Dreizin Report Special “Global” Briefing

  • Gas-for-rubles is pulling down the Euro,
  • Why the “U.S. intelligence communi-tay” relies on Ukrainian Twitter,
  • North Donbass developments,
  • The threat of Western artillery,
  • And, the usual Prokofiev intro sequence that you know and love,
  • Plus, “Stop the MAGA bullsh*t”


Your latest Dreizin Report video fix

Here’s my monster video for today, covering all but the last of the above bullets:

(Note, at 5:33, I meant to say “ruble”, not “euro”)

Next up:

Beyond the Ukraine: Stop the MAGA bullsh*t (Or not? Please comment below)

I voted for Trump twice, and gave his 2020 campaign hundreds of dollars, also giving thousands of dollars to Trump-endorsed, (alleged) MAGA candidates.  

I also donated $1500 worth of custom-made (designed by me) jumbo vinyl signs and banners to his “1/6” rally, which were so large, I had to pay my handyman $400 to stich them to poles at the ends (in addition to paying for the poles)—no other way to hold them up. 

I then personally delivered these to the organizers—whom I had gotten in touch with—in DC, the evening before, taking many hours of my time (the traffic, parking, and even sidewalk closures were impossible.) 

I would’ve taken a holiday and shown up “the day of”, but when I saw how large this thing was going to be, I realized I wouldn’t make it home in time to “be there” for my kids. 

Four years prior, I had shown up (uninvited ) to DC as well, to see how the (Trump) inauguration festivities were going.  It was evening, cold—I nearly froze trying to walk somewhere unblocked-off and accessible to Uber. 

I stopped by the entryway of the National Museum of African American History to warm up, but the bouncers kicked me out—some black Republicans had rented the space for a party, and uninvited trash was not welcome. 

So, I’ve done what I could. 

Sometimes, you have to move on. 

Steve Bannon and all the other “New Right” people are very smart.  I agree with almost everything they say.  Yes, by all means, get involved and toss the RINO’s out of your local GOP, at a minimum.  

But no, MAGA won’t do squat for the country now.  We’re past it.  We won’t have a southern border, or stop Chinese influence, under our existing political system. It’s lost.

The big issue now, is how we get through the inflation (or the fight against inflation) without coming apart.  

Do “they” stop the credit, and bring on a collapse, and have an Old Testament-style debt holiday…..

…..Or do they roll with the Weimar and lop a few zeroes off the dollar figures on everyone’s account statements? 

I don’t know.  It’s not as easy as it sounds, because either way could wipe out the banks, and then we have no loans and no economy.  

This is what matters today.  MAGA (whatever it means today) has no answers.  People who vote Republican only to stop the hoe-moe-sekk-shoo-wull agenda—bless them all—have no answers. 

Bannon is not talking about this.  Trump is too busy golfing.  And, he’s as guilty as anyone of getting us to this point, by supporting the crazy deficit spending. 



What are a few more MAGA congresspersons going to do, if/when they get elected? 

The big questions will be decided by the big banks in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, and the Secretary of the Treasury, and perhaps Schumer and McConnell (or whoever succeeds him.)  

Or, they will be decided on the street, or by men with guns, I’m not sure.

Perhaps Trump will step into the smoldering nuclear wreckage in 2024.  

Until then, if you’re a conservative, I’d say just focus on your own town or county. 

Don’t give one cent to the MAGA opportunists running for Federal office. 

They are all actors and bullsh*tters, “Oh I am so outraged, I had to do something”, whatever.  Late to the party!  No plan!  As pointless as the shuffling below: 


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