Victory Day in the Ukraine

  • U.S. new aid to Ukraine rises to $40 billion,
  • Victory Day events in the former Ukraine (JOIN THE FESTIVITIES!!!),
  • Switchblades have failed,
  • Even the “realists” are in Medazzaland,
  • The Azov prepare to die like men…NOT!
  • This ship will founder (the U.S. economy has failed, and so has MAGA)


U.S. new aid to Ukraine rises to almost $40 billion

As I write this, the U.S. Congress is “rushing” to authorize a total of $39.8 billion for the Ukraine, which is something like 10 times what the former Republican majority coughed up over two yearsafter two years of him begging and getting nothing—for Trump’s border wall. 

As I wrote before (when it was closer to $30 billion), this figure will continue to rise.  I’m guessing it will reach into the $70-80 billion range by mid-late summer, by which time, there won’t be much left of the Ukraine.    

Most of that money will probably go towards compensating the U.S. Department of Defense for arms it donated to the Ukraine.  In short, a bonanza of “replacement orders” for the military industries. 

Victory Day in the former Ukraine

I’ve heard back from some “VIP” readers on my original mailing list, and I think that’s just the tip of the iceberg of who’s reading me in “high circles.”

If you are a Congressional staffer, or someone responsible for writing or clearing the Talking Points, be sure to check this out, because you might learn something—Of course, I get it, just for your own benefit.  You can’t depart the Narrative at your job. 

Further below is a video of the Victory Day parade in Mariupol, May 9th, 2022. 

A few words as background:

Under the Ukraine, the orange-and-black “George’s ribbon” color scheme (see the banner in the video) was banned.  Victory Day (May 9th) was officially cancelled, and parades or demonstrations were not permitted by local authorities. 

People who came out to celebrate in small gatherings in parks, were harassed, even pushed around or beaten by fascist hooligans—and “surveilled” and “dossier’ed” and sometimes even arrested by the Ukraine Security Service. 

Anyone with a government job who was “caught” at one of these outings, would have been fired.

The “Maidan regime” aimed to reinvent the Ukraine, to write Russia out of its history completely, so much that the Ukraine’s role in WWII was more-or-less erased, save for glorification of Banderite guerillas—the Volhynia genocide folks—in the far northwest. 

It was supposed to be a revolutionary New Society, built from zero, with almost no real connection to its censored past (other than semi-mythological narratives about Bandera and other heroes who fought Russia, Poland, etc.)

Sound familiar, Americans? 

Revolutionary regimes always do this.

Fortunately, the USA has a strong Federal structure, and the Red States told American Brezhnev (Brandon), the LockDown’s Syndrome freaks, and the Progressive Culture Warriors to go to hell. 

The Ukraine had no such backstop. 

All it had was billions of dollars in IMF economic aid and U.S. & Co. military aid. 

And now, we see the outcome.   

Now that the Ukraine is gone from Mariupol, this is how people really feel:


And some partially overlapping, but even more interesting footage, here:


Did you think it would be any different? 

The videos show a relatively unharmed part of Mariupol, although the center building at 0:17 to 0:24 (first video) appears to be missing much of its roof, and there are several windows on its top floor with smoke residue and missing panes.  

At this time, Mariupol hosts likely only about one-third of its pre-February 24th population, and many of those remaining are just focused on survival.  So, to get any crowd for a parade, let alone one of this size, is “not too shabby.”

As I’ve said several times, media windbags—including “controlled-opposition” conservatives such as Greg Kelly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc.—who shed crocodile tears for poor Mariupol civilians (we have to do something, we have to do something!!!), won’t give a frack about those same people, now that those people are “officially Russian” again.

It was all just dumb bloviation to fill airtime.


Here’s another video, of one of those May 9th “park outings” in Kupiansk, Kharkov province.  I think a lot more people would have turned out, but Kupiansk is close enough to the front line, and people are SCARED of what happens if the Ukraine comes back. 

(When Russia went in, and the Ukraine was pulling out, reportedly, the mayor was arrested and taken away and charged with treason by the Ukrainians.)

The lady with the boy, and the lady after that, are brought to tears while telling of how grateful they are to Russia, and to be able to celebrate this day (which for most secular Russians is the second most important holiday after New Year’s Eve—sort of a cross between Cinco de Mayo and Día de Los Muertos, to use a Mexican analogy.)


If the Ukraine comes back, EVERYONE in this May 9th crowd will—at a minimum—be called to an interrogation, and will be blacklisted for life (i.e., no government job, business license likely revoked, periodic official “checkups”, etc.) 

The organizers of this event (whoever set up the sound system, and coordinated with Russian forces for security) would likely be charged with TREASON.

Anyone for whom these videos are a surprise, I dedicate to you, “Everything You Know is Wrong” by Weird Al Yankovic: 


Switchblades have failed

As of this writing, there is STILL NOT ONE video of a Switchblade mini-drone being used successfully by the Ukraine against any Russian, Donetskor Lugansk target, even though, many hundreds of these things were supposed to have arrived in the Ukraine from the USA, starting A MONTH AGO.

They were supposed to be very easy to use. 

It’s been almost a month, what gives? 

Latest news is, Uncle Sam will send “high-precision, laser-guided rockets” to the Ukraine.  These rockets are meant to be mounted on helicopters. 


Only problem is, Ukraine just lost the last of its helicopters, on the ground in (or off the coast of) Odessa, since this past Saturday. 

Please, Brandon, send more Javelins! 

That will surely fix everything.

Even the “realists” are in Medazzaland

May 9th has come and gone.  Literally none of this (above) happened, LOL. 

Sure, he didn’t write “this WILL happen”, but when your headline says may this, will likely that, may the other… Well, that’s predicting that one or another of these things will happen—and on a certain day, no less!   

This is what happens when “otherwise intelligent” people—with zero grounding in the local language, culture, politics, news, views, analysis, memes, themes, etc., nor much understanding of the military situation on the ground—try to pontificate on what’s going on in Russia’s head, or what Russia will do.

It’s pure bloviation.

What’s scary, this gentleman is NOT with the MSM—he is what you might call a foreign policy “realist”, who has written extensively (and usually, very well) for, a “foreign policy realist” oriented publication. 

(The above screenshot is from an email newsletter for his Substack blog. You might wish to check him out. He writes some very well-researched, historical pieces that are worth reading, if you can get past the occasional hint of fanatical, “John Bircher” anticommunism.)

So much for “realism”!

When the “realists” are this far off, what can you expect of the MSM???

The Azov are total flakes, who knew? 

These Nazi clowns—who as per the Narrative, don’t exist—don’t want to surrender, but they don’t want to die like soldiers, either.

How many more videos are they going to send out, sniveling, begging for help? 

It’s pathetic.  

I’d say to them:  You tough guys have Swastika tattoos.  Stop the melodrama!  Take your own lives, like Hitler did!  

This ship will founder (and MAGA’s at the bottom already) 


2022 first-quarter GDP came in at minus 1.4 percent (annualized.)  

For an economy that was supposed to be still “recovering” from the corona-madness, that is horrendous.  Historically, you almost never see declines this bad for just one quarter—it gets worse before it gets better. 

(For my non-American, non-Western readers, minus 1.4 percent annualized is quite bad, as the U.S. economy is now over 40 percent government—at all levels—spending, and that spending is fixed, so in fact, the private contraction is quite a bit higher than 1.4.  Not to mention, there is so much bullsh*t baked into U.S. economic statistics, that even the epochal crash of 2008-2009 was only minus three or four percent, on paper.)

I’m not sure why more people are not talking about this. 

Just kidding.  It’s obvious.  The “news” is one big distraction.  Look at the “cover” (top screen) of the Washington Post online edition, as of 1:20am, Friday, May 5th.  It’s all Ukraine, all the time!

(Click here for a larger image)

Interest rates are a disaster.  Yes, if “the Fed” doesn’t raise rates—and tone down its monthly monetization of the U.S. debt, which would preclude any major new deficit spending—we will have an inflationary breakdown.  But the alternative is almost as bad.


As of this writing, the average 30-year, “main home, owner occupant, 740-plus credit score, 10 percent down payment” mortgage rate in the USA is 5.62 percent, up from 3.25 percent since December. 

This equates to about an extra $560-plus monthly on a $400,000 loan.  For lower credit scores, of course, even more. 

This may not seem like a helluva lot for a “white collar” working couple with no other big commitments (e.g., small family or no family), but with the cost of everything else going up hugely, and with home prices already at nosebleed levels, it could make the difference between “we’re interested” and “it’s better to rent.” 

And, rates are likely to keep rising. 

Anecdotally, houses in my area—the DC suburbs of northern Virginia, always one of the “strongest” markets in the country—that used to go “under contract” as soon as they hit the market (if they even hit the market), are now taking weeks to clear (i.e. back to normal)… even as prices continue to rise sharply.

It’s like Wile-E-Coyote going over the cliff.

It is obvious the whole thing is starting to turn over.

As in 2006-2007, no one in the MSM is talking about this.

Of course, as in 2006-2007, the “turn over” might last a year, depending on the area. 

My non-American readers may not be aware of the role that housing plays in the U.S. economy.  We don’t have much manufacturing here anymore.  In most U.S. cities and suburbs, home building and the “home improvement” industry is one-third or more of the private sector economy.

Another BIG problem:  This time, unlike in 2008, the price of fuel and food will not come down with the economy, as this time, unlike in 2008, the driver of the price hikes is not speculation (i.e. “hot” money moving out of mortgage bonds and into commodities.) 

This time, the cause is real shortages. 

What that means is, even with a recession, prices of what you need to live, will still go up. 

This is commonly referred to as “stagflation”, although the “stag” stands for stagnation, not recession. 

Yet, I’m not talking about stagnation.  No one alive in the USA today, remembers an economic crash simultaneous to—and coterminous with—shortages and spiking food and fuel prices.   

(The oil price shock that caused or hastened the 1973-1975 recession, came only at the start of that recession.)

It should be interesting!

Let’s not fool ourselves, Republican don’t have any idea what to do.  They voted for all the giveaways and inflationary bullsh*t.  Their talking points about Brandon’s inflation will fix NOTHING.

There’s no fix.  We’re at the end of the road.

They’re just now voting $40 billion for the Ukraine, and will likely go twice that within a few months—you think these goobers will solve anything for the USA? 

Unlike President Camacho from Idiocracy, they have no solution. 


Maintaining state and local GOP structures is critical for standing up to the Cultural Left and the government employee unions.  But we’re not going to “fix” anything by running “MAGA candidates.”

Remember Marsha Blackburn?  Tommy Tuberville?  How’d they turn out?

We could get FIVE “real” new MAGA senators in one swoop, and it would have no impact on the direction of the country.

MAGA already had the presidency, what’s a few senate seats?

After seeing the (to this day) vakk-seen promoting, 1/6 prisoner-ignoring, Ukraine-loving, Dr. Oz-endorsing, clueless joke that Trump has become, I can tell you this:

MAGA is now an illusion, forget it, it failed.  It’s not coming back.  

It’s just a cheap ticket for opportunistic “outsiders” to nail down the pissed-off vote in GOP primaries.  

The “we need to keep electing MAGA people, and after ten or twenty elections, we’ll finally save the country” track is RIDICULOUS.

By the time of the second election, the first crop would be busy fundraising with Big Pharm and the military-industrial complex, LOL. 

Worse, we are likely to be hit by another Factor X this year or early next—my prediction, a new and much more deadly corona, but it could be something else.

It could be, the rains don’t stop anytime soon in the Midwest, so the corn doesn’t plant until late May and then crop yields crater, and—on top of all the fertilizer etc. shortages—we really do have a famine situation, not just in Africa but even within the USA.

We’ll see how that turns out—I’m NOT predicting the weather. 

What I’m getting at is, the U.S. is now so systemically weak and fragile…..


…..that now would be the “right” time for something, anything to push this country off the edge.

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