The Supreme Court is Working for Putin!!!!

  • Moooooove over, Ukraine!
  • Ghost of Kiev gets Infinity Gauntlet-ed,
  • Izium-Slaviansk front,
  • DREIZIN REPORT ORIGINAL VIDEO: If Russia’s “plan” was so perfect…,
  • Chili comes to Jesus!
  • My statement to the RNC,
  • Putin’s thugs infiltrate the U.S. Capitol!
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Folks, I really appreciate the nice emails.  I no longer have time to respond to most.  More to the point, I don’t respond to requests for deep, detailed answers to obscure questions that will never make it to the site.  Instead of writing me, please consider leaving a comment here.  I do read the comments, and I’m impressed with the level of intelligence and sophistication displayed.  There is yet hope for us all!

Moooooove over, Ukraine!

Writing this on Monday evening, news came in that some Democrat clerk on the U.S. Supreme Court, evidently seeking to foment protest and intimidate the Republican-appointed judges, leaked a pending decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Not to argue abortion—the country was simply moving this way. 

In the early 1970s, the era of Roe v. Wade, there was the “sexual revolution”, the welfare society, and things were breaking down.  There was a glut of unwanted babies, born to very trashy mothers.  Today, many Americans fly to Cambodia etc. (nuts!) to buy their children. 

In short, there is a SEVERE supply-demand mismatch, and NO ONE CARED TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

Over time, the Supreme Court decision (if not walked back!) will reduce this imbalance by expanding DOMESTIC supply. 

And, it’s great for the babies!   

Of course, all the “Ukraine flag” Twitter accounts will forget about the Ukraine, REAL QUICK. 

Overnight, America is back to eating itself. 

Loving the country, not the politics, I think this switcheroo is funny as hell.  Our actors in Congress were well overdue to start fake-hating each other again! 

It also means the Ukraine will have to pull out all the stops, and then some, to bring attention back to itself (if that’s possible.) 

We may soon hear some truly crazy s*** about Russians boiling people alive in vats of anthrax. 

Either that, or “So long, Ukraine!  You had your five minutes!”

The Ghost of Kiev gets Infinity Gauntlet-ed

Folks, I don’t think it’s fair, the way this guy has been rubbed out.  He was a hero, he shot down 40 Russian planes, and now, with a snap of the fingers…..

…..he never existed.

How would you feel if this happened to you? 

Oh, and someone please break it GENTLY to Dan Crenshaw.  He was really excited about this guy. 

Izium-Slaviansk front

For the last few weeks, the fronts in eastern Kharkov and the northern Donbass have been functionally merging, and now these areas cannot be viewed separately. 

As I’ve described previously, Russia’s strategy differs greatly from the rapid-advance, “leave as many enemy behind us as possible” days of late February and early March. 

It’s now one of very slow, deliberate grinding down of Ukrainian forces through massed artillery, aerial bombing, ground and sea-based missile attacks, nighttime commando raids, and occasional tank raids against weakened positions. 

The Ukrainians bring up forces, they get wasted, they bring up more, get wasted, and slowly Russia (and the Donetsk forces further east) move in. 

There is clearly no hurry to advance; the main goal is to wear out the Ukraine’s human resources—and then, ultimately, there will come a breaking point, and everything will take care of itself. 



Based on extensive prisoner accounts, today, we may confidently say that the majority, perhaps SIZEABLE majority, of Ukrainian forces deployed to the northern sector—with fighting primarily between Kharkov city and the Russian border, and then Izium southeast to Yampol’—were NOT in uniform as of February. 

They are mobilized inactive-reservists, draftees, or (deployed from their home regions, in violation of their contracts) Territorial Defense militia. 

What this tells you, is that the regular army has taken very substantial losses (likely including through desertion.)

I previously estimated that casualties in the northern sector since early April have been at least 3:1 in Russia’s favor.  I now believe it’s more like 4:1. 

It is telling that the Ukraine has failed to document even just one new Russian prisoner in the last few weeks (unless I missed something—but I don’t miss much.) 

Many Ukrainian bodies will never be recovered—for example, those hit directly with an Iskander tactical ballistic missile (see below for demonstration purposes only), of which Russia continues to shoot at least several per day, each and every day, at Ukrainian sector command posts and platoon or company-sized strongpoints. 


If Russia’s “plan” was so perfect…

(2nd part of my big video release for this week)

In any war, not everything can be all rosy for one side.  Please watch my below video for more information:


Chili comes to Jesus!

I’ve done the research, and confirmed that the below video shows Sergei Velichko, callsign “Chili”, who despite his baby face (I think he’s older than he looks) was a longtime fascist activist leader in the Kharkov area, and then got involved in the war, signing up with the local Azov, Aidar, or some other “ideological” unit, where he became a platoon leader or something like that.

(I could look up all the fine details, but it doesn’t matter.)

Remember that video of caged Russian prisoners who were shot in the legs and left to bleed out and die?

That was Chili’s people.  Or at least, Russia blamed Chili. 

(BTW, what’s up with these “callsigns”?  The original Donbass rebels from 2014, used callsigns because they were almost all from the Ukraine—from the Donbass, but also from as far as Odessa—and had to protect their families; they couldn’t let their names get out.  Ukrainian forces, on the other hand, had no such worries; the Ukraine Security Service (local KGB successor) was not pursuing them or their wives or parents.  Yet, they copy-catted the rebels, taking callsigns because it’s so “cool”, and using them to this day.)

Russia still blames Chili.

On the Ukrainian side, Chili is, of course, untouchable.  No one’s going to arrest him.  Perish the thought!  Ukraine’s got all sorts of dudes slitting Russian prisoner throats on video, superstars with millions of hits.  They’re all roaming free because hey, there’s a war on for Democracy! 

NONETHELESS, Chili is now second-guessing himself, like those SS men who began selling Jews to representatives of the Jewish Agency from late 1943 onwards, to prove they were not the “bad” SS guys, but the “good” SS guys that should not be strung up, should Germany lose the war. 

Here’s the Chili video:

Of course, like most Ukrainian military men, he prefers to speak in Russian, as that’s his language.

Here is my own translation:

“We, our unit, shot Russian(s) specifically prisoners in the legs.  (These) people are prisoners, they surrendered, they are with bound hands.  I don’t consider this to be right.  I don’t know where this video came from.  But I don’t consider this to be right.”

LOL, dude.  You admit your people did it, but you don’t know where the video came from? 

(And, what happened to the prisoners after your people shot them in the legs and left them to bleed out… Perhaps they died? Maybe, focus on that instead of the legs?)

In short: Repent, or don’t repent! 

More to the point, for us as observers, what does today’s Chili know or suspect? 

Why has he become a human rights activist?

My statement to the Republican National Committee (RNC)

This may seem “random”, but here goes. 

If you are on the RNC, do not—UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES—write to me to be unsubscribed from my mailing list, UNTIL you have found a way to permanently remove me from all mailing lists that your organization gives or sells to Republican candidates. 

Below is part of a response that I sent to an RNC member yesterday, after he/she got a little saucy with me: 


I’m not selling anything, promoting any product, or asking for money, so, under Federal law, no, I am not required to have an unsubscribe link, or to unsubscribe you at all.

You can feel free to direct my emails to spam if you wish, that’s your call.

I get literally three hundred pieces of fundraising spam a day from you people, it never stops, you help preside over an organization that has given or sold all my personal email addresses to all comers, so while I am not asking for your sympathy, just on principle, no I won’t remove you from my list.

Yes, you read that correctly—three hundred pieces of email spam per day. 

Six months ago, it was two hundred, now it’s three hundred. 

If I unsubscribe to one or 20 or 100, it doesn’t help, because I am only unsubscribing to those, not to the source/master list that the RNC is passing around. 

Do yourself a favor—NEVER, EVER, EVER donate any money to any Republican cause through WinRed or any other electronic venue.  They will be coming for you for the rest of your electronic life. 

(I think it’s still “safe” to send a check to your local city/county party committee, if such are your politics.)

Putin’s thugs infiltrate the Capitol!

Few know this, but Putin’s thugs infiltrated the U.S. Capitol grounds on January 6th, 2021, and, having dressed up as police, brutalized the peaceful protestors, to include repeatedly beating a lady named Rosanne Boyland with a large baton, after she was lying on the ground, motionless, and had likely already lost consciousness—thus causing or contributing to her death. 

I’m not sure why it took so long for the video to come out publicly.  After all, this happened 16 months ago.  We were lied to that Boyland died from some cardiac episode, and nothing else. 

Per the George Floyd playbook (although I don’t know DC city law), even if she was high on fifteen different drugs, if the Putin thug CONTRIBUTED to her death, then it’s murder and a war crime, it’s basically genocide. 

I’m glad it finally saw the light of day.  Now that we have proof, Federal prosecutors can finally indict a bunch of Russians for these crimes, to include (in no order) a bunch of oligarchs, Putin’s cook, his food taster, physician, masseuse, pedicurist, every Russian bank, and of course, Donald Trump.

I look forward to reading about it in the papers. 

Mail bag

I received emails or comments from no less than three readers, slamming me for suggesting that people buy iodine, because what you’re supposed to take in a radiological emergency is potassium iodide.  Folks, this is why some people blog successfully, and some come across like autists.

It’s hard to go on Amazon and find pure elemental iodine.  Almost all iodine supplements consist at least in part of potassium iodide.  (If you seek an iodine supplement, and you know WHY you’re buying it, you will find the right stuff.)

Obviously, my critics didn’t know that.  It’s no good to wear “nuclear physicist” on your sleeve, if you’re too smart to know anything. 

Of course, if the SHTF, you would need to dose properly, and I’m not a doctor—do your own research, or better yet, if/when the SHTF, talk to a doctor.  Don’t poison yourself or your kids. 

Aaaaannnd… the ruble

The U.S. dollar fell as much as seven-some percent against the ruble this morning.

The trigger? I imagine Germany has caved on the gas-for-rubles thing, although, of course, they won’t advertise it.

In short, the ruble has gained around 15 percent since “the invasion.”

In a post some weeks ago, I said that with gas-for-rubles, the ruble could achieve a “60-handle”… and it happened.

This is an ENORMOUS damper against price inflation inside Russia. It counteracts the “transshipment” premium, whereby European auto parts and many, many other de facto “banned” products WOULD be more expensive due to being sent to Russia now through third countries, rather than directly.

In other words, at the current exchange rate, most Russian consumers will likely feel almost no effect from the sanctions at all.

A day or two ago, The Hill (a U.S. establishment publication focused on Federal politics) ran an opinion piece by a smart guy in India, saying that, hey, maybe the sanctions won’t work, after all.

Got that? It had to be someone from INDIA!!! No one in the U.S. dares say the obvious, yet.

Well, I’ve been saying the obvious for months, but The Hill likely won’t print me.



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