The last days of Hitler


Despite the subject line, this is not about Justin Trudeau.  Latest news is that, having evacuated most U.S. Embassy, Kiev personnel to Lvov in far western Ukraine, Washington ordered the last few staff (probably Diplomatic Security Service guys) on their way out to destroy embassy computer desktop and server equipment (also, the internal phone network) that could not be brought out in a hurry.  

I’ve been writing since November about the imminent threat of war in the Ukraine.  Per Brandon, the Russian invasion was supposed to be today (February 16th.)  Going by their own story, they knew this was coming.  If tearing out the phone network—which holds no memory other than which cubicle called which cubicle—was so important, and not just a big show for the media and weak-minded people everywhere, why wait till the last minute?  

Under international law, embassies are inviolate—untouchable.  And, Russia is not Iran, ISIS, or the Benghazi guys who were “protesting the Mohammed video.”  Even if Russia took over Ukraine’s capital tomorrow, it would not simply walk into the U.S. Embassy and ransack the place, like the Mongol horde.  I mean, that’s just ridiculous.  Russia also has its own embassy and consular stations in the USA to worry about.  

Since the dawn of modern international law after World War 2, no diplomatic facility has been “overrun” by intruders, outside of a few Muslim countries, Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, the Japanese embassy in Peru in 1996, and Vietnam in 1975 (after literally every American had permanently left the embassy—totally unnecessary in Kiev.)  

Even the Taliban haven’t touched the U.S. Embassy, Kabul since last August.  And, 

during the U.S./NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999—which killed well over 1000 Serbs, including, deliberately, to end the broadcasts, 16 civilian employees at state TV headquarters, a war crime—the U.S. Embassy, Belgrade was empty, but no one invaded it.  (I think there were some protests outside.)  

We’re not even fighting Russia, like we did Serbia.  That our State Department resolved to freak out and destroy Embassy computers on the way out (why not just set the place on fire?)—like the German officers burning papers near the end of the classic film Patton, you know, “Hitler in the bunker” type stuff—demonstrates either (1) a desire to crank up some fake hysteria to apocalyptic levels, for public consumption, or (2) a shocking degree of sensitivity and paranoia regarding what’s on those computers.  

Explanation (1) is so “dumb” (could be real, but it looks so bad on them), let’s opt for number (2), just to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Let’s go down this lane.  What could they be hiding?  

It’s been alleged that Ukraine has, since 2014, been run “manually” out of the U.S. Embassy.  Many clues supported this view, such as, for example, Ukraine’s Interior Minister Avakov (an entrenched, “J. Edgar Hoover” type, with his own small army) suddenly resigning and going into retirement and obscurity last year, at the height of his power, just a few days after meeting (behind closed doors) with the U.S. Ambassador, after getting into a severe spat with President Zelensky, whom Uncle Sam is propping up (dude’s got a 23 percent approval rating, he can’t last on his own.)  

On top of that, the entire CIA operation in the Ukraine is (was) presumably run out of the Embassy.  All the payoffs, everyone on the payroll, everything, it is (was) likely all there.  I assume Uncle Sam remembers how such information was “used” in Vietnam after the fall of Saigon and the evacuation of our embassy there.  

Keep in mind, South Vietnam was a U.S. puppet regime, not truly independent, unable to survive on its own, which of course explained all the payrolls and payoffs and the spooky long fingers in every pie.  Afghanistan was the same.  Ukraine is the same.  

Again, the Russians are not going to ransack the U.S. Embassy—if you doubt their pure intentions, even just one Marine squad guarding the place, or aerial surveillance alone, would be enough to keep them at bay—but, due to “organizational memory”, our State Department’s not taking any chances.  (Even if their computer encryption is so good as to take 600 years to crack, if someone up top said, “don’t take any chances”, they won’t take any chances.)

That says A LOT more about the U.S. and its “activities” in “democratic Ukraine”, than it does about Russia.  

Not to compare Uncle Sam to the darkness within darkness, but you know those Germans weren’t just burning their lunch menus and maintenance work orders.  

Alternately, again, it could have been just one big show.  What do you think?

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Additional thoughts 

There may be yet another explanation for the disgraceful, panicked, histrionic evacuation/relocation of the U.S. Embassy, Kiev, as well as the “Hitler’s bunker” destruction of computer and other equipment there.  By moving the embassy to Lvov near the Polish border, the Brandon crew can avoid any “Afghanistan” drama if/when Russia goes in.  You see, if they are all the way on the other side of the Ukraine from Russia, with no presence anywhere else in the country, not to mention “we had to destroy our computers”, of course, they can’t be responsible for rescuing or airlifting any American citizens out of there, and the GOP gets no talking points on that count.  In other words, they’re washing their hands of it, it’s all political.  

If you think I’m nuts, keep in mind, 

the U.S. Embassy, Beirut (Lebanon) was neither closed nor evacuated when our Ambassador—as well as his Economic Counsellor and their local driver—were kidnapped and killed in 1976, only being cleared out of civilians (the 241 guards sent by Reagan were blown up some months later) in 1983, over seven years into Lebanon’s civil war, after 49 embassy staff were killed in a suicide bombing.  The embassy was then relocated to a Beirut suburb, where it was suicide bombed again, “miraculously” (it could have been much worse) killing only another two Americans and a larger number of locals, but stayed open for another five years. 

I can’t convey in words how shameful, disgraceful it is to just tuck tail and run because Russia (which of course won’t touch the Kiev embassy) may or may not invade some part of the Ukraine, but again, there are reasons—none of them good.  Take your pick!  

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