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I’m back now with more warr-porrn. For those who don’t like it, you can still learn A LOT from my descriptive write-ups, in this case, most specifically, the first two in the batch.

But, first…..

As usual, many have reported the facts, while missing the story.

Yes, Andriy Biletsky, a Ukro-Nazi godfather, founder of the Azov, and in fact, possibly the INVENTOR of the Bandera-meets-the-Aryan Nations Viking-Varangian ideo-mishmash aesthetic…..

…..met publicly with Zelensky, this past week.

You know, Zelensky constantly meets with various flavors of fash, giving them medals, appreciation certificates, whatever. It’s routine. Biletsky just happens to be a much bigger fish.

The context (as reported, at least “locally”) was that Biletsky met with Zelensky in his (Biletsky’s) capacity as a spiritual guru, top cheerleader, de facto recruiting chief, whatever, of the reconstituted Azov, a.k.a. the Interior Ministry National Guard’s 3rd Assault Brigade…

…which, as part of the Counter-Suck-Fensive, was trying (and failed) to take key ground south of Bock-moot.

Everyone missed the significance.

What’s the significance?

The significance, as per the U.S./UK (and even Israeli) MSM, is that the Azov supposedly reformed, they’re not connected to Biletsky anymore, Biletsky’s in the past, the Azov dropped its Nazi logo for another logo, it changed its name…..

…..and even sent representatives to Israel, to sit with Jews and go to a synagogue and get all touchy-feely and stuff.

Now, all of a sudden, Biletsky is back, being recognized as some type of quasi-military leader, thanked for his efforts with the 3rd Assault Brigade.

Desperation, LOL.

So much for “reform.”

The 51st U.S. state, folks. Since 2014.

As I’ve covered at length, American Jews don’t see any problem. The Democrat 70% of them, think the “real” Nazis are all in the Trump camp. The Republican 30% aren’t much better.

I’ve trashed Ritter and McGregor for PREPOSTEROUS Borscht Reich (the Ukraine) casualty claims.

Let’s not forget, all “official” and quasi-official estimates of Russian losses are also PROPAGANDA, or just BULLSHIT.

The latest figures going around, from the New York Times (“70,000 killed and 100,000 to 120,000 wounded”), are probably just taking Wagner’s self-claimed losses (also BULLSHIT) and extrapolating for the rest of the Russian force structure.

But when you extrapolate from BULLSHIT, you get MORE BULLSHIT.

(The GIGO principle.)

ALSO, the unnamed “officials” feeding the Times this information, DON’T understand the concept of a wounded-to-dead ratio.

With widespread training on, and use of, modern tourniquets; relatively fast medevac in most cases; antibiotics, etc., as well as considering that MANY injuries do NOT present a meaningful risk of death (mild-to-moderate concussions, “peripheral wounds” such as loss of one or more fingers or toes, burns to “extremities”, gashes requiring stiches but no major surgery, spinal traumas, etc.)…..

…..the ratio of wounded-to-dead on BOTH sides of this conflict has CONSISTENTLY been around FOUR TO ONE.

On the Russian side, it’s closer to 4.1 to 1.0. On the Borscht Reich side, perhaps 0.1 (zero point one) lower—essentially, four to one.

With the U.S. in Iraq, the ratio was closer to EIGHT to one…..

…..but, of course, the U.S. faced a lot of jerry-rigged, roadside bombs, NOT high-caliber howitzer/tank shells or aerial bombs or cruise missiles.


Folks, I BRIEFLY checked out a TWO-AND-A-HALF-HOUR Mercouris YouTube show, guested by the “jack-of-all-trades”, can-talk-about-anything genius, Robert Barnes…..

…..at the start of which, Barnes took OVER TWO MINUTES to tee-up the concept of teeing-up the concept of preparing to get ready to begin to discuss beginning to discuss the interpretation, meaning, interpretation, and significance (also, the interpretation, as there are, apparently, four different ones)…..

…..of the Wagner coup.

Oh… my… God. 

I understand, it’s the TV business. Keeping you reeled in, for the ads. And on YouTube, there’s no particular limit to how many ads… because you can talk as long as you like… for as long as some fools will continue to watch. “Paid by the word”, so to speak. It’s just entertainment.

If you want CONCISE, ORIGINAL, and THE TRUTH… stick with Dreizin. 

There was a coup, it was real.  We don’t know what caused Wagner to turn back from Moscow.  My guess, the threat of tactical nukes.  But we’ll probably never know. 

Now, Wagner is back to focusing on Africa, where it has a $2 billion “order book.”

(By the way, according to the most reliable source I’ve ever relied on, Wagner presently controls most border crossings into Niger.  The exceptions, on the borders with Algeria and Benin, are controlled by France. Wagner is the ONLY reason why the French Foreign Legion (with help from Nigeria) has not yet marched on Niger’s capital and bounced the new leadership. Sure, with regional (and U.S.) help, they COULD probably do it, IF they had the will, but France is NOT used to taking more than just a little handful of casualties per year. The legionnaires are tough, but fighting a “modern” enemy is NOT what the Foreign Legion is about. Not to mention, many of them are from Russia, LOL!!!)

Looking ahead, Russian mercenaries, Russian training, and Russian drone aircraft large and small (to include not just hardware, but training on drone use, tactics, and integration into combined arms operations) will be THE global growth industries of the coming years.

No, it won’t be a trillion-dollar business, but, it will turn out to be the “sexy” growth “story.”

It won’t be lithium batteries, LOL. 

We’ll run out of lithium, before we can power all these goddamn electric cars that the Regime wants to see. 

They will be fighting wars over the stuff… and Wagner will be cleaning up, LOL.

(ESPECIALLY, AFTER Variant X (corona), Strain X (bird flu), or both… with the USA being rendered largely irrelevant… Wagner will become for the world—not just for Africa, but a LOT of other places—what Victoria Nuland and the entire U.S. hegemony complex are today. And, yes, Wagner WILL recruit from among former Borscht Reich (Ukrainian) military personnel.)

Splitting hairs over what happened in Russia on June 24th, 2023, is POINTLESS.


Approx. 8500 (+/- 250) uniformed personnel of the Borscht Reich (“Ground Forces” a.k.a. the army, Air Force, Navy/Marines, Territorial Defense militia, National Guard, SBU (state security), border guard and police deployed as frontline soldiers, and foreign mercs) killed, or died of wounds, in ANY location (“frontline”, near-frontline, killed by air/missile strikes anywhere in the Borscht Reich, or dispatched after sneaking into Russia.)

Approx. 34,000 (+/- 1000) uniformed personnel wounded/injured, of whom, AT LEAST 40% have not yet returned to duty, and around 20% will never return to any kind of military duty. 

AT LEAST 550 uniformed personnel taken prisoner.

AT LEAST 1000 “successful” deserters (mostly NOT in active frontline units, where desertion (or refusal to follow orders) is difficult due to many layers of checkpoints in the near-rear, and where punishment for attempted desertion can be severe, ranging from beating, to assignment to penal (“suicide”) duties, to a speedy execution without trial.)

(The following is **NET OF** any and all Russian hardware captured intact since June 4th and put to use.) Approx. 385 combat/fighting vehicles (tanks; infantry fighting vehicles; armored personnel carriers whether armed or not; armored utility vehicles if armed; 6×6 or 8×8 battle wagons; all models of armored cars including patrol-type vehicles, MRAPs, and armored Humvees; but not including self-propelled howitzers, mortar carriers, or air defense vehicles) destroyed, captured, abandoned in no-man’s-land and so-far unrecovered, or rendered not economically repairable.  This equates to roughly 26% of the entire Ukrainian functional inventory (probably around 1500) as of June 4th.  This includes MORE THAN HALF of the U.S. M2 Bradleys and ALMOST ALL of the U.S. MRAPs (MaxxPro and Oshkosh) that were in the Ukrainian inventory as of June 4th. Another 320+ vehicles damaged and repairable (if not repaired already), assuming availability of parts and qualified personnel and a quiet workspace that’s not getting bombed (or, a transport opportunity to some NATO country workshop.)

AT LEAST 70 pieces of artillery (includes towed and self-propelled howitzers, antitank cannon, MLRS launch vehicles, and carriers of semi-integral or built-in mortars; excludes stand-alone mortars) destroyed or rendered not economically repairable.  This equates to at least 23% of the entire Ukrainian functional inventory (probably around 300) as of June 4th. Another 75-95 pieces damaged and repairable (if not repaired already), assuming availability of parts and qualified personnel and a quiet workspace that’s not getting bombed (or, a transport opportunity to some NATO country workshop.)

AT LEAST nine short-range air defense systems destroyed.

AT LEAST four long-range air defense missile launch vehicles/stations (Patriot and S-300) destroyed.

(This is FACT, not estimate.) At least 19 manned aircraft (fixed or rotor wing) destroyed.  This equates to probably at least half of the entire Ukrainian functional fleet as of June 4th.

AT LEAST 25 electronic installations (e.g., air defense or counterbattery radar, or jamming systems) destroyed or rendered not economically repairable.

AT LEAST 5 (that is, 5 were visually documented) U.S. Oshkosh M1083 A1P2 armored-cab heavy trucks, destroyed or rendered not economically repairable. AT LEAST another 25 other military-grade cargo trucks destroyed or rendered not economically repairable.

AT LEAST 7 specialized mine-plow vehicles or armored recovery vehicles destroyed, rendered not economically repairable, or captured.


Folks, this four year-old child, below, has cerebral palsy. She’s my project, my (ongoing) triumph. ANYTHING I do, is the BEST that I can do, and in some cases, the BEST that CAN be done.

This ongoing warporn feature is also the BEST that can be done. There’s NOTHING better out there. Yes, Dreizin is a maniac, a lunatic. FANATICALLY committed to delivering you the finest “Counter-Suck-Fensive goes south” imagery on the market. Enjoy!!!

(All in all, I still have about 300 vids and photos from July that I HAVE NOT published yet. No time, little Alex, no time!)

If this THIRTEENTH installment (exclusive of material published on or before June 16th) finds you having missed the first installment (at least 50 videos and photos), second installment (22 videos), third installment (28 videos and 1 photo), fourth installment (43 videos and 9 photos), fifth installment (22 videos and 4 photos), sixth installment (30 videos and 6 photos), seventh installment (21 videos and 10 photos), eighth installment (57 videos and 2 photos), ninth installment (20 videos and 1 photo), tenth installment (38 vids, 4 photos), eleventh installment (19 vids, 5 photos), or twelth installment (108 vids and photos), PLEASE GET WITH THE PROGRAM, go back and review what you missed.



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Again, all this “installment” material came online SINCE June 16th.

Remember, as I told you, The Big Counteroffensive started on the morning of June 4th (the MSM didn’t even begin to catch on for three days), and I already posted at least 135 videos and photos from the period June 4th to June 16th, here, here, here, and here. (Check it out, if you haven’t already. You might have to scroll down to find the relevant content.)

I dedicate all this work to The Candyman, a.k.a. Mr. Dipshit:

And so, here goes:

Below, FIRST OF ITS KIND FOOTAGE. A Borscht Reich three-car munitions train (parked, no engine, must be in-between engines, but with army cargo trucks backed or backing up to it) has been hit, likely by Russian Tornado MLRS. At first, only the middle car is destroyed, but at the end, we see detonations and burning of one end-car as well. Just to give you an idea, if the cars are bearing 155mm shells, each car can hold at least 1500 and possibly 2000 shells. Location, Mezhevaia station, Dnepropetrovsk province, 70km from the front line. Obviously, the video was taken by a Russian surveillance drone. Trains (even still ones), being narrow, are hard enough to hit, and almost all strikes against munitions have involved hitting a stockpile inside an old factory, warehouse, etc. However, recent months have seen a greater number of Russian strikes against trains at stations, to include trains bearing not only munitions, but also tanks and other hardware. Almost all of these strikes have used the Iskander ballistic missile or else precision glide bombs. It’s known that the precision of the Tornado MLRS has been perfected recently; we are likely seeing the results here.

Below, a Russian LMUR helicopter-launched missile strikes a “McMansion” in Novomikhailovka, southwest of Donetsk city.  The blast is close to TWO ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE (100x) in excess of what would be expected from the 25kg of explosive on the missile, proving that the house was used as a munitions store, PACKED TO THE GILLS.  This small-scale munitions destruction happens in multiple places, every day, throughout the war zone and the entire Borscht Reich.  Note, when I said GLOBOHOMO will fully run out of 155mm shells for the Borscht Reich by March or April of 2024, I took into account ONLY the Reich’s daily usage (extending the present rate of approx. 8000 shells until the run-out), NOT what’s destroyed by Russia (in batches large and small, across all munitions types, we’re talking AT LEAST 1/4 of what is donated by GLOBOHOMO & CO.)  Nor did I take into account the rapid destruction of Reich artillery since June 4th, which has been only PARTIALLY compensated by GLOBOHOMO. Taking ALL factors into account, even if the USA gives away its very last shells (leaving NOTHING for itself), and even if it is able to finagle more from, say, Turkey, the same as it did with South Korea, and, even if it keeps pumping in more howitzers (even the M109’s)… We are looking at a “hard stop” by early February for sure.  Of course, this can be pushed out by reducing the run rate, HOWEVER, doing so would collapse one or more fronts (i.e. allowing for a rapid Russian advance.)

Below, two videos showing total destruction of Borscht Reich S-300 air defense hardware, likely by Tornado or Smerch MLRS or else precision glide bombs, near Zelenyi Gai, Nikolaev province. At the end of the second video, you can clearly see that BOTH launch vehicles AND the radar vehicle (total price tag of several hundred million dollars) have been totally destroyed, likely along with crew members who didn’t have time to get out. Note the uncontrolled launch of one missile, a common occurrence (not guaranteed, but common) when air defense launch vehicles are blown up.

Below, perhaps due to too much smoke on the battlefield, which inhibits visibility for artillery spotters and attack drone operators, a Russian tank (drives in from bottom-left of screen, starting at around 1:05) has been sent up to stop Borscht Reich BMP fighting vehicles from dropping off infantry in an assault near Rabotino, Zaporizhie, on August 17th.  The tank strikes and decommissions one BMP at around 1:25—at a minimum, wounding or concussing most or all of its occupants.  The tank’s next strike, at around 2:56, DRAWS, QUARTERS, AND DISEMBOWELS another BMP (sending part of it INTO ORBIT, heinous!!!) and, no doubt, EVERYONE in it, probably 6 to 8 chumps, plus the driver.  Very shortly thereafter, you see its partner vehicle turn around IN A HURRY, hahaha.

Below, same scene, a few hours later.  Something else from the Borscht Reich direction (said to be a tank sent to challenge the Russian, but I can’t make it out, not even on a 15″ screen), explodes at around 1:38, possibly having hit a mine.  Then, at around 2:36, the (externally) intact BMP that was still and smoking throughout the first video, now slightly burning, is finished off by a tank round for good measure, going up in SPECTACULAR fashion.  All in all, a bad day for GLOBOHOMO! 

Below, several UK Husky armored cars of the Borscht Reich, take excellent hits, during an assault near Urozhainoe, west Donetsk, on August 17th. From this distance, it’s hard to know if the blasts are from mines, shells, antitank missiles, or kamikaze drones. The MURDER MENU is obviously well-prepared for all guests. How much would you have to pay U.S. Army personnel to go up against this? Haha, trick question, they’d never do it. Only men under threat of getting SHOT (fast, no trial) for not following orders, would do this… and keep doing it.

Below, two still views, related to the above video. Nine or ten dead chumps lie next to one damaged Husky. The body pile is denser, closer to the vehicle, on the driver side. Normally, the way out for passengers is through the back. I’m not sure what happened here; it may be an organized “body dump” from other tragedies in the area. This explanation seems likely, when you consider that the human form at bottom-left of the first view, is standing up (looks to be walking towards the vehicle, while looking back.)

Below, related to the above video, a different, totally wrecked Husky. (Among other damage, looks like most of the engine compartment is missing or burnt-out.)

Below, this Husky may or may not be damaged, but it’s definitely been abandoned.

Below, an undamaged but abandoned Husky.

Below, keep watching to the end. A U.S. M109 self-propelled howitzer is denazified in a GINORMOUS FLAMING SUPERNOVA, as its onboard munition store goes off all at once, after it is struck by a Lancet kamikaze drone. Somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, keep watching, a Lancet kamikaze drone ANNIHILATES a Slovak Zuzana-2 (modified Czech DANA) self-propelled howitzer. Location, somewhere near Kupiansk, east Kharkov.

Below, keep watching, a Lancet kamikaze drone brings about one of the MOST COMPLETE DENAZIFICATIONS of a U.S. M777 towed howitzer, that has EVER been recorded. Location unspecified.

Below, BEAU-TEE-FULL!!! A Borscht Reich self-propelled howitzer, believed to be an Akatsiya, goes up in a fireball after being hit with a Krasnopol’ laser-guided shell, somewhere roughly in the Bock-moot sector, north Donetsk.

Below, in video spliced together from different angles, reportedly a 2S7 Pion jumbo howitzer of the Borscht Reich, gets denazified into plasma, location unspecified. The video, in infrared and taken from quite an altitude, is not of Hollywood quality, but the distinct shape at the beginning, coupled with the enormity of the explosion and smoke cloud (judge it against the width of the two-lane country roads), does suggest that a Pion, bearing multiple rounds (perhaps the maximum) of its 203mm shells, was destroyed in this video.

Below, a Polish Krab self-propelled howitzer is fully denazified (watch to the end, trust me), reportedly in Zaporozhie. If the location claim is accurate, this is very likely the first Krab to have been documented as destroyed in Zaporozhie. All others have been in the north.

Below, a self-propelled howitzer, believed to be a Polish Krab, is denazified by holy righteous fire from a Russian Msta-S, near Petropavlovka, east Kharkov.

Below, a self-propelled howitzer, believed to be a Polish Krab, is likely fully denazified (keep watching) by holy, righteous, Russian artillery. Location unspecified, but again, almost all Krabs are in the north.

Below, a Spanish Alakran 120mm mortar truck is FULLY CHEWED-UP, PUKED-UP, AND DENAZIFIED by an antitank missile, possibly air-launched, in Kherson or Zaporozhie.

Below, another Spanish Alakran 120mm mortar truck is totally destroyed, this one by a Lancet kamikaze drone, keep watching! Location, most likely on the southern front.

Below, a destroyed U.S. M1064 mortar carrier (an M113 with a bolted-in 120mm mortar.) Location unspecified.

Below, somewhere on the Kremennaia front, a towed cannon of the Borscht Reich, said to be a U.S. M777, takes an EXPERT hit from a Lancet kamikaze drone, which flies-in straight parallel to the barrel, and explodes into the carriage or firing mechanism. At a minimum, this hardware should be disabled for a while. (It’s not easy to score a direct hit on a towed gun.)

Below, video from the Borscht Reich side, showing a denazified U.S. M109 self-propelled howitzer, location unspecified.

Below, a FIRST-RATE strike by a Lancet kamikaze drone against a Borscht Reich howitzer of unknown type (likely, towed not self-propelled.) Outcome: probably a total denazification. Somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below (photo then video), a Lancet kamikaze drone completely destroys a Borscht Reich 36D6 radar system, somewhere in the south. I’m not sure how a Lancet can cause such a large blast at a non-explosive target. Yes, the Lancet’s payload has been and is being raised, but this must be some type of “monster edition.”

Below, SUPERNATURALLY good targeting of a fast-moving U.S. Stryker battle wagon (first appearance!) by a Lancet kamikaze drone, somewhere in Zaporozhie. We can’t be sure as to the damage, but I’m showing you this because we have not seen any Strykers in combat footage, previously. (More Strykers, below.)

Below, a U.S. Stryker burns near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, on August 16th.

Below, the same Stryker, after it was done burning. Scrap metal!!!

Below, a totally burnt-out U.S. Stryker, also near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, a victim of events of August 17th.

Below, another incinerated Stryker, same area.

Below, THE MOST MASSIVE, VISIBLE LIGHT (NOT INFRARED) TANK EXPLOSION EVER PUBLISHED ON THE DREIZIN REPORT. Near Belogorovka, Lugansk, several Borscht Reich tanks are damaged by Russian shelling. One of them catches on fire somewhat, nothing spectacular, and you figure that’s all there is, but no… watch to the very end!!! (Don’t miss the last five seconds!!!)

Below, THE MOST IMPRESSIVE, HELI-LAUNCHED DESTRUCTION I’VE EVER PUBLISHED. A Borscht Reich tank is BLASTED, TORCHED, DENATURED, AND SENT INTO THE STRATOSPHERE by a helicopter-launched antitank missile. Location unspecified.

Whoops, never mind! This one is just as good, in its own way! Below, some type of Borscht Reich fighting vehicle, goes up like a TUB OF GASOLINE, after being struck by a helicopter-launched antitank missile. Location unspecified.

Below, watch to the end, a Strela-10 short-range air defense vehicle is destroyed by Russian artillery, location unspecified. Look at that uncontrolled launch of two, and then three more, Strela missiles, wooohooo!

Below, a Lancet kamikaze drone strikes a Borscht Reich Strela-10 short-range air defense vehicle. With its missile pods blown off or on fire, the burning machine tries to crawl away, like some psycho’s victim in a slasher movie. Location unspecified.

Below, yet another short-range air defense vehicle, also looks to be a Strela-10, is struck by a Lancet kamikaze drone and totally trashed and burnt-out, also seemingly losing one of its two missile pods. Location unspecified.

Below, several Borscht Reich vehicles burn near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, on August 16th.

Below, a Russian D-30 howitzer battery in action against a Borscht Reich assault. At around 0:35, one shell kills AT LEAST four chumps who had been let out of their vehicle, after it was damaged. Next, keep watching, another shell strikes some type of battle wagon (perhaps a BTR-4E), leaving at least another four dead bodies, and burning the vehicle out COMPLETELY. Near Klesh’eevka, south of Bockmoot.

Below, a Borscht Reich howitzer of unknown type, firing out of the woods, is sent to hell. Location unspecified.

Below, a U.S. M2 Bradley is hit by an antitank missile, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a burning Borscht Reich tank, near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, on August 15th.

Below, two German Leopard tanks near Malaia Tokmachka, Zaporozhie. They have presumably sat here for a while, but the video was only published on August 16th. The camera work on the second tank is horrendous, can’t make out anything, but the first tank is clearly 100% burnt-out, destroyed.

Below, a damaged and abandoned Finnish XA-180 battle wagon, somewhere in Zaporozhie. Looks like it has one or two bodies just behind it. Also note the WRECKED hull of a BMP fighting vehicle, just in front of it, slightly to the left.

Below, a Borscht Reich command/communications truck is totally destroyed by a Lancet kamikaze drone, location unspecified. We don’t know how many chumps were inside it, but most of those outside probably got away without much harm, as the Lancet carries a shaped charge that, while making a nice flash, primarily burrows into its target.

Below, despite enemy jamming, looks like this Bobr (Beaver) FPV kamikaze mini-drone operator was also able to execute a base-of-turret strike against a Borsch Reich tank, which burns like a torch, TOAST!!! (Watch to the end.) Location unspecified.

Below, a very lucky (or very skilled) strike by a Bobr FPV kamikaze mini-drone against a Borscht Reich T-72 tank. The tank’s lack of applique/ERA armor made it easier to strike at the very base of the turret, COMPLETELY DESTROYING the machine. Location unspecified.

Below, in the FIRST scene of this video, a Lancet kamikaze drone totally wastes a U.S. AN/TPQ-36 counterfire radar, somewhere in the Bock-moot sector.

Below, what seems to be a Borscht Reich detail looking for human remains, at no risk from Russian fire, surveys a destroyed French VAB armored personnel carrier, and then an ANNIHILATED Swiss Mowag Eagle II armored car, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, an intact U.S. M113, captured by a Russian force. (There is a very low-quality video showing it being towed away, not worth posting here.) I lost track of the location.

Below, a U.S. M113 or variant thereof, clearly denazified, near Rabotino, Zaporozhie.

Below, Russians inspect a very messy, but functional, abandoned U.S. M113, somewhere in Zaporozhie. At the end of the video, they drive away with it.

Below, a fully denazified U.S. M113 or variant thereof, location unspecified. The hell is with the music??? So melodramatic!!!

Below, a trashed U.S. M113, location unspecified. The entire frontal armor looks to have blown off, among other damage. And, two dead chumps nearby.

Below, two chumps in body bags, and what appears to be a disabled U.S. M113. Location unspecified.

Below, pieces of a U.S. M113 near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, on August 19th.

Below, a crappy “cover”, but a GREAT choice of soundtrack lyrics!!! From the Borscht Reich side, two abandoned (damaged?) BMP fighting vehicles, and an UPSIDE-DOWN U.S. M113, missing some wheels at least. This cockroach can ONLY be righted with a crane, presumably lifting it on one side, until it falls to the other side. Given a SEVERE shortage of crane-bearing recovery vehicles, and given that almost all of them are on the southern front… If this is not the southern front, then forget it, someone will pick this thing up AFTER the war.

Below, near Bock-moot, some chumps pass by their own ruined hardware, including two trashed BMP-2 fighting vehicles and a U.S. M113 that looks to be angled into the ground in an unhealthy way.

Below (two photos), Borscht Reich hardware burns toasty near Verbovoe, Zaporozhie (east of Rabotino) on August 19th.

Below, at least four burnt-out or abandoned Borscht Reich vehicles, same day, same general location as the above two photos.

Below, two chumps who must be on their first minute of the war, the one on the right cosplaying A GODDAMN TREE (jeeezuss!), stand like idiots in front of their own side’s burnt-out and ruined PT-91 Twardy (Polish T-72 upgrade) tank, location unspecified.

Below, in the first second of this two-second clip, a Turkish Kirpi MRAP burns thoroughly. Location unspecified.

An Australian reader “complained” that I’ve not featured any Australian junk. Well, mate, I’m not there to offer you a vegemite sandwich, but Russia did not forget you. Here you go, below. A scorched Bushmaster, the right-most vehicle in this lot, at Patriot Park, near Moscow.

Below, a captured U.S. armored Humvee, also at Patriot Park. I’ve not previously shown (or seen myself) ANY intact Humvee being captured. This is the first we’ve seen of this machine.

Below, also never documented before in this conflict, on the left, some kind of bulletproof jeep of South African origin, at Patriot Park. Furthermore, a UK/French Storm Shadow cruise missile hanging from the ceiling—it’s real, there’s quite a story behind it. We can assume that all its insides have been “organ-harvested”, evaluated by Russian engineers, then probably sent to China.

Below, also at Patriot Park, a captured MineWolf-brand mine-clearing tractor. Never seen this before.

Below, a LARGE Borscht Reich cache including MANY light antitank weapons from various countries, two Strela antiaircraft missile launchers, RPG rounds, ammo, helmets, body armor, backpacks, and even “motorboats” (perhaps inflatable rafts, on one end and/or in the back, can’t quite make them out, but the narrator calls attention to them), found by Russians on the grounds of a marina near Kazachie Lageria, Kherson, on the Dniepr, part of which was briefly occupied by Borscht Reich infiltrators from across the river. Someone had left here in a hurry!

Below, the same scene as above, this time in daylight, but “prefaced” with a view of former Borscht Reich positions in the area, with at least four dead chumps who got left behind, as their living comrades evacuated by boat, back to the Reich side of the river.

Below, somewhere on the southern front, the Counter-Suck-Fensive is NOT going according to plan. A Borscht Reich soldier hides inside what may be a shell crater, and takes video of his side’s trashed or abandoned vehicles, including something richly burning a few hundred meters away, and, in another direction (to the left of the tank), something gently smoking.

Below… INSTANT “RAPTURE”!!! Somewhere in the general vicinity of Bock-moot, a Lancet kamikaze drone executes a PRECISE strike on the DRIVER of a Borscht Reich BMP fighting vehicle. NO BODY, NO CRIME!!! Hahaha.

Below, a completely wrecked, “regular” (not armored) open-bed U.S. Humvee, with what appears to be ripped, bloody clothing, or perhaps even a mangled body part, in the bed just behind the cab. Location unspecified.

Below, near Rabotino, Zaporozhie, a total of three (one is much later than the first two) Borscht Reich vehicles get hit by something or other. The first one, likely a BMP, catches fire later, and burns for the entire second half of the video, with the flames expanding and completely toasting the machine by the end of the video.

Below, an abandoned German Marder fighting vehicle, likely somewhere on the southern front. We have not seen the Marders previously, but evidently, the “strategic reserves” have been sent in.

Below, a Borscht Reich BTR battle wagon undergoes a VERY THOROUGH denazification-by-fire ceremony, after being hit with a ground-launched antitank missile, somewhere in the general vicinity of Ugledar, west Donetsk.

Below… VACATION IS OVER!!! From 0:19, two gay beachgoers, driving a Borscht Reich T-64 tank, have their escapade cut short by a PERFECTLY aimed Lancet kamikaze drone. Location unspecified.

Below, two Borscht Reich BTR battle wagons and a tank, burnt out and abandoned near Urozhainoe, west Donetsk, on August 11th.

Below, two more Borscht Reich BTR battle wagons, the right one burnt out, the left one merely abandoned, near Urozhainoe, west Donetsk, on August 11th.

Below, a burnt-out Borscht Reich BMP fighting vehicle with a dead chump next to it. Didn’t make it to Crimea!!! Location unspecified.

Below, two more WRECKED Borscht Reich BMP’s and one armored car (looks to be a Reich-built Kozak), with at least three dead chumps visible (one at the bottom right edge of the image, easy to miss.) Location unspecified, but same as in the image above.

Below, same location, another TRASHED BMP and four bodies.

Below, same location. Notice the charred body behind this burnt-out BMP.

Below, a burnt-out German Leopard tank. The rear of the turret (turned out of line with the body) is at right. Presumably, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a German Leopard tank burns LIKE A TORCH after being hit by an antitank missile, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, a denazified U.S. armored Humvee, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, the FIRST U.S. M2 Bradley in this video, sitting abandoned in Russian-controlled territory in Zaporozhie, has NOT been shown previously. (I’ve already shown the second one, ignore it.)

Below, footage from July, but only published on August 10th. A U.S. M2 Bradley, already abandoned, is hit by a tank shell, near Rabotino, Zaporozhie.

Below, a Borscht Reich P-18 air defense radar station, said to be around 60km behind the front line, takes 6kg of shaped charge explosive payload from a Lancet kamikaze drone. Yummy yummy sensitive unarmored electronics!!! Location unspecified.

Below, in the next three stills, you can see that a Borscht Reich T-80BV tank has been destroyed, somewhere in Donetsk province.

Below, a Russian helicopter crew shoots up several Borscht Reich combat vehicles. The second hit (near the very end) is PRICELESS, keep watching! Location unspecified.

Below, an unspecified Borscht Reich vehicle, certainly laden with munitions, is OBLITERATED by a helicopter-launched antitank missile, location unspecified.

Below, a U.S. MaxxPro MRAP runs over a mine, OUCH!!! Somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, “U.S. Army instructors (veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan) didn’t prepare us for a thousand ways to die!!!”, LOL. A Borscht Reich tank is hit by something not too powerful, perhaps a mortar shell or RPG. Smoking, it keeps moving, and just barely avoids a Lancet kamikaze drone, which explodes on the ground. Moving inside or just past a wooded strip, it goes up LIKE A TORCH for several seconds, having perhaps run over a mine. (Alternately, the fire from the initial strike, finally reached the ammo store in the turret.) In the Vremievka sector, west Donetsk.

Below, a UK Mastiff armored car, immobilized by an RPG on August 5th, and with some of its crew and passengers taken prisoner, is covered by Russian media, in a segment aired on August 11th. Near Staromaiorskoe, west Donetsk.

Below, a Krasnopol’ laser-guided shell destroys a large shed, which was believed to have been occupied by personnel of the Borscht Reich. Location unspecified.

Below, something goes wrong for a Borscht Reich column making a dash into Urozhainoe, west Donetsk, as the second vehicle goes up in a PILLAR OF FLAME at around 0:51, after which the column stops. After that, not much happens until two harmless explosions in the last 30 seconds; not clear what’s exploding (white phosphorous?)

Below, in the Avdeevka sector, near Donetsk city, an unidentified Borscht Reich vehicle takes a PRECISE hit from Russian artillery.

Below, LOL, gotta love the Alan Walker soundtrack. A U.S. Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP needs “a slight tune-up” after running over a mine, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, from the Borscht Reich side, plaintive captions about management’s plan, above some colorful video, with a nice explosion of some Reich armored vehicle. (Ignore the initial “watermark” caption, it is from the Russian Telegram channel that picked this up for a Russian audience.)

Below, more melodrama from the TikTok army—a caption reminding the viewer not to forget his defenders, and Two Steps From Hell’s Protectors of the Earth as the soundtrack. Two de-tracked BMP fighting vehicles—the second one in NATO-type camouflage, probably from Poland—and, at the beginning, a BMP turret, blown off from its vehicle body. Is that the body sitting in the woods? I think so.

Below, a Borscht Reich tank burns after being struck by a Lancet kamikaze drone, location unspecified.

Below, a fully denazified GAZ-66 cargo truck (as well as a pickup) that had been carrying munitions, somewhere along the Kremennaia front. The melodramatic caption, probably written by the Ghost of Kiev, translates to, “The price of liberty and free living.” Jeezzuss, no one was killed here! What a bunch of goddamn actors!

Below, a Ural-4320 cargo truck of the Borscht Reich burns up, keep watching. As I’ve mentioned, once ignited, aluminum burns very well. Location unspecified.

(Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Give us this day our daily dose of footsoldier chumps getting killed for global LGBTQ+++++.) Below, A RARE FIND. This video is from sometime in the spring, but was only published on August 9th. Somewhere along the Kremennaia front, a Russian tank shell strikes at the very middle of a LARGE group of Borscht Reich personnel, at a distance of 4.5km. (Of course, the view is substantially magnified.) Watch that body flying up 50 meters or more!!! Just from the video, we can see that at least 15 chumps here, were fully or partially denazified. The casualty count (perhaps based on radio intercepts) from the Russian side was 23.

Below, three Russian antitank missile strikes against chumps near Bock-moot. The first two, together, look to have killed or maimed at least 10 chumps. The last one… seems to have been aimed at just one!!! LOL. Yes, these weapons can reach FAR beyond sniper range… but… who takes out ONE GUY with an antitank missile? Russia must have a surplus of these weapons.

Below, this video got around, my truest war-lunatics have surely seen it. The rest of you, enjoy now. (Keep watching, and count ’em at the end.) At least five chumps are killed by shrapnel from one shell, near Klesh’eevka, south of Bock-moot.

Below, watch closely. A precisely-aimed Russian shell sends four chumps on a one-way trip to Bandera. One of them goes flying like a rag doll, HISTORIC!!! Location, near Klesh’eevka, south of Bock-moot. (These infrared views are always better than true-light, you can see the bodies much better—the camouflage clothing is irrelevant.)

Below, that’s a good-sized trailer! As you can see, bodies all the way to the back. Location, I’m not sure… BUT, I’m guessing it’s NOWHERE NEAR CRIMEA, hahaha.

Below, also nowhere near Crimea. Who polluted a PERFECTLY GOOD FRONT YARD with this SHIT??? Get it out of here.

Below, on August 18th or 19th, up to 30 coffins, delivered for burial presumably to ONE cemetery, or one city (for distribution), anyway. This type of stuff hardly ever (maybe never) got out, before recent days. Of course, it happens, but it takes a larger number of events before something gets out and around. Presumably, the fear and expectations of punishment (for publishing this type of material) are slipping.

Below, AT LEAST six dead chumps (note two at the far right, when the camera pans over) as well as four or five wounded, some of whom only start moving, barely, towards the end of the video. The song lyrics are centered around what translates as, “How wonderful it is, that today we are all gathered here”, LOL. Location unspecified.

Below, Russians survey eight dead chumps, who died for LGBTQ+++++, somewhere in Zaporozhie.

Below, at least nine denazified chumps at a thoroughly blasted Borscht Reich position, with a bunch of German/Italian-type machineguns and U.S./UK/Swedish light antitank weapons, as well as other gear, strewn about. The narrator participated in the assault of this position; he mentions launching Shmel’ thermobaric rockets at it. He also mentions that the bodies smell, so it seems the position was wrecked first, but not taken until another day. The last two chumps that you see (as the Russians hear enemy artillery, and start running) may be “repeats”, thus are not included in my body count of nine. Location unspecified.

Below, six denazified members of a Borscht Reich infiltration and sabotage team, who tried to sneak into Briansk province, Russia, but are now in no position to work for the LGBTQ+++++ agenda. In addition to foofy American rifles and English language-labeled plastic explosives, the men were carrying gear, stolen from the Russian government (judging by one “property of…” label), that is reminiscent of optical devices used by construction surveyors. Check it out!

Below, a Borscht Reich squad is plastered with fragmentation grenades from an AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher, near Staromaiorskoe, west Donetsk. Definitely at least half a dozen chumps killed or wounded here.

Below, some dipshit added a caption in Ukrainian, which roughly translates as, “By this price, victory is obtained.” LOL. (Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t they smear these sacks of shit in bubonic plague, and launch them into Crimea on long-range super-catapults? It MIGHT work better than what they’ve been doing, to date.)

Below, a Russian surveys four poorly preserved (former) members of a Borscht Reich recon/infiltration team, location unspecified. The chump at the beginning is missing his rifle and helmet, which suggests to the narrator that someone on the team survived, and that the bodies could be booby-trapped.

Below, Russian soldiers show off several (claimed to be five, they don’t show everything) denazified chumps inside a trench that they took or re-took, somewhere in the Vremievka sector, west Donetsk. The Russians repeatedly claim the deceased are (were) faggots, but I cannot confirm that.

Below, three dead (former) members of a Borscht Reich recon/infiltration team, near Priiutnoe, west Donetsk. *****CAUTION: LOTS OF BLOOD, AND POSSIBLE BRAIN MATTER. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK. DON’T SEND ME THE BILL FOR YOUR PSYCHOTHERAPIST.*****

Below, in a video report from Russia’s TASS news agency, five denazified, Ziplocked chumps are taken away by a sanitation team. The soldier at the beginning talks about how everyone deserves a proper burial, blah blah, shut the hell up. I was thinking, why waste Ziplocs on these smelly tubs of shit? But, at the end it’s explained that the bodies are being collected for exchange.


Below, must be viewed on a good-sized screen, or you won’t see anything. A Borscht Reich machinegun crew is denazified by an AMAZINGLY PRECISE mortar shell. Location unspecified.

Below, a drone’s-eye view of around 10 body bags, on the Reich side. Location unspecified. It’s a little weird to see body bags strewn about like this. Perhaps the bodies were quickly bagged-up in situ, and then abandoned once things got too dangerous in the area.

Below, two chumps can’t outrun their JUDGEMENT, that being, denazification by a Sudnyi Den’ (Judgement Day) FPV kamikaze mini-drone. Location unspecified.

Below, three chumps are denazified in a Bobr FPV kamikaze mini-drone strike on their trench. Location unspecified.

Below, a Russian recon/infiltration team ambushes and kills two chumps on the road. The passenger managed to run out of the jeep before he was shot; the driver died at the wheel. Location unspecified.

Below, the hood of the jeep in the above video. Notice the painted Nazi “SS” double-lightning-bolt insignia. The paint is obviously weather-worn, it’s not some trick from the Russians.

Below, two chumps in a dugout are HEINOUSLY denazified by a Sudnyi Den’ FPV kamikaze mini-drone, location unspecified. It looks like an arm went flying. It’s not “graphic”, per se, but you’ve been warned.

Below, two liquidated sacks of shit, who had tried to infiltrate Russia’s Belgorod province (presumably to spread LGBTQ+++++ propaganda), are inspected and removed, with an eye to booby-traps.

Below, a Bobr FPV kamikaze mini-drone denazifies at least three chumps in a trench, location unspecified.

Below, some type of mini-drone denazifies two chumps in a trench near Bock-moot.

Below, three chumps likely denazified by a Bobr FPV kamikaze mini-drone, location unspecified.

Below, two chumps in a trench, brutally murdered by a grenade dropped from a Russian quadrocopter drone, near Urozhainoe, west Donetsk.

Below, six prisoner chumps from the Borscht Reich’s 81st “airmobile” brigade, taken near Belogorovka, Lugansk.

Below, five chumps from the Borscht Reich’s “elite” 82nd brigade (also “airmobile”), taken prisoner near Rabotino, Zaporozhie. These ones actually look like badasses, not a common thing.

Below, eight chumps who, surrounded, reportedly arranged their surrender over radio, using the surrender frequency hyped by Russia, “149.200” MHz. Incidentally, I’ve seen all their ranks, names, and years of birth. Four of them have exclusively Russian names.

Below, on August 18th, General Alaudinov, nominal commander of Chechen interior forces, and deputy commander of the 2nd Army Corps, shows off seven Borscht Reich prisoners taken near Klesh’eevka, south of Bock-moot, on August 13th, by the 346th Spetznaz Brigade, which, according to the Bezos Post (citing the “Discord Leaks”), was destroyed a while ago. The mystery here is why, after five days, these prisoners are not in a POW camp already. It may be they were awaiting Alaudinov’s availability. Using groups of at least a half-dozen prisoners as props, the man loves to record HEFTY monologues about the need to surrender.

Below, five Borscht Reich prisoners, location unspecified. (Two are not visible until the camera pans to the right, over halfway through.)

Below, four more chumps from the Borscht Reich’s 82nd airmobile brigade (even the number selection parrots the U.S. Army, jeez louise), somewhere on the southern front. The caption is a reminder of the radio frequency (MHz) and call-sign to contact to arrange a surrender.

Below, a HIGHLY UNUSUAL video, published on the evening of August 8th, in which a Russian mobilized/reserve battalion commander, seeking to dispel rumors that his (“inferior”) unit gave up Kazachie Lageria, Kherson, without a fight, departs protocol to identify himself, also boastfully showing off three Borscht Reich prisoners—these being some type of “special forces” chumps, who were among the very first to cross the river into this area. The prisoner on the right, holds the rank of captain, and claims (dubiously) he doesn’t know where the rest of his men escaped to. Notice the gently confiscated “Uzi”-type machine pistol, at around 1:25 to 1:35. Clearly, this was NOT a “typical” infiltration team.

Below, three Borscht Reich prisoners, location unspecified.

Below, three Borscht Reich prisoners taken in or near Sin’kovka, east Kharkov.

Below, three Borscht Reich prisoners, location unspecified.

Below, two Borscht Reich prisoners, taken in Zaporozhie.

Below… If I published every available video of individual Borscht Reich prisoners, it would be a FULL-TIME JOB by itself. However, I’ll include what’s funny. This is funny. In declamations (of course, in Russian) posted to his social media, this chump boasts about going on safari to kill Muscovite faggots. Then… he’s taken prisoner, LOL. Folks, be careful with your online presence!

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