EXCLUSIVE SCOOP: “Chernigov offensive” (Russian NEW FRONT) in the works?  Dreizin has paid (no, not violating sanctions) for EXCLUSIVE possession of video taken by driver in a 2 large trailer truck (plus police escort w/ **Belarus plates**) Russian convoy on outskirts of what I’ve “geolocated” to be (probably) Gomel, Belarus. Can’t show it to you, as it would give away obvious new (not yet public) improvements on the Lancets, but, convoy stops, driver of 1st trailer gets out & films all vehicles, then accesses his trailer, showing 2 racks stuffed to gills w/ Lancet kamikaze drones.  Must be at least 70 Lancets across both trailers.  I obviously can’t verify, but, driver narrates, “We’re running these (over) every day.”  To what end?  U take a guess…..

In other news… Barring some kind of supernova, my next edition will be 100% about U.S. internal matters.

For now, my last word to the “billion Ukrainian casualties” dummies:

The dancing clown bear, McGregor, was on Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show. With The Great Counter-Suck-Fensive not going well, he’s upped his figure of Ukrainian military deaths to 400,000.

Under modern conditions, that would mean 1.6 million wounded, including OVER 300,000 major amputees in need of prostheses; severe burn victims in need of possibly multiple surgeries; brain/spinal trauma victims in need of wheelchairs, walkers, and/or EXTENSIVE physical therapy; blinded in need of rehabilitation, etc.

As I’ve covered, if this were the case…..


The Borscht Reich’s medical system wouldn’t handle it. They’ve already (since 2014) lost tens of thousands of doctors and nurses to Poland, Russia, the UK, and other countries. Nor do they have the money for all that medical/rehab special gear and equipment. (We’re talking $$$ billions JUST FOR THAT.)

But, hey, McGregor (same as Ritter) is telling his dipshit core audience, what they WANT to hear. I’m convinced he KNOWS it’s bullshit.

My final word to the fools:

(Audio file duration: 1:16)

(Incidentally, the Bock-moot battle of November 2022 – April 2023 was really bad, I do have videos and photos (that I never published) of 15-20 chumps dead in a trench, from that place and time… but, NOT 50 or 100.)

A reader asked if Robert Barnes’ promotion of me, last year, has any bearing on how I feel about calling out his Mercouris guest appearance (just as ONE example) for being heinously long-winded.

Short answer is, no. And, the truth is the truth.

Here’s the long answer, as I wrote in the comments:

Hello, thanks for asking. Robert Barnes was the very first person to plug me to his own followers, in February 2022. At that time, he wasn’t quite so big, so it wasn’t a massive boost, but it was very nice.

I’ve heard nothing from him, ever since I was on his (or his de facto business partner “Viva’s”) show in June 2022. If he’s plugged me since then, I am unaware of it. I wish him well.

Obviously, with my GLOBOHOMO this, and Lindsay Graham closet homo that, and my pandemic-coming-back doom (and YOU and YOUR KIDS may die!!!) which freaks so many people out, I will NEVER be invited back on ANY of these shows. At least, not until I’ve been proven right on everything… and perhaps not even then.

I will always troll people who watch any daily 1 or 2 or 2.5-hour YouTube yap-yap show, thinking they are enlightening themselves.

Barnes’ show is the best on YouTube, but as with Mercouris, you could “re-format” each installment down to a 5 or 10-minute presentation… and lose NOTHING.

It’s all about keeping people hooked to watch as many ads as possible. Just like Rush Limbaugh with his daily three hours on radio, back in the day, selling juices and meal-replacement shakes.

That’s the truth, and I’ll tell the truth, and I don’t care… because they won’t invite me back, anyway. I’m radioactive, so I can say what I want.

And you know, “The truth is its own defense.” If it triggers some groupies of Barnes, Mercouris, Napolitano, Hinkle, Johnson, Ritter, McGregor, etc… not to mention, fans of alt-right podcasters (Posobiec and that crowd), even Rogan with his rambling show… well, great, I’ve done my job.

It’s fun to trigger people, especially dumb people, and most groupies are dumb, shallow, greedy little shits. And I can afford to crap on them, as they don’t give me any money, anyway. They are used to being entertained for free. Many of them, even feel OFFENDED that I ask for money, for all of my hard work, and my expenses. As if I am violating some law of nature.

“Money? What do you mean, money? You’re an adult! A grown man! How can you ask for money on your website???? This stuff is free!!!”

(I am NOT making this up.)

Well, you know what? Fuck ’em!

BTW… If you ARE a groupie, and my generalizations DO NOT apply to you, well, OK, great. Don’t be a triggered snowflake. And…..

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