Military Developments Over the Weekend

My below video summarizes:

  1. Recent Ukrainian moves off the coast of Odessa, in the context of U.S. direct operational assistance to Ukrainian forces in this area.
  2. Developments in the Donbass, with a broader explanation of the tactical picture.

Please note, in this video, when I twice said “electronic warfare”, I meant to say “signals interception.” I do not script or even much prepare for my videos, thus, sometimes I misspeak, in which case, I will publish a correction.

(As further clarification on the first part, Snake Island is about 15 miles off the Ukrainian coast, but, it is unlikely that Ukrainian artillery positions are exposed right on the beach on the mainland. The artillery is likely operating near or at its maximum operational range, against Russian positions on a very small island of only some tens of acres in size. In the video, I don’t guess at what targeting assistance the U.S. may have provided, but anything is “on the table”, up to and including laser-guided munitions, which the Ukraine never had in the past.)


Ukraine – Military Developments Over the Weekend



Poland itching to move into the Ukraine

(All humans are urged to finalize their wills, “get right with God”, etc. etc.)

Considering the following factors…..

  1. Poland’s president recently promised that “there will be no more borders” between Poland and the Ukraine.
  2. Poland’s military mobilization and its joint training with U.S. forces/instructors continues to accelerate to a very high degree.
  3. The media “prep work” (a.k.a. brainwashing of the masses) and most recently also the polling has been done; it is clear that Poland’s public is now favorably disposed to intervention in the Ukraine.
  4. Due to repeated Russian cruise missile strikes on key infrastructure, the U.S. hegemonic bloc’s ability to deliver heavy weaponry to the Ukraine (by rail) is strained, and will totally collapse this month without the activation of NATO country air defenses over western Ukraine.

…..It is clear that Poland strongly intends to move its most combat-capable forces (approximately one division) into northwest Ukraine.

For Polish interests specifically, this would be an imperial move to restore Poland’s historical dominance over western Ukraine, pure opportunism, nothing about saving the Ukraine.

(I won’t guess at a timeline, but it could be this month.)

Uncle Sam was clearly hesitant to give the go-ahead, but, while I could be wrong, I believe number (4), above, is (or will soon be) the clincher.

As I have written, the probability of tactical nuclear weapons being used inside the Ukraine, goes from precisely zero point zero zero, to “something”, if a NATO country army or armies become involved openly, directly inside the Ukraine.

Of course, use of tactical nuclear weapons may lead to the use of strategic nuclear weapons.

I trust that all readers are prepared to die for the Ukraine.

(CLARIFICATION IN LIGHT OF RECENT COMMENTS: If Poland moves in while the war is still ongoing, it would have NATO country (U.S. and German and other) air defense support from just across the Polish and Slovak borders, which would interfere with Russian bombing of Ukrainian rail and other infrastructure, and possibly of the NATO weapons shipments themselves. So, we cannot say that Russia’s war effort would be unaffected by the Polish presence. Very much to the contrary.)


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