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Immediate Ceasefire???

As pointed out by Larry Johnson on his, the U.S. Secretary of Defense would NEVER call and ask Russia for an “immediate ceasefire” (according to CNN), if Uncle Sam didn’t think his Ukraine sugar baby rag doll needed it. 

The ONLY people who EVER beg for an immediate ceasefire, are those who are losing, or whose “horse” is losing. 

That’s all you need to know about all you need to know. 

Everything else is just propaganda and media bullsh*t.

Bye, Bye, Miss Ukrainian Pie

Although barely any U.S. or European media mentioned this at all, the past week saw the destruction of the Kremenchug oil refinery, which the Associated Press—citing a Ukrainian official—conveyed was “not operational anyway”…..

…..So, no big deal!  Right?


In recent weeks, the Ukraine has taken to disinformation regarding damage to infrastructure targets, to make Russia think that, hey, it’s all been destroyed, no additional / follow-up bombing needed, move along please.

Of course, the Russians are on to it. 

The oil tanks at Kremenchug had been damaged previously, but the facility—as one of the Ukraine’s only three functioning refineries at the start of the war, and one of only two large ones—has just lost its production section thanks to at least six Russian cruise missiles. 

This size of refinery would take years and hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild.

(As I’ve said many times, on its current track, the Ukraine will be destroyed.) 

But hey, why believe the Dreizin Report?  Instead, believe “your own lying eyes.”

Take a look at these gas station lines in the Kiev area, over the last few days:


Regional authorities say the gas will run out completely in a few days.

With the Lisichansk refinery also destroyed, and the Odessa refinery’s fuel tanks all well blown…..

…..the one avenue now for supplying the Ukraine (and its army) with ready fuel, is via tanker trains coming from Moldova. 

As I’ve written before, these trains are loaded at the port of Giurgiulești, then moved over Soviet-gauge Moldovan track into the Ukraine.

Poland and Slovakia don’t use the same track, so sourcing from that direction is not an option, unless you want to transfer the fuel to a new train at the border—ridiculously time-consuming.

Russia has hit and possibly disabled one of two Odessa-region bridges used by these fuel trains.

In short, the “fuel line” into the Ukraine, is hanging on a thread, and fully at Russia’s mercy.

Send more Javelins! 

“Why We Fight”, Ukraine edition

Incidentally, the second above video is stamped with the name of a Ukrainian independent news agency, Strana (“nation” or “the nation”), which was cancelled and banned by order of the Ukrainian state, last year.

Strana was the first “free press domino” to fall, before the Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council—with no constitutional authority or legal grounding, and with the outspoken support of the U.S. and UK embassies in Kiev—shut down three major, non-nationalist TV stations owned by opposition oligarch-politicians (one of them being the guy they later arrested and tried to exchange for the Azov in Mariupol—what a stunt!)

Strana has changed its Internet address and gone underground, and somehow, it is still functioning in some capacity. 

I lost track of them just after the war started.  They were the only readable Ukrainian news site in any language.

Thinking people might notice, it’s been two months since anyone in London or Washington has said that supporting the Ukraine is about Democracy blah blah. 

“They” also haven’t mentioned “preserving Ukraine’s territorial integrity” in almost as long.

They’ve all said openly for a month at least, it’s all just about weakening Russia so as to keep the U.S. and its hegemonic bloc on top.

The Ukrainian nationalists are just dumb f*ck pawns, because U.S. soldiers and marines are too valuable, and the U.S. public (after Iraq and Afghanistan) doesn’t want any more land wars.

Hegemony is dirty business, but hey, Uncle Sam has the money to pay people to do it, just like I pay someone to pick weeds around my house, because I’m lazy and I have kids and I’m too busy writing this blog.

North Lugansk and Kharkov developments

(You’re all going to die!!)

Although there is clearly something happening, news of Russian and Lugansk advances in north Lugansk seems to have been heavily censored over the last few days. 

Any censorship is understandable, as U.S. satellites would not necessarily be able to make out light infantry action, and thus, why give anything away?  “Loose lips sink ships.”

There is word that Russian and/or Lugansk forces have entered Severodonetsk city in force. 

The city is likely not as heavily garrisoned as Lisichansk. Substantial forces were reportedly withdrawn, some weeks ago, to plug other holes, although the garisson may later have been strengthened by the force retreating from Rubezhnoe.

As I mentioned in my last video, Russian and Lugansk forces are also reconnoitering and pushing forward north and likely west of Popasnaya.

There is still some kind of Russian bridgehead on the enemy side of the Severskii Donets river just west of Lisichansk. 

(It is still unclear if there is any functioning pontoon bridge, or if the transport is exclusively amphibious.)

All in all, it’s likely that the first-line combat units have gotten ahead of the war correspondents.

The Ukrainian aerial photos of Russian blasted or abandoned (much of it, in fact, intact) hardware along the attempted ford near Belogorovka are genuine; this is Russian equipment. 

Russia may have lost up to 150 personnel killed, to include, according to the most credible source, at least two officers at the rank of lieutenant colonel or higher. 

More recently, the Ukraine’s “Big Offensives” between Kharkov and the Russian border, as well as west of Izium, have put on cement shoes, duct taped a tennis ball into their mouths, and sunk to the bottom. 

You won’t ever hear about them again. 

Back to Severodonetsk-Lisichansk, I’m sure this area had something to do with the pathetic ceasefire call to Russia. 

There is now video footage available of a substantial Russian tank buildup around Severodonetsk.

Typically, they move in the tanks for an urban assault, only after the infantry is already well situated.

If the Ukraine suffers another annihilated “cauldron” here, a la Mariupol, not only will that wipe out some of its best forces, but the rest COULD start to crack, psychologically.

Also, before I forget… The Dreizin Report was invited recently to a Ukrainian position just west of Lisichansk. 

I got a bit drunk and carried away, it was not my best moment. 

They threw me in a cart and drove me off.

(I am embarrassed, please don’t pass this around.)

Nonetheless, I got my message across:


Zelensky poll

I am shocked, shocked and deeply saddened etc. etc. that there are thousands of Dreizin Report readers who still have not taken my Zelensky poll. 

I need you to help me determine whether Zelensky is on drugs, drunk, or something else, in this video:

You can find the poll towards the bottom of my April 21st post, here.



Back in March and early April, we heard much about Russia’s “indiscriminate shelling” that was killing so many civilians.

Well, you don’t hear “indiscriminate” much anymore, do ya now?

Not when—with the Russians now far away from Kiev—it’s the Ukraine doing most of the “indiscriminating.”

Here’s a video of the bodies of three teenagers in Vladimirovka, Donetsk, who heard the siren but did not make it into the basement in time, before they were killed by a blast wave and/or shrapnel from a Ukrainian army bombardment: 

Here’s a video of the Tekstil’shik market in Donetsk City, which was hit by Ukrainian army “grad” rockets.

Here’s a video of a residential area in Golaia Pristan’, Kherson, which was hit by a Ukrainian army Tochka-U tactical ballistic missile. 

Here’s a supermarket that got hit in Donetsk city:

Here’s “live” Ukrainian shelling of what seems to be an empty field in the Russian (inside Russia) village of Solokhi.

And, then we have this photo of an alleged rape-and-murder victim (***CAUTION, HIGHLY DISTURBING, JUST IGNORE AND DO NOT OPEN IF YOU ARE EASILY BOTHERED, OBSESSIVE, OR MENTALLY ON THE EDGE ALREADY***) in a Donetsk village that has just been taken by Russian forces. 

They say it was done by Ukrainian soldiers—I have no idea. 

It could have been some psycho taking advantage of the absence of law and order during wartime. 

Or, this poor lady just expired naked under her bed for natural reasons. 

But, some United Nations official is now blaming Russia for old people dying “from stress” while cooped up due to Russia’s military presence.  And we all know, if it’s a body, the Russians did it.

So, yeah, we’ll say this lady was a victim of brutal, blah blah Ukrainians.

The Donetsk Peoples’ Republic government says 570 civilians in areas under its control (this would not include “at the time” contested areas such as Mariupol), have been killed by Ukrainian attacks, mostly shelling or rocketing, since January. 

I just checked the website of Human Rights Watch (HRW)…..

…..and there’s still NOTHING about any civilian deaths or abuses at the hands of the Ukraine.

Like it’s not even happening. 

If it’s Russia, they say, hey, look at all these people who were killed DELIBERATELY by Russia.

With the Ukraine, it’s not even deliberate, it just doesn’t exist.

Of course, we know the “Human Rights Complex” is an agent of the Narrative and the Agenda.

They need to raise money to “keep the lights on”, and there’s no money to be had by saying that Ukraine is doing the same sh*t as Russia, because it’s a war, duh.

The money comes from “Upper West Side” (Manhattan) democrats who write checks to follow what’s trendy. 

There’s no money in telling these people what they don’t hear on CNN, what they DON’T WANT to hear.

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