Dreizin master class: Political Psychology 101

Below, Dreizin saves you (or your kids) thousands more dollars in college tuition AND blows your mind with simple, obvious stuff that, somehow, almost no one understands.

And further down, we have some important war material, answering the question, why is GLOBOHOMO not giving the Ukraine remotely enough new gear to compensate for all that’s been lost over the last TWO MONTHS?

(Of course, the answer is obvious if you have a brain—it’s the same answer as for why they just FINALLY “realized” they can’t train Ukrainians to fly F-16’s because of a LANGUAGE BARRIER (LOL, you can’t make this up!!!)… but I have fun with it, and I hope you will enjoy, as well.)

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Some have described Dreizin as an “analyst.” Dreizin takes offense at this term.

“Analyst” is from the word “anus”, because analysts talk a bunch of crap.

Dreizin is a realist. I plug you in to REALITY.

Below is a lesson on politics. It is TRUTH. As with all TRUTH, it is SELF-EVIDENT. And yet, where else have you ever read or heard it? Of course, NOWHERE. Nowhere, ever, but here.

Here’s part of a comment that I received:

As it relates to the chronic blather about the 2020 election being a clean election, this latest indictment can be used by Trump, if he is properly represented, to show that is not true. Most of the evidence of election fraud has never been tested in court because the Judges will not accept the challenges for various legal reasons. Now, someone can finally present the evidence in the court and there is a lot. Also, because of the indictment’s tie to Jan 6th, all of the surveillance videos can be subpoenaed as well as the capitol Police chief who quit after the riot, but makes a case that the failed security at the capitol was planned by folks higher in the food chain than him.

Here’s my response. (If you think you’ve read it, read it again, because I kept working on it.) You should read the whole thing, it builds up to the lesson. The lesson, towards the bottom, is in bolded font, and the most important part of it is in EXTRA-LARGE BOLDED font:

I’m sorry, I hope you’ll keep giving me money, but everyone knows, Dreizin never bites his tongue, and I’m not about to start now.

This part of your well-written comment is SHOCKINGLY naive.

You sound like Gateway Pundit or the Robert Barnes people.

You assume the judge will allow Trump’s trial, to become a trial of the election (as well as of the FBI’s role in “January 6th”, holy moly!!!)

You forgot, the trial will be in Washington, DC.

What I’ve read, the assigned judge is a reliable “hanging judge”, as far as the January 6th crowd is concerned.

Besides which, the MSM won’t cover Trump’s defense, except to briefly ridicule it, same as with the Hunter Biden stuff (although the latter is well worth pursuing, simply because the initial facts are still getting out.)

You really think this will be an OJ Simpson trial, with everyone glued to the tube, looking to make up their minds?

It’s been close to three years since the election. No one’s gonna be redpilled by “evidence from 2020”, who wasn’t already redpilled.

Your comment, is as if written by someone who’s been sleeping since 2017, and just woke up and read about the 2020 election and everything else.

Naturally, a former president being tried by his enemies, on enemy territory, it looks bad, and if the economy continues to stagnate, and the price of gas rises again, and there are other failures (let alone, another pandemic, lost war, etc.)…..

…..then most people won’t buy into the trial, and it would be much easier for our political Supreme Court to overturn Trump’s conviction, or to intervene in the trial itself (upon some emergency appeal from his lawyers), or, he gets elected (perhaps, from jail) and pardons himself.

But, this has NOTHING to do with any “evidence.”

The final outcome of the Trump persecution, as everything in politics, will depend on “EVENTS” and on PUBLIC OPINION.

“Democratic system” political outcomes DO NOT (as in, NEVER, EVER, EVER) depend on any “objective facts” that are separate from the financial / personal success or well-being of rich donors and dumb voters.

(The only other deciding factor is tribal identity and tribal “under threat” feeling, and their relative intensities across donor cliques and broad demographics.)

“Facts” are **ONLY** ever judged in light of the above factors.

Outside of these factors, facts DON’T MATTER AT ALL.

Even INSIDE of these factors, facts don’t ever REALLY matter, per se, as they are merely AUXILLIARY to pre-existing (tribal) or situational (success / well-being) senses and feelings, serving as a hook or amplifier (perhaps even a VERY STRONG AND USEFUL ONE), but having NO SEPARATE LIFE OR VALUE.

(U.S. House Repubs “get” this, and are thus slow dripping the Hunter Biden stuff, letting it percolate into the masses, until such time as the U.S. goes further downhill, and then, the facts around Hunter will start to matter. The “Impeach Now!” crowd OBVIOUSLY doesn’t get it.)

If you grasp this, you can begin to predict certain political outcomes.

If you don’t grasp it, you’re just lost in a brain fog.

One of the very best Ukraine audios that I’ve done, please listen:

(Audio file duration: 11:43)

(Note: As I’ve said for a while, GLOBOHOMO is low on the M777 cannon, but, it COULD open the floodgates on the M109’s, which it has NOT done. In fact, as far as has been clearly disclosed, no M109’s have yet come to the Borscht Reich from the U.S. directly. (A small number has come from European countries.)

A reader/commenter mentioned that Scott Ritter considers Gonzalo Lira—a U.S. citizen, minor Twitter star, and repeat Mercouris show guest, of Chilean descent, who has been living in Kharkov, the Ukraine, since before 2022—to be controlled by the Ukrainian secret services. Here’s how I responded:

I don’t have time to watch Ritter, but if he said that, good on him.

Lira is obviously some flavor of fraud.

Nobody, not even a U.S. passport holder, can live in the Ukraine and publicly shit on its government and war effort, “just like that.”

Since February 24, 2022, the Ukraine has become one of the world’s most oppressive states, a giant concentration camp, up there with North Korea. Even listening to Russian music in one’s car, or having a Russian Telegram channel on one’s phone, is grounds for indefinite detention and “enhanced interrogation techniques”, on the presumption that the offender is a spotter for Russian air/missile strikes, or some kind of traitor, anyway. (If the offender is lucky enough to be released, if male and not older than 60, he will immediately be presented with a big “fuck you” in the form of a draft summons.)

My guess, Lira is/was a “honey trap”, with the security men nailing local dissidents/freethinkers who were dumb enough to reach out to him. It’s INCONCEIVABLE that he didn’t understand his role. He MAY have even been paid for it.

If they really did arrest him, not just to give him more “cred”, but “for real”, once or twice, it was only because he lost the plot, temporarily stopped cooperating or whatever (perhaps demanded more money!!!)


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