CORRECTION, UP-FRONT: In the below podcast, and in an earlier audio message, I included Robert Barnes with the likes of Steve Bannon, in the bucket of “Trump’s going to blow the whole thing open!!!” ever-crap artists. Several readers set me straight—Barnes has said Trump has no chance in a DC court, and will go to jail if the trial is not moved. Sorry, sorry. Not that Bannon is a dummy, but between Barnes and Bannon, you can see the difference that 20 IQ points makes. Nonetheless, as a member of the ever-Trumper camp, Barnes has much hyped the Trump comeback, and how Trump is electorally competitive and blah blah blah… and then what? What’s the point? Leading people astray with false hope, one way or another. Yes, I understand, he’s got to fill his two hours a day of airtime. Yes, it’s better than CNN. It’s not my format, thank God.

Did another podcast with Mike from Coffee and a Mike. I call this a “mega”, as I covered almost every issue in the repertoire. MOST of it is about U.S. politics, however, in this fabulous “trailer” that Mike did for his Twitter account, I’m talking about the war and Hegemony:

Again, most of it is actually about U.S. politics, but, something for everyone.

Here’s the whole thing on Apple Podcasts.

Please listen, below.

(Audio file duration: 4:13)

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Folks, I was wrong. I UNDERSTATED the gains. As you can see from the below map, since June 4th, after over 30,000 casualties (dead and wounded) and the irreplaceable loss (not even counting what’s fixable) of enough gear to equip an entire division from scratch…..

…..the Borscht Reich has captured three portable toilets, a chicken coop, a pigsty, two crack houses, Lindsay Graham’s gay porn collection, and a scenic overlook that’s popular with local junkies and homo-hookup seekers.

Furthermore, we’ve finally reached the point at which Uncle Sam, after about A YEAR of mulling over “the F-16’s”, has announced that Reich pilots don’t speak English well enough to go through pilot training.

This is a HUGE development. I assume the next stage, is to teach them English, along with how to draw a circle, dot their “i’s” (in Ukrainian, two dots), potty and wipe, use tissues instead of picking their noses, and, possibly, tie their shoelaces.

I know, you’d assume these guys are the cream of the crop, or at least, no dumber than Jordanian or Saudi or whatever other pilots the U.S. has trained in recent decades…..

But, in fact, it turns out they are almost all low-functional autistic, retarded, colorblind, paraplegic, immune compromised, long rap sheet, drug addicts, deplorable rednecks, inbreds, diversity hires, and undocumented aliens (“not sending their best”), recruited from deindustrialized, one-horse towns, hard-hit by Chinese fentanyl.

(The Ghost of Kiev was an EXCEPTION.)

Who knew?

*****EXCEPTION: The ONLY below material that’s outside of the July 30th thru Aug 8th window, is perhaps 3 vids of strikes on U.S. M777 towed howitzers, all from the “20’s” of July—previously, of course, not shown on this blog. There were few “quality” vids of strikes on M777’s from the period July 30th thru Aug 8th.)*****

(All in all, I still have about 300 vids and photos from July that I HAVE NOT published yet. No time, little Alex, no time!)

If this TWELFTH installment (exclusive of material published on or before June 16th) finds you having missed the first installment (at least 50 videos and photos), second installment (22 videos), third installment (28 videos and 1 photo), fourth installment (43 videos and 9 photos), fifth installment (22 videos and 4 photos), sixth installment (30 videos and 6 photos), seventh installment (21 videos and 10 photos), eighth installment (57 videos and 2 photos), ninth installment (20 videos and 1 photo), tenth installment (38 vids, 4 photos), or eleventh installment (19 vids, 5 photos), PLEASE GET WITH THE PROGRAM, go back and review what you missed.



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Again, all this “installment” material came online SINCE June 16th.

Remember, as I told you, The Big Counteroffensive started on the morning of June 4th (the MSM didn’t even begin to catch on for three days), and I already posted at least 135 videos and photos from the period June 4th to June 16th, here, here, here, and here. (Check it out, if you haven’t already. You might have to scroll down to find the relevant content.)

I dedicate all this work to The Candyman, a.k.a. Mr. Dipshit:

And so, here goes:

Below, most likely in west Donetsk, a Borscht Reich assault column gets denazified with THREE ground-launched antitank missiles, wow. The third strike, in fact, is against a vehicle that is already retreating. The debris that you see flying straight upwards in the last seconds, is most likely a body.

Below, a Russian observer from the 37th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, based in Buriatia, screams in joy as an unidentified Borsch Reich fighting vehicle is denazified into a mushroom cloud, somewhere in Zaporozhie, on the morning of August 8th.

Below, truly amazing footage from the Borscht Reich side. In addition to two burnt-out or otherwise disabled U.S. M113’s, and a Borscht-built Kozak armored car, we see FOUR burnt-out or otherwise disabled Borscht BTR-4 battle wagons (or upgraded Soviet / Warsaw Pact BTR’s.) The concentration of trashed BTR’s along one stretch of road, demonstrates the recent (since around July 31st) deployment of the Reich’s “strategic reserve” (e g., 10th and 13th brigades) in Zaporozhie, this reserve NOT being equipped with U.S. M2 Bradleys or U.S. MRAPs (while other Western APC’s / fighting vehicles are concentrated in the northeast and perhaps on the Belarus border.)

Below, another SCRAPYARD, wow. A Borscht Reich supersoldier (haha, look at him) passes by, and films up close, a number of completely destroyed fighting vehicles, including two U.S. MaxxPro MRAP’s, a U.S. M113, and two tanks (T-64 and/or T-72), the second tank with its turret having been rearranged towards an upside-down position. HOWEVER, that’s just what he films up-close—you can see there’s AT LEAST as much (perhaps quite a bit more) junk in the distance.

Below, another Borscht Reich SCRAPYARD near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, with two destroyed T-72 tanks and at least three destroyed BMP fighting vehicles, as well as one intact-but-abandoned BMP. This video was made available on August 2nd. The damage probably was not very recent even then, but, I don’t think we’ve seen this scene this at all, before.

Below, in Zaporozhie, an August 6th assault by the Borsch Reich, did NOT go well. In the words of Aaliyah, “If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again.”

Below, another Zaporozhie SCRAPYARD, this one under Russian control (that is, not in no-man’s land, nor under Borscht Reich control.) It’s hard to track, but it seems to me that in addition to two Soviet-type tanks and one “regular” German Leopard, there are two Leopard minesweeper variants (or, regular Leopards with minesweepers.) Also, something in the distance that we barely catch a glimpse of. In short, LOTS of junk. This video was published on August 2nd, but the junk has been here since before August 2nd.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone executes an effective strike against an abandoned German Leopard tank, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, two Borscht Reich BMP fighting vehicles burn richly, somewhere in Zaporozhie, on August 5th.

Below, a U.S. M2 Bradley has been fully denazified and crispy avocado-toasted, near Rabotino, Zaporozhie.

Below, NATO training at work. A Borscht Reich tank crew denazifies itself and its tank by driving down a riverbank, and into the river and DROWNING, near Urozhainoe, west Donetsk. Some chump goes swimming into the river after them, good luck with that. Under the circumstances, this machine likely won’t be recovered until the end of the war… IF EVER.

Below, ROUGH!!! A Russian shell hits an armored vehicle that’s picking up and/or dropping off some chumps on watch duty. The vehicle immediately drives off, leaving behind one “walking wounded” and three dead or dying chumps (one of them is slightly on fire, dang!) What do you think of the one guy who’s unhurt, but walked off and didn’t come back to help? My take, fuck ’em all, he probably owes them nothing.

Below, a U.S. M109 self-propelled howitzer GOES UP INTO THE ATMOSPHERE after being hit by a Lancet kamikaze drone, keep watching, you won’t be disappointed. Location, somewhere near Bock-moot.

Below, six chumps, fully denazified near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, on the morning of August 8th. For their tombstones, I recommend the words, “Died for Lindsay Graham.”

Below, a Russian inspecting very-recently abandoned Borscht Reich hardware near Malaia Tokmachka, Zaporozhie, on the morning of August 8th. We see a damaged Soviet-type tank with a mine plow, two de-tracked U.S. M113’s, a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP… and a minivan, LOL.

Below, Russians tow away a captured UK Mastiff armored car, somewhere in the Vremievka sector, west Donetsk.

Below, a different UK Mastiff, being inspected by Russians, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, an abandoned UK Husky TSV armored car, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a Polish Krab self-propelled howitzer, having shot off some rounds, goes to hide in the woods… but is pursued and fully PURGED, CLEANSED, AND DENAZIFIED (keep watching) by the righteous, holy fire of Russian artillery’s counterbattery efforts. Location unspecified.

Below, at least three (there seem to be two other items in the distance at 0:04) badly mangled U.S. MaxxPro MRAP’s, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a Borscht Reich Mi-24 helicopter gunship has crashed and burned, somewhere in Kherson—at least the 17th manned aircraft to be lost by the Ukrainian side since The Big Counteroffensive commenced on June 4th.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone denazifies a German Leopard tank, its shaped charge blowing clear through the turret. (Watch the “instant replay”, specifically around 0:26-0:27.) Somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a completely ruined U.S. M2 Bradley. Location, presumably Zaporozhie. May have been wrecked weeks ago, but the video was published on August 1st.

Below, a U.S. M2 Bradley, reimagined as a Picasso painting, somewhere south of Orekhov, Zaporozhie. The video was published on July 30th, but is likely from some days or weeks earlier.

Below, one of the Mi-17 helicopters bought by Uncle Sam for Afghanistan, then transferred to the Borscht Reich last year, passes by a completely burnt-out (also, de-tracked) U.S. M2 Bradley, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, a Krasnopol’ laser-guided shell BUTCHERS a Borscht Reich tank, instantly detonating its entire onboard munition store.

Below, some type of Borscht Reich self-propelled howitzer is totally wasted (keep watching) by a Lancet kamikaze drone. This is, like, gourmet denazification. I lost track of the location.

Below, probably older, but only published on July 30th. Two U.S. MaxxPro MRAP’s get WRECKED after running over mines, keep watching. Somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, SPECTACULAR footage of the onboard munition store detonating on a burning Borscht Reich tank, keep watching. This is the sort of denazification that you can roll up and smoke, and let the puffs stay in your mouth for a bit. Near Klesh’eevka, south of Bock-moot.

Below, in the Vremievka sector, west Donetsk, two tanks of the Borscht Reich are struck with antitank missiles, the second one being ANNIHILATED, keep watching.

Below, from the Borscht Reich side, just the turret and cannon of a Polish Krab self-propelled howitzer. Where’s the rest? Location unspecified, but most Krab’s are deployed in the north.

Below, ONE FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS. A Lancet kamikaze drone strikes a Borscht Reich BTR-4E battle wagon, burning it out so badly (keep watching) that the fire spreads to a nearby abandoned U.S. M113. Denazification at its finest! Location, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone completely denazifies a U.S. M777 towed howitzer with a dead-on strike, ouch!!! Somewhere near Bock-moot. (This one is from August 1st.)

Below, a bunch of destroyed armor of the Borscht Reich, including two T-72 tanks and, at the top, a German Leopard tank with its large turret blown clean off, and resting in the woods. This Leopard is believed to have been destroyed by a very lucky strike from an FPV kamikaze mini-drone in early June, of which the “approach” video is available, but the “results” are only finally seen with this photo, published on August 3rd.

Below, a Borscht Reich T-64 tank is denazified into a massive fireball. I have never posted anything this spectacular, WOW. Somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a fully denazified U.S. M113 or some variant thereof. Location unspecified.

Below, a BMP fighting vehicle of the Borscht Reich, takes a direct hit from a Russian howitzer shell, and burns up in the holy denazify-ing flame (especially after its onboard ammo store goes off, keep watching.)  Somewhere on the Kremennaia front.

Below, (allegedly) a U.S. M2 Bradley is struck by a helicopter-launched antitank missile, somewhere on the southern front.

Below, a U.S. M113 takes a direct hit to its fuel tank, reportedly from an antitank missile fired from the direction opposite our view, somewhere in Zaporozhie. Toast!

Below, an abandoned Canadian Roshell Senator armored car, somewhere on the Krasnyi Liman front. (Yes, there is now again a Krasnyi Liman front.) Look at this thing, do the Russians even want it? It looks like cardboard!!!

Below, a captured BTR-4E, BTR-3E, and U.S. MaxxPro MRAP, all being transported inside Russia, likely destined for Patriot Park or the Kubinka Tank Museum near Moscow.

Below, a captured Finnish XA-180 is transported to either Patriot Park or the Kubinka Tank Museum near Moscow.

Below, a Borscht Reich tank, abandoned to the Russians, near Klesh’eevka, south of Bock-moot.

Below, some type of fighting vehicle of the Borscht Reich, denazified near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, on August 6th.

Below, an abandoned German Leopard tank, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, somewhere in Zaporozhie, one armored vehicle of the Borscht Reich burns after hitting a mine. Another armored vehicle, sent to evacuate the wounded crew, also hits a mine, keep watching. Rough day!!!

Below, a Borscht Reich BMP, or possibly some type of engineering / recovery vehicle, takes a very harsh strike from a Lancet kamikaze drone, look at all that flying debris, most likely totalled. Location unspecified.

Below, a wrecked U.S. armored Humvee, and, in the distance, an abandoned (possibly damaged, we can’t see) U.S. M2 Bradley and German Leopard tank. Location, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, another wrecked U.S. armored Humvee, looks to have run over a mine with its front right wheel, or else taken a mortar blast at very close proximity. Location unspecified.

Below, some chump is inducted into the Borscht Reich space program, after his vehicle (whatever it is, but clearly bearing some munitions, to go up like that) is struck by an antitank missile. Location unspecified.

Below, two abandoned vehicles of the Borscht Reich—a tank, and a tracked engineering / recovery vehicle—are struck by Lancet kamikaze drones, near Piatikhatki, Zaporozhie. The second strike burns out its target nicely.

Below, a Turkish Kirpi MRAP, is struck in the front by a Sudnyi Den’ (Judgement Day) kamikaze drone, but then (keep watching) burns out richly from the BACK—an indication that the whole machine, from its engine to its cab and then passenger compartment—is totally trashed. In or near Staromaiorskoe, west Donetsk. Next to the Kirpi is an abandoned, Borscht Reich-built Kozak-2 armored car.

Same scene as above, another view:

Below, a Borscht Reich tank is flambéed by an antitank missile, somewhere in the general vicinity of Kupiansk, near the Lugansk/Kharkov border.

Below, two armored vehicles of the Borscht Reich, struck by Lancet kamikaze drones. The closer one, a T-64 tank, suffers at least a partial detonation of its onboard munition store, and burns glamorously into a useless hulk. Location, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a German ATF Dingo MRAP has been denazified, near Bock-moot.

Below, a Borscht Reich BMP fighting vehicle is blasted and depopulated and opened up LIKE A GODDAMN TUNA CAN by a Russian mine, somewhere near Bock-moot.

Below, a U.S. M2 Bradley struggles to move after being struck with a Lancet kamikaze drone. Presumably, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a wrecked U.S. armored Humvee (strangely enough, no turret) in Staromaiorsk, west Donetsk.

Below, what appears to be a BTR battle wagon of the Borscht Reicht, burns richly and then explodes gloriously, after (allegedly) running over a Russian mine. Location unspecified.

Below, a captured Borscht Reich tank being towed away to the Russian rear. Location unspecified.

Below, a U.S. M777 towed howitzer is denazified by Russian artillery, watch to the end. Somewhere in Kherson.

Below, a helicopter-launched antitank missile DISASSEMBLES a BMP fighting vehicle of the Borscht Reich. Location unspecified.

Below, helicopter-launched missiles strike three different armored vehicles of the Borscht Reich, near Klesh’eevka, south of Bock-moot.

Below, remains of a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP, somewhere in the Vremievka sector. Photo was published on July 30th, but the vehicle has likely been wrecked for a while.

Below, a U.S. M113 burns. Location, “somewhere in the Donbass.”

Below, a Borscht Reich tank shoots at a Russian position (what appears to be a blast, is actually the heat signature of its projectile launch), and then, in return, takes an antitank missile in the face. Somewhere in Lugansk.

Below, Borscht Reich hardware burns near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, on the morning of August 8th.

A Borscht Reich tank gets wrecked, somewhere in Zaporozhie. (Land mine? I don’t know.)

A burnt-out BMP fighting vehicle of the Borscht Reich, near Rabotino, Zaporozhie.

Below… WOW. Although the result is not evident, here we see some type of FPV kamikaze mini-drone fly UNDER a Borscht Reich-built Kozak-2M armored car. First time I’ve seen anything like this.

Below, an excellent strike by a Lancet kamikaze drone against a BTR-4E battle wagon, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, INSTANT DENAZIFICATION of a U.S. M777 towed howitzer by a Lancet kamikaze drone, location unspecified. This was a PERFECT strike.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone executes an EXCELLENT strike on a very well-camouflaged U.S. M777 towed howitzer. Location unspecified, but the dry brush suggests the southern front, probably Kherson.

Below, a U.S. M777 towed howitzer takes a direct hit from a Russian shell, and ends up in several pieces, with the barrel evidently separating from the carriage and firing mechanism. Somewhere near Bock-moot.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone strikes and burns a U.S. M777 towed howitzer, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone strikes and burns up some type of towed cannon, in the Kremennaia sector, Kharkov/Lugansk.

Below, a Soviet-era D-20 towed howitzer of the Borscht Reich, is DENAZIFIED TO A CRISP (keep watching) by a Lancet kamikaze drone, somewhere along the Svatovo-Kremennaia front.

Below, a Soviet-era Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer of the Borscht Reich, burns thoroughly after being denazified by a Lancet kamikaze drone, somewhere in west Donetsk.

Below, another Lancet kamikaze drone, looks to be a precise hit on a Ukrainian (Soviet-era) D-30 towed howitzer. Somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a SUPERBLY-OPERATED denazification strike by a Lancet kamikaze drone against a Borscht Reich howitzer of some type, location unspecified.

Below, having coordinated his surrender over Telegram messenger, Private M.S. Tish’enko, of the air defense battalion of the Borscht Reich’s 54th Brigade, a Lugansk native and Russia fan, donates a truck full of Igla shoulder-launched antiaircraft missiles to the Russian cause, LOL.

Below, from the Borscht Reich side, at least three of their dead chumps inside a U.S. M113, oh cry me a fuckin’ river. Location unspecified.

Below, a U.S. M113 (with a Browning M2 machinegun on top), abandoned, with some shrapnel or high-caliber projectile holes visible, and with rotten parts (blurred out, don’t worry) of at least one chump just behind it, and possibly another rotten chump in a body bag inside of it. Somewhere in the general vicinity of Ugledar, Donetsk.

Below, an antitank missile, launched by members of Russia’s 14th Spetznaz Brigade, takes out a bunch of chumps on a night mission. Location, I don’t know, but I’d guess it’s wherever the 14th happens to be, haha.

Below, keep watching, at least seven Borscht Reich prisoners taken by a Russian force. Location unspecified, but likely in the north.

Below, a Sudnyi Den’ (Judgement Day) FPV kamikaze mini-drone denazifies a team of Borscht Reich drone operators, LOL. You can see the final moment of recorded approach at 1:28. Given an explosive payload of likely at least 1.5 kilograms, probably all four of these chumps are now dead or maimed. Total losers.

Below, this video is from July 18th, but was published only on August 2nd. Somewhere in Lugansk, a Russian force takes four Borscht Reich prisoners (you don’t see one, he is in the trench, wounded), also having killed at least one chump at this location (shown in another video, too much brain matter, not nice.)

Below, a video that did not make the usual Russian channels, for obvious reasons. A Russian “Shtorm” (Storm) penal assault unit of recalled contract resignees (the so-called “500’s”) and military and/or civilian convicts, has taken an extensive strongpoint of the Borscht Reich, and is overjoyed in helping itself to U.S. and other gear. We hear talk of three prisoners having been taken at this location. We also see Russians taking useful items off of two different corpses. With the second corpse, the Russian doing the taking (seems to be interested in a body armor chestplate), explains that he feels sad for shooting the chump twice in the head, after the chump had refused to surrender. Location unspecified.

Below, five Borsch Reich prisoners, taken by a Russian force, somewhere in Lugansk.

Below, five dead chumps in a trench taken by a Russian force, in the general vicinity of Belogorovka, Lugansk. Suckers died for Brandon and Lindsay Graham.

Below, at least four chumps surrender to a Russian force, location unspecified but very likely in the north. These chumps did NOT die for Brandon and Lindsay Graham.

Below, a Russian soldier speaks of three prisoners, and surveys three corpses (two in the trench, towards the end) of the Borscht Reich, near Rabotino, Zaporozhie.

Below, four Borscht Reich prisoners taken near Novoselovskoe, Lugansk.

Below, three Borscht Reich prisoners, taken near Klesh’eevka, south of Bock-moot.

Below, an FPV kamikaze mini-drone strikes a dugout, killing three or probably four chumps (one is still twitching, won’t be long.) Location unspecified.

Below, at least five chumps are fully denazified by fragmentation grenades dropped from a Russian drone, keep watching (if you can handle it—it’s not “graphic” just sad.) Location unspecified.

Below, recorded from the Borscht Reich side: Sitting inside a U.S. M2 Bradley didn’t save this poor bastard from the denazification of at least one of his feet. Disgusting! ***Don’t watch if you are easily disgusted.***

Don’t be a chump. (Near Rabotino, Zaporozhie.)

Below, two more chumps, location unspecified. Don’t be a chump!

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone blows off half the missile pods (all empty) on a German-Italian IRIS-T SLM air defense vehicle, location unspecified.

Below, a view from the Borscht Reich side. A German Rheinmetall MAN HX cargo truck has been trashed by (likely) a mortar shell blast. Location unspecified.

Below, a Borscht Reich-built KrAZ-6322 truck, being used to tow a U.S. M777 howitzer, has hit a mine. Toast.

Below, two destroyed Zil-131 cargo trucks—presumably hit by long-range rocket artillery, now arranged end to end; the cab of one is largely gone, while the second one is twisted 90 degrees—in Chasov Yar, north Donetsk, the command and logistical hub for Borscht Reich forces in the Bock-moot sector.

Below, for good measure, another trashed Turkish Kirpi MRAP, location unspecified.

Below: “Each and every man under my command owes me one hundred Nazi scalps. And I want my scalps.”


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