avdiivka, if you’re with the Reich) crumbled this weekend.

Most of the industrial zone near the Yasinovataia-2 train station, and all the Tsarskaia Okhota lodge buildings, are now in Russian hands. The progress began on Saturday and accelerated into Sunday.

Russia now hugs Avdeevka town itself, not only from the east, but now also from the south.

Will the Z-Man opt for Bock-moot #2?

Will the choice even be his, this time?

As with Bock-moot, his Ukro-Napoleon (Zaluzhny) and/or GLOBOHOMO could advise a withdrawal…..

But, as before, this is no real solution, as not only will Russia have achieved its strategic aim (in this case, to remove the immediate threat to Donetsk city), but it will also be able to redeploy large forces (including massive artillery and air support) to another sector of its choosing.

So, how’s that a solution? There is no solution.

If the Ukrainian commanders and soldiers were, body for body and mind for mind, superior to the Russians, as were the Germans in 1941-1943, then, yes, by all means, withdraw from the trap, and meet the Russians on open ground, somewhere else, and outmaneuver and beat them.

But, that’s not the case here.

Here… They can get killed now, or they can get killed later. They can get killed in one place, get killed across various places, or get killed in one place and in various places.

No solution.

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(2) Meta-cognition and the Arab-Israeli conflict (bringing your attention to your own use of subjective narrative frames for understanding the conflict.)

(3) “The Jews Are Back” (the longest of the three, talking about the cyclical nature of Jewish tribalism/affiliation in the USA, and how the Jews are on the upswing now, “thanks to” October 7th, and thus they will OVERPOWER their domestic opposition.)

Yes, all deep, deep stuff.

Again, at least $20 here. Thank you!!!

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